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  • Sarasota (FL)
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  • Reviewed: 11/12/2019
  • Degree: Biology
"This school is terrible in so many different aspects. First, there is little to no areas where students can study peacefully. The campus is home to one single large building for all students. Due to the limited size of the campus alone is enough to show the limited room. A majority of the rooms in the building are used for offices for staff and classrooms for teaching. The remaining areas, such as nooks and crannies which have chairs in them are utilized as uncomfortable study areas by students. The main study are in conveniently located in a large circular area in the main entrance of the building where most of the events hosted by the school take place. The single pane windows filling the rotunda allow for significant heat transfer through rendering parts of this area unusable during certain times of the day and with no curtains available, there is no protection from the damaging and distracting rays of the sun. The staff at the school is subpar and lacking many necessities and services offered by proper universities. With limited size, comes limited staff and limited schedules. Additionally, advisors that are not proficient in their jobs cause a majority of students to take the wrong classes or classes which are not required for degree completion. Also the dean has a problem with scheduling things properly, leading to several schedule interferences among many students due to changing to schedule several times after the final schedule was supposed to be posted and students had registered for classes. Do not spend your money as this school, take some time to find a proper school that will benefit you the most for your time spent there."