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  • Annual Tuition: $26,650 - $40,950
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 1/16/2015
  • Degree: Auto Body & Collision Repair
"I've been attending UTI Avondale since 6/17/13, and overall I do recommend this school to students who know nothing going into the automotive feild as well as open minded students who want to further their educations. They offer thier original program which is basic Auto/Deisel (about 31 courses) and you have the choice of doing both or just auto (or deisel). Specialty Manufacturer (MSAT) classes are also offered such as FordFact, BMW STEP, Volvo etc.. all these classes pertain to that specific manufacuter. I have to say thats what drew me to UTI, i was very instrested in the FordFact program specifically for the electrical aspect. UTI overall has a very professional out look on how you present yourself, because of constant interactions with Potentional employees from all around the country like CAT, AutoNation, Lithia, Schlumberger, Sanjel Corp. etc etc! The way classes are ran, depends on the instructor you get so you have your ups and downs. Ive had wonderful instructors who just loved teaching, and I've also had instructors who really could careless if you learn anything. Main Homework will be webs and self studies, that will be due throughout the week. I found most of the time teachers dont ever go over self studies (except in MSAT classes, very different teaching styles). You are updated every thrusday of the new phase (new class) on your grades for the last. Most of the time you dont know if you passed till next week when you look up your classes (posted on various boards around the school) or if your willing to wait a about an hour to see the results. You can also check your onlinewebs that sunday to see if your class was updated. UTI is also VERY strict on attendence, they go by incraments of 15, so if you show up late 2 mins in the morning you will be docted 15mins of your time. Depending on your house hold situation you may get accomidations for it. Pros: Over all wonderful school, campus is nice, lots of veding machines, Lots of tutors available, campus events, constant jobs posted, resume/interview help, professional attire and decent parking. Cons: Be very direct about what you want and read the fine print. With many policy change certain departments may or may not know of theses changes. If your instrested in the program but arent sure if you wanna go through with it, have all your documents incase of complications. Also found because this is a male dominated school it can be a little difficult for females. Men will stare at you, and sexist comments will occur, all i could do was ignore it because it happens. Food can be expensive at school and the lunch trucks that come to school. I also thought UTI would be alot more hands on, but sinces getting rid of their original program (Legacy) and going into Blended its been alot of online work. Remember also that the recruiters are there to help you and provide a sales pitch, a very good one at that. Id suggest visiting the school and have a tour, talking to students that are in long term programs so you can get a better feel if its the right school for you. thank you for reading and good luck!"