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  • 6 Reviews
  • Green Bay (WI)
  • Annual Tuition: $16,091
100% of 6 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 9/24/2019
  • Degree: Organizational Leadership
"If you're a non-traditional student, this is the college you want to attend! The professors are great and willing to help you succeed in your program. For those of you who are working, but want to complete a bachelor's degree at the same time, the Integrative Leadership Studies program is a great way to accomplish that goal. The classes are online and affordable, and advisors are always ready and willing to help steer you in the direction of your academic goal. If you need help finding a job, the Career Services Department is friendly and will provide job search services such as labor market information, resume writing, and interview techniques to support you."
Michaella Brickner
  • Reviewed: 4/15/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has a wonderful psychology department. The faculty are one of a kind and are fully committed to their students. There are many opportunities within the field such as internships, research assistantships, independent studies, honors projects, and teaching assistantships. There are also two clubs in the psychology department that assist in your development in the field, meeting new people, and getting to know your professors better."
Alexis Sell
  • Reviewed: 4/5/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has shaped me for my future career and my own personal growth. The campus is in a quiet area of town, the east side, so it allows students to focus on their studies. Even though it is in a quiet part of town, there is easy accessibility to the west side which has many restaurants to choose from as well as the bigger of the two malls. There are many activities that the university provides that you can do or there are activities that the nature around campus provides. For example, there are trails through the campus arboratum that people can hike that lead down to Lake Michigan. In terms of school activites, there are nights referred to as "GB Nights" which are nights where the campus puts on games or arts and crafts. The faculty that the university has really strive for exceptional student/professor relationship. Their office hours are wide open and encourage students to come by to talk about school or to talk about life as well. You can tell when you talk to tem that they truly are interested in having you succeed. You are not just a number to them, they look at you as an equal. Finally, the courses that the university offers are great. Personally, within my major of psychology I believe that they offer unique classes like environmental psychology and drugs and behavior. Many other majors have specialty electives that you can take as well that other schools may not even think to offer. Overall, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is one of the most student oriented campuses that I have ever been on. With its many great attributes I am proud that I am an alum who got to experience the beauty of this school."
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2016
  • Degree: History
"It had lovely outdoor spaces with lots of green and trees. Most of the buildings were connected through underground tunnels so you did not have to go outside in unfavorable weather. The campus was large but also small enough to make navigating it easy. The professors were interesting and knowledgeable."
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2016
  • Degree: Biology
"It's okay to change your mind on your major and it's okay to change your mind about a university. I transferred my sophomore year and changed my major and it made my college experience so much more fulfilling and fun for me!"
Rachel Van Dam
  • Reviewed: 8/15/2013
  • Degree: Environmental Science
"The Environmental Science and Policy graduate program at UW-Green Bay offers excellent career support from all the professors, and provides an excellent quality of education. The arboretum surrounding campus gives a unique opportunity to conduct many experiments right on campus, and the location of the campus right next to the bay also gives many additional opportunities. Apart from this, because of the location, there are many jobs in the area for graduates. Green Bay has a high rate of graduated students who are able to find jobs, mostly locally but also in many other locations throughout the country. Besides providing excellent career support, the professors are very interested in helping students network and make important connections that can get them jobs. Tuition is not exceedingly expensive, so student debt is lower than in many areas. The cost of living is slightly high, but much lower than in larger urban areas while still providing everything a bigger city has to offer. Campus is not really near downtown Green Bay, and the only public transportation is the city bus system; however, although the buses are slow, it is free for students to ride. Also, if you have your own car on campus (which is almost a necessity unless you are a freshman living in the dorms), there is plenty of parking and the fee for a parking pass is reasonable. UW-Green Bay has an excellent Environmental Science and Policy graduate program, wonderful faculty, and the opportunity to make many important networking connections which will help in getting a job after graduation. I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in this degree."