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  • Reviewed: 8/30/2023
  • Degree: Accounting
"They claim to have 70% transfer students but then do little to nothing to actually help those students transition. I felt alone and very confused. I contacted several offices and coordinators but never heard back from anyone. The accommodations office apparently doesn't have a phone number, I got transferred to housing instead."
  • Reviewed: 11/2/2022
  • Degree: Business Administration
"For anybody reading this, please do your research first before you apply or enroll. I don't want to discourage you if you want to enroll. All that I hope this review can offer is some guidance. Like many other reviewers, Webster's MBA program is extremely subpar compared to other programs you can enroll in. I worked for Webster so I was able to take classes for free so unlike others, I wasn't financially hit so my review will be mostly about the academics. I also think it is important to point out that my undergraduate degree was in social science and my undergraduate GPA was hovering around 3.0. To begin, Webster's MBA program doesnt require a GRE and you only have to earn a GPA of 2.5 for your undergraduate degree to be admitted in to the program. This should be a huge red flag for those who are looking for their MBA to distinguish themselves or hope their MBA will earn them prospective jobs. As for others, this may be beneficial if your GPA is low and you have a rather worthless undergraduate degree. Now I took classes both online and in-person. Like many others pointed out, the adjunct professors they have teaching their classes are normal people working average jobs in their organization. Most of them do not have doctorates or even considered specialists in their field. To me, most came off as they needed extra money and saw a teaching job on Indeed. Since they weren't instructors by profession, Webster would provide them the course template including assignments, discussions, tests, and finals. These templates were used over and over again for years which made them easily accessible on Chegg and many other online student resources. Cheating and plagiarism were extremely rampant, especially for online classes. Several of my classmates were so lazy that they would all copy and paste the response from Chegg on their discussion posts. Several in the same discussion would have the same post word for word and the instructor/university didn't do a thing. I believe either the instructor never read the posts and just graded if you submitted something or simply didn't care because they wanted that paycheck. Now to be fair there are some instructors that were extremely knowledgeable. However, it was difficult signing up for their class because other students wouldn't enroll because they knew the instructor was difficult and the class would be dropped due to low enrollment. I don't think this was a fault with Webster but the quality of students being accepted. As for class structure, my experiences were indifferent. Webster has multiple campuses located across the city, country, and world. If you live in the STL region, they have a few campuses located in certain areas so depending where you live or work made it much more accessible. However, many of these satellite campuses would have to piggy back off classes being offered at another campus because enrollment was so low. Webster would utilize a service called Webnet for instructors to broadcast their class out. There would be technical issues all the time. Class would have to be stopped for the issues to be fixed and if you were the campus who was receiving the broadcast, the instructor would often forget about you. Lastly, the academic quality of Webster's MBA was meager at best. For some one that didn't major in business for undergrad, I thought the overall courses were fairly easy. I received an A+ in every class besides 1 where I received a B and finished with a GPA around 3.9. Remember I was mediocre student in undergrad. I might have been more determined with my graduate degree but it really felt that these graduate classes were easier than my undergrad. For Webster's capstone class, it utilizes the software Capsim which allows you to simulate business decisions to see how it will affect your business overall. The adjunct instructor had no idea how to use it so we were all on our own. However, lucky for us one of our classmates in the capstone class who graduated at SLU for his undgrad used the exact same Capsim assignment for his undergraduate capstone. So to add the nail to the coffin, Webster's graduate MBA capstone utilizes the same class format as SLU's undergraduate capstone... I think the main issue for Webster's MBA is their push for higher enrollment because they are desperate to meet their enrollment goals. I think they have kept their MBA rather simple for years so more students will enroll. The easier it is for students the higher the retention rate because students won't give up if they are passing all of their classes. To conclude, for those that want their MBA to distinguish them or to get that corner office on the top floor, you may want to seek another MBA program. However, for those that graduated with a rather useless undergraduate degree with very little job prospects out there, Webster's MBA might be a good option. I was in the same boat and luckily the MBA allowed me to gain entry in a business related role and I was able to gain experience to move onto other jobs. I am currently working as a analyst and I don't think that would of been the case without the MBA."
Professor British L. Rivers
  • Reviewed: 10/20/2022
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I am an Educator, U.S. Navy Veteran and a Scholar (M.Ed) who graduated with a 3.8 GPA from Webster University back in May of 2016 with a MA Degree in Human Resource Management. I am a member of Golden Key International Honor Society, The Society for Collegiate Leadership and Achievement and Sigma Beta Delta (International Honor Society). I thoroughly enjoyed my HR graduate program with Webster and highly recommend their institution. I just found out Congress Woman Val Demings is a Webster Alumni, which is pretty cool, she would make a great senator."
  • Reviewed: 8/30/2022
  • Degree: Business Administration
"Webster's MBA has changed and it's no so bad? You have to be kidding!!! A better scam maybe! Let's see... 30 pages of notes in my MBA finance course, 20 pages at best for international marketing which I had to quit it was so bad, and about the same for management. All the courses were taught by non Doctorate and unpublished teachers who had less work experience than most of the class! So, what's the difference between a Webster masters degree and a community college program as many have asked Webster? Just the money- Webster costs 10x as much and you get better training in community college. And of course there was the infamous "no spreadsheets" and "no numbers" policy of Webster for its dreadful masters programs. Who can imagine pumping out tens of thousands of MBA's for decades without spreadsheets or high level numbers??? And for this you will pay $3000 a course or $9000 for what I took for literally nothing academically! You literally are getting ripped off by Webster University for any post grad management degree you buy from them. And yes, they take great pride in lying to students about everything including their business school's ranking to its placement to even accreditation. And don't forget the reputation of your degree when you get out- Webster's brand name for decades I found out is simply below even Phoenix! Why this place hasn't been class-actioned I have no clue. I think modern transparency from the internet has finally done its job so students can instantly find out what Webster really is and what's its bogus masters degrees are worth. Better to take half of what you would spend on a Webster degree and put it towards a legitimate and respected degree or eve certificate from a respected brand name. A Webster MBA isn't worth the paper it's written on for experienced adults or those wishing a career change. A bogus quality masters program from a school with the lowest, worst reputation possible over decades is simply just that bogus. Don't touch anything with the Webster name on it!"
MBA Grad 2022
  • Reviewed: 8/13/2022
  • Degree: Business Administration
"As a recent Webster MBA grad, I believe I am the most able to provide a quality response to the education and outcomes you may face upon earning a degree from this university. First and foremost, it must be stated that Webster recently revamped its entire MBA program with a primary focus on Value Creation that supposedly allows students to progressively build their skills from one class to the next. My cohort was among the last groups to graduate from the original format, to which I can see the merit from some of the negative commentors (mixed education quality, no established business partnerships for internships, etc.). The original format had siloed classes that provided a disjointed overview of business. As such, it is/was likely geared more toward individuals already subject matter experts in a particular career path who want to incorporate this new knowledge into their existing fields. For students with no industry experience and who are looking for that warm hand-off into business, I can say that experience is/was lacking with the original program. The new program proposes to be more qualitative and applicable. It will likely take another 4-6 years to see if those graduates have more positive experiences. If so, those graduates are likely to positively impact the community, enhancing Webster’s MBA reputation and increasing opportunities for future graduates. For me, I am a subject matter expert in my field, and I have utilized the education I learned from the program. I do believe that my ROI has been met. This may or may not be the case for others, and it is up to you to decide. In short, if you are currently looking for a program that has leveraged its reputation to establish business partnerships that graduates can take advantage of, you will be looking outside of Webster at a significantly higher tuition cost. If, however, you want to gain the knowledge of core business skills that you desire to apply in your established field at an affordable price, then I would definitely consider pursuing a Webster MBA."
John V.
  • Reviewed: 8/1/2022
  • Degree: Business Administration
"Webster University is at its best providing graduate education to military service members and federal civilians on military bases. People in that demographic who are taking the MBA program will get a solid grounding in business fundamentals and a credential that reflects that. They will also pay relatively little, or even nothing at all, out of pocket, if they are receiving military tuition assistance or the GI Bill. In my opinion, Webster's MBA provides excellent value for students. No, this program is not the same kind of MBA you would receive by attending an Ivy League institution or a flagship state school full time. The Webster MBA, by itself, will not be able to land you an interview, much less a job, with a major consulting firm or with an investment bank, in the way that an MBA from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, or the University of Pennsylvania would. For people with experience working in the military, the federal government, or for civilian contractors supporting the military or federal government, a Webster MBA will definitely help them advance their careers and help them obtain management and leadership positions of greater responsibility. I personally know many military personnel and federal civilians who rose to senior-level positions after earning MBAs or other graduate degrees from Webster. The people who are leaving negative reviews on this site really seem to have unrealistic expectations. They are also publicly devaluing their own degrees, which may provide a glimpse into their character and intellectual abilities. These people are an illustration of what is probably the biggest shortcoming of Webster's graduate programs: the lack of a bar to entry. Basically anyone with a bachelor's degree is admitted into their graduate programs. This means that a number of people who aren't very bright end up as students, and I believe these are the same people complaining that their unrealistic expectations weren't met. As I noted previously, I know and have worked with many successful people who earned Webster graduate degrees. None of them wasted time complaining about Webster. Instead, they focused on making the most of every situation and progressing in their careers."
  • Reviewed: 7/15/2022
  • Degree: MBA
"I honestly can't think of a worse way to waste $40,000 bucks than an MBA from Webster University. From tattered classrooms in old musty high schools to cheap rented properties in run down malls, this money-hungry business masquerading as a University should be on everyone's "no go" list. To start with, my courses academically were not masters quality but more like a first year associates degree level or even community college. My profs were really not full professors but more like community college teachers with only 2 having some form of Ph.D. and the rest being part time "instructors" having no-name masters degrees and many from Webster itself and holding down basic day jobs. My co-students were equally as low grade ranging from gas station managers, fast food night shift workers, bank employees and lots of HR assistants dreaming a Webster MBA is a ticket to be a manager. The Webster academic formula is simple and resembles U of Phoenix step by step: read some easy chapters from a 1st year text book, do a mid-term multiple choice test, read some more chapters and then write a final exam based on the content studied after the mid-term test. Somewhere in this process you may do an easy 5 page paper. That's a Webster Masters degree in a nutshell. The quit rate has to be 50% as I saw seats being abandoned all around me as each class continued. The last straw came when students nearing graduation went to the career center to look for jobs with their upcoming Webster degrees. All came back to class telling us that there isn't a single job or internship posted, there are no companies recruiting at all, nor is there even a single job or lead or contact to be had! And that the alumnae which Webster promised to be about 190,000 is non existent for help! I asked why does a school that has been in business for 60 years making business degrees have no companies recruiting its graduates and zero business contacts whatsoever for its graduates? If Webster's academics were respected, wouldn't Webster graduates with years of experience pull in corporate recruiters from all over? At the least wouldn’t Webster’s brand name on a CV open doors for its MBA grads like every other school except maybe Phoenix? Webster refused to answer any of my questions concerning this or any other such questions from students and basically told us to "go somewhere else with a brand name and a respected reputation that does get jobs such as Washington University or SLU." A nice thing to say to people that have spent tens of thousands of dollars on your worthless courses and degree, Webster. Looking for jobs in corporate America with a Webster MBA on your CV was even worse and you are either ignored or laughed at despite how many years of experience you have. The Webster MBA does nothing for your experience like other MBA's do and should do. The real test came when searching for "Webster MBA" on LinkedIn which produced shocking results and caused me to wish I had never gone near this half-baked degree factory. Instead of successful executives and managers that every half-decent State school MBA produces for half the cost of Webster, all that came up on LinkedIn were a handful of HR people (assistants, low grade mangers, etc.) or junior workers in mostly small business or no-name companies. Everyone felt they had been had by Webster as this does not look good for the school. Why spend $40,000 bucks for a degree that does nothing for you? I am my classmates have basically dumped our Webster MBA's and learned a hard lesson. Don't trust anything but known and respected business school rankings and search what MBA programs local and national corporations actively recruit from. And accreditation is very important for an MBA or any management degree. Webster told me in writing it has AACSB accreditation which it does not! It has only ACBSP which is mostly for community colleges. If a school doesn’t have AACSB than be very weary and go to a good state MBA program or else you'll end with paying huge student loans for years on a worthless Webster MBA like myself and so many others."
Paul S.
  • Reviewed: 7/6/2022
  • Degree: MBA
"I am a mid-career professional who got sucked into Webster by simple lies and misleading information on the part of this business. To start, a good and solid MBA is vital to 20 year- mid career professionals such as myself as the throngs of students my age and level prove at Wash U, Stanford, SLU, Arizona, PENN State, etc. The vital MBA skillsets are simply a must to continue to climb to more responsibility and are the only proven way to boost experience which is proved by ever-increasing demand for high quality programs. For myself and many others, the misrepresentation by Webster is most shocking and unacceptable as I was accepted to a number of top state schools, but instead forsook these as I believed in Webster University's b-school claims which proved to be entirely false. In their public ads and brochures, as well as discussions with the university itself (which I now believe is a business), Webster claimed its Walker business school had a "tier 1" ranking of top 30 in the Midwest (not true in any form), had major corporations regularly recruit their MBA grads on campus for jobs and internships, possessed a huge and active alumnae network of over 150,000 that was involved in helping alumnae get jobs and network (not true at all), was fully accredited (its business school has never been so), possessed top executives and academics teaching in its MBA and business courses, and possessed academics and a reputation that were highly regarded in both its home state of Missouri and globally. They also claimed and still claim that large numbers of Generals and senior military officers are Webster graduates. My family is full of military and after checking the validity of this claim it was found completely untrue. Less than .1% of US officers have any type of a Webster degree which makes sense as with high quality institutions such as Westpoint and Annapolis why would the US military choose a 4th rate, unranked, low quality business school like Webster over these???? Also, our military demands only the highest standards and thus most senior military can be found at the literally dozens of our great schools such as Stanford, Wash U, Northwestern, Harvard Extension School and Penn State all which have working adult friendly programs for military? I and others found these and other claims by Webster's Walker business school to be completely false. Classes were in a variety of high schools and cheap rented premises not a proper business school campus, and after 3 to 5 courses I found the academic work not be anywhere near masters level, void of spreadsheets and of minimal technical quality. Classmates came to the same conclusion and either quit or demanded explanations and their money back. Teachers (not professors) were sub par in every way being either sales people, junior managers at best (at no name companies), retirees, or simply bottom of the barrel part-timers. There was not a single teacher on my level which is ridiculous! Why am I paying thousands of dollars per course to Webster to learn the most basic functions at a community college level from a bottom tier manager or quasi academic? I can go to St. Louis Community College and pay $250 for better academic standards than I was getting at Webster that's charging $2600! The only answers anyone got were "that's the way Webster's Walker business school is!" Or we got no answers at all just silence. With such shocking academics and a joke-level reputation, it is not surprising that there are absolutely no corporate connections and thus no jobs or internships from Webster for its MBA or business grads. And Webster's MBA or business school's reputation in its home city of St. Louis or even regionally? I and fellow class mates quickly found that it's literally on a joke-level, especially in its home city of St. Louis which really says something. Finally, the Webster masters business degree that cost me at least $55 to 60 thousand dollars is simply worthless in the job market, career boost and in terms of skill development. The fact that Webster's Walker business school has collapsed from being the biggest in the country just a few years ago (about 20,000 students worldwide) to now less than 1500 is the most obvious and definite testament of its perceived reputation and value in the business community. And the fact that none of its courses are accepted for credit at ANY decent-ranking business program further prove the fact that Webster University’s business school is one to keep far away from and may not be around for much longer. Why throw away tens of thousands of dollars and years of valuable time and earnings on a Webster MBA or any management or business master degree for such a low quality, low ranked, non-masters level, and ill-perceived piece of paper from a brand seen as a joke. You may as well burn your money. Do some serious research, get things in writing, and go to a decent school (there are hundreds of them that cost far less than Webster) that is a smart investment of your time, career and money."
  • Reviewed: 6/30/2022
  • Degree: MBA
"Webster's MBA program is great for part-time students who are working full time and have already embarked on a career. In my case, I am retired military and am currently in civil service. I'm getting reduced tuition through their USA Scholarship program for federal employees who attend classes on military installations. I plan to enter private industry as a consultant when I retire in a couple of years, and I am using the MBA as a way to build a solid knowledge of business fundamentals. I live in the DC area, and there are many successful Webster alumni working in various corporations that do consulting work with the federal government and the military. As an example, the current Secretary of Defense and former Army Chief of Staff, Retired Gen. Lloyd F. Austin, has a master's degree in management from Webster. For someone in my situation, this MBA degree is perfect. There is enough work to challenge me and allow me to grow in skills and knowledge, but not so much as to overwhelm me, given my other responsibilities to my job and my family. There are certainly more rigorous and more challenging MBA programs, but quite honestly they would likely be too much for me at this stage of my career. There are also probably better programs for people who don't already have good careers underway. This degree won't launch your career if you're not already on your way, but it will definitely help you to achieve higher positions in the corporate world if you are already a working professional with solid experience. That is especially true for people like me, with military and/or government backgrounds."
  • Reviewed: 11/3/2021
  • Degree: Marketing
"I hadn't heard anything either way about Webster before attending, except "it was easy" and getting smiles from people when I mentioned the Webster name (I thought this was good thing at the time!). A friend told me to only go to AACSB schools as anything else is not accepted by corporate America. He was right. Webster's classes were sub-par in every way possible from the ancient computers (the handful there were), to the tatty and torn carpets in the Sverdrop building (disgraceful), to the instructors who simply didn't have a clue to what they were teaching. At least 50% of my courses were in a combination of shopping malls, rented old offices in a bad part of town, and a run down old high school they rented classrooms in. The overlap in course content was shocking and it got ridiculous. The quit rate was also very high with about 40 to 50 percent of students bolting after the first 2 or 3 courses simply out of disgust and perceiving this is just a joke degree maker. It really sucks writing checks for $2500 a course when you aren't getting anywhere near what you're paying for. It became obvious that a Webster masters degree would be absolutely worthless and laughed at in the job market and that the $40k given Webster University would be burned. Refund demands at this place are replied by a simple "sue us." The oddest thing is that nowhere in my time at Webster University did I or my class meet any "alumnae" which we thought was very odd. It was like Webster didn't want us to talk to past graduates who may bad mouth the school. I also felt that Webster University lied to me, or at least misled me in a number of ways. They claimed a top 20 ranking for their business school. This I later found out isn't true with Webster's business school never ranking at all in the General MBA rankings. The only place where the school got a ranking in the #300 to #500 mark was in other categories like "Online MBA" and "Non MBA Business Masters." This is a big difference from what I was told. And it shows. My Webster University Masters-MBA hasn't done a single thing for me in the years since I graduated. Yet, I have had to watch friends and colleagues rapidly rise from having degrees from respected and high ranked AASCB schools. For me, my Webster degree was a total waste of time and money and wouldn't advise it. I now just take it off my CV. Looking back, I realize Webster University is such a money- crazy business as they simply don't put a dime into the school, its classrooms, technology or course quality. Don't go!"
  • Reviewed: 10/28/2021
  • Degree: MBA
"Webster needs to be investigated by its ACBSP accreditor regarding its academic standards and programs again! After being pointed out to me by other students, I read the ACBSP's reviews of Webster's George Walker Business School and they were unsurprisingly awful! After going through half of its MBA I like so many other students demanded refunds that the school still refuses to give (do I sue for my wasted 6 courses that cost $17,000 like many of my classmates?). These are not Masters level courses in business and are in reality a cacophony of first year community college and high school courses without the rigor. It's so obvious that Webster University doesn't invest a dime in its business courses as is nothing more than profiteering on selling bogus academics. There were no professors anywhere and just a bunch of basic textbook readings followed by easy tests. Not a single spreadsheet anywhere in any class and no real deep technical skills in business. If I wanted to waste my time studying easy first year technical college I would have registered at the local community college and paid 1/10th the price not $800 a credit hour for academic garbage. Webster charges $3000 for what is essentially a $250 Community college course, except with less depth. From talking to upcoming Webster graduates it also became clear that Webster's brand name is on par with University of Phoenix in the workforce and with companies. Graduates sadly found out that corporations stopped years ago paying for employees to attend Webster's business school because of viewing Webster's degrees as a waste of money and time. The same it seems with hiring as I watched "soon to be Webster MBA graduates" sick and angry with what they were finding out regarding Webster's MBA brand value, hire-ability and reception in the job market. Any Webster/George Herbert Walker Bush business degree is wasted money and time. Wished I had gone to Wash U or SLU in the first place and taken a proper and respected business degree. With literally hundreds of MBA and business degrees out there of much higher quality and reputation, avoid Webster for any type of business education as you are just burning money and time on something completely worthless."
  • Reviewed: 10/6/2021
"I was a liberal arts graduate and working adult who wanted an MBA to start a career in business. The MBA is a perfect vehicle to transition careers and build new ones but it its a massive investment so you have to be careful which one you choose. I wrongly chose Webster University. I took 1 year off work to do the Webster George Herbert Walker Business School Masters believing their claims of being a high quality "Top 15" and "Tier 1" regional business school having massive alumnae connections and working relationships for graduates to major corporations. Being a non business grad, and for some reason having the first half of my degree being all non quant management, marketing and HR courses, it took about 6 months for me to realize that something was VERY wrong with Webster University's business degrees. Later courses in the "hard quant areas" finally proved I was right. Firstly, the course material was not masters level in terms of scope or depth- this is easy to prove. There is no Regression analysis or linear modelling in stats. No quantitative programming or modelling. No complex financial modelling or valuation training. No econometric modelling or financial cost calculus modelling. And no cross integration of hard analytical skillsets. In terms of quants, the Webster MBA is simply a joke and more like a high school business 101 class (it felt more like grade 11 math). I and others took our Webster business school courses, notes, exams, textbooks, and capstone 6000 projects to be analyzed by other AACSB business schools and MBA experts to get to the bottom of this. You guessed it. The overwhelming consensus was that "this is not MBA level work or Master's B school level work. At best, it is simply a collection of low level management and business subject survey courses of minimal depth." Also, my Professors weren't professors at all but mostly "instructors" like in a 2 year college- people with masters degrees and low level jobs in small businesses. My marketing profs were not published or C level experts at all, but instead a hodge-podge of sales, low level managers and retirees- one owned a tiny pool table company, another refused to say where he worked, another was a fired Budweiser junior manager, another was a salesperson, another was retired from sales, and another was a Webster grad teaching for extra income. This is simply outrageous for a so-called MBA program! In sum: Webster University's MBA and business courses were far too easy and formulaic consisting of reading a few selected book chapters (mostly without numbers) followed by a midterm then a small 3-5 page paper then a ridiculously easy multiple choice final. You could clearly see there was absolutely no investment in course material, content, learning goals, course integrations, skillset development, or technology integration into the courses. Unbelievably, there was not a single in-class spreadsheet workflow in any Webster business course! It was simply a string of first year textbooks lumped together as courses with the heavy numbers and technology removed. At only 12 courses (all over priced at 3 credit hours each), you really only have a core of an MBA, not an full MBA. And with the heavy cross over of material and shallow course content (making the courses really worth only 1 credit hour each at best), a Webster MBA is really only 5 full courses at most. This is so far from a what a proper MBA is It's laughable! And Webster University has known this for decades. In comparison, the part time working adult program from Wash U has 33 courses, St. Louis U has 20+, and UMSL has 20-24 full courses- ALL of which are much more in depth and quantitatively demanding. And yes, they are spreadsheet heavy from day 1 requiring advanced math skills. On completion of my Webster Masters, not to my surprise, not a single company came or even posted a job at Webster's Career Center- despite all the working adults now with Webster MBA's! The response from trying to shop my Webster Masters around was predictable- doors slammed shut everywhere despite my 4. gpa. The same across the board for my fellow students and friends- we could not give this Webster MBA away. The "Top 15" ranking Webster claims about its business school is simply an all out lie. If you call US News and World reports, they will tell you the following: Webster's George Herbert Walker Business school and its MBA aren't even ranked against the 1000's of MBA schools in the US News Best Business Schools and MBA's General Report! As pointed out in other posts, Webster's MBA ranks at the absolute bottom of 2 minor sub categories ( ranking around the #300 mark). A calculator will tell you this works out to about the bottom 1%. Hence, in my opinion, the Webster Masters Business degrees aint worth a penny in terms of academic value, credibility, or market respect/value. And with a price tag of $2800 a course? You'd have to be either misguided or uninformed to even consider doing one."
  • Reviewed: 9/30/2021
  • Degree: MBA in Marketing
"I was brought to this website from my alumnae. I, like so many others, am so angry at this Webster as I was misled at every step of the way! My Webster MBA was simply a total waste of time and over $33,000 (not including opportunity costs and lost income). The courses were book-led (comprised of reading 15 easy chapters and taking 2 tests), the teachers were "instructors" and not professors (only 2 of mine had PHD's and all were low level employees at local companies and not Experts), and the rehash of material from one course to another was scandalous. When you're paying over $2000 plus a course you expect a lot more than simple addition and subtraction, little homework and vocational school level courses from non published sales managers from local companies. Don't get me started on Webster's Walker's business school's reputation in the business world with its bottom 1% ranking! Webster's George Walker school also clearly misled its students regarding basics such as being "fully" accredited (it's not aacsb accredited), quality and level of its coursework, investment in its courses (there was none whatsoever), ranking of the business school and MBA, hiring and prospects of its graduates, and alumnae connections to the corporate world. Webster boasts over 200,000 alumnae. So where are they when you ask for help in getting a job, internship, mentor, or corporate connections like every other business school? The few "Webster contacts" I managed to score on my own disowned Webster and advised not to even finish an MBA there. In 2020 you cannot pump out junk degrees, charge high prices and expect people to be happy for a piece of paper that's a laughing stock. I see the Webster has now collapsed into being a tiny local school and the business school nearly none existent down from 25,000 10 years ago to about 1500 today. This is what Webster gets for flogging ridiculously-priced 10th rate MBA and business degrees that are a joke. Even my former teachers (I use the word loosely) I have bumped into have quit or were laid off and now want to forget that they even taught at Webster University. Finally, the faculty have officially spoken out demanding a seat at the decision-making table! Where were they over the last decades regarding Webster's questionable academics and the setting up of campuses in prisons, rented company lunch rooms and shopping malls ? Don't even look at their promotional materials never mind give them any money. I want a refund!!!!"
  • Reviewed: 9/11/2021
  • Degree: MBA
"I am very disappointed with the Webster's George Herbert Walker Business program. I chose Webster as I had seen the ads, got the brochures, and met the school before going. My goal was that I wanted to expand my career into being a brand manager. A few months into my MBA, I was warned by friends not to attend Webster as its reputation was not great, the school was in severe decline, and local employers would simply not respect or hire it. A little late as I had already sunk thousands into the place. I eventually came to realize that I may as well have spent $29,000 on a library card and attended the library. Webster's recycling of material from one course to another was ridiculous, so for 12 courses you are really only getting maybe 7 or 8. I always felt greatly shortchanged after each class in terms of content, academic rigor, depth of knowledge and overall academic standards. I had minimal homework and I seemed to get all A's for work which I was not pleased with depth-wise. My instructors were nice people, but they were far from being experts in their fields and the courses were simply text-book led with cherry-picking of the easiest chapters and no detailed discussion or treatment of the subjects. I had taken economics and management in high school and 1st year undergrad, and Webster's MBA courses were about the same level of difficulty if not easier. I stuck it out to graduation, and wish now I had not wasted the time or money. For all of us in the group that I started with, the fact that there were no job postings, internships, career placements, alumnae contacts, or any companies recruiting as promised by Webster when we enrolled was both very disappointing and shocking. The career center was useless and simply showed myself and others the door with nothing but excuses and actually blaming us for "coming to Webster in the first place!" The biggest shock was to come. After over a year of looking for jobs, internships and MBA trainee jobs by myself, and sending out hundreds of CV's, not a single company would even look at this Webster masters degree! In fact, I had many who wouldn't even accept an application with my degree telling me directly "we don't hire from THAT school!" I had others who said privately to simply take it off my CV and start again with a good school! That's a lot of money, student loans and time wasted for absolutely nothing. I have read recently that Webster's Business School is now down to nearly no students. I can honestly say I know exactly why! A complete waste of time, money and effort."
  • Reviewed: 8/23/2021
  • Degree: Business
"I, like so many students and graduates, am SO FED UP with Webster University's blatant lies, mis advertising, and scandals! DO NOT put a single penny in this place! I can only speak for Webster's Business School, not the arts or drama schools. I wish this place would just stop lying and misleading people with its false advertising and misrepresentation--all to just make money! Especially, regarding the Business School's ranking, program quality, reputation and placement of its graduates. Webster is now down from 27,000 students a decade ago to below 9000 today. And, as has been reported in the press, is on the verge of collapse. Webster has a reputation that is simply laughable- equal to Phoenix. I often saw half of my classes quit due to ridiculous low-quality courses (some taught in high school classrooms) that weren't even community college level (not a single spreadsheet in finance or accounting... and basic numbers???)! Worse is that after graduation NO ONE I went through the MBA with got a job or even a single job interview! In fact, the Career Center has never had any companies recruit MBA's from its campus! My $30,000 degree went into the garbage 2 years after looking for work with it! The "Webster MBA" is simply 12 OVERPRICED, NON-INVESTED, repetitive survey courses at a 1st year community college level(at best) that are loosely and cheaply strung together (with no learning outcomes or cross learning goals) to make a "Webster version" of an MBA (their words). In NO WAY or form is a Webster MBA giving you proper, deep rooted, quantitative, integrated and hard MBA skillsets at a Masters Level. Webster University has misrepresented itself and its business school for decades and the lawsuits, school closing globally, open letters from leading faculty on the shocking low standards, and bad press/scandals (globally)have proven this. Do your research! Here is The TRUTH about Webster University's Business School and its MBA rankings before you even consider giving them a dollar: Firstly, Webster claims its MBA and Business school are "Tier 1" and Top 15 regionally- and has done so for decades. The Top 15 Regional School Ranking is for the entire University as a whole- NOT SPECIFIC Programs such as the Business School or MBA. This is misrepresentation as MBA and Business Schools are ranked SEPRATELY to a University's overall ranking. This is for ALL schools both national and regional. Stanford Medical School and Washington University's Olin Business Schools are ranked SEPARATELY to their overall universities. This is especially true for MBA and Business School programs. So, concerning Webster University, although it generally ranks top 20 for Midwest Regional Schools in USA Reports, its MBA and Business School rank totally differently: in the BOTTOM 1 percent! And for top publications like The Times of London and Forbes Webster ranks between the #500 and #600 level for the USA (or Bottom 1%). Do your RESEARCH before going near Webster or ANY MBA School as its a lot of MONEY to throw away! Why would anyone pay $30,000 USD for a MBA or Business Degree ranked as a #500 or #600 school and in the BOTTOM 1% whose brand name is worthless in the job market? Especially when there are AACSB Schools that cost half the price and rank far higher? Imagine applying for a job with a Masters in Business degree ranked in the bottom 1% or ranked #300? It's laughable and you look like an idiot. Here are the TRUE Rankings of Webster University's MBA and Business School from the most trusted and respected Rankings Sources. They are Far from the "Top 15" and "Tier 1" that Webster STILL claims for its Business School and MBA (check for yourself on a Google Search). US News: -MBA (General Category): Not Ranked (it has NEVER made even the top 3000 MBA schools despite having the largest business school in the US at one time. And this list is NOT exclusively for AACSB Schools as falsely claimed). When asked, Webster refuse to answer why. FYI: contact US News for more info on why Webster has never ranked. -US News Best Online MBA Programs: Rank: 224-295. These schools are so badly ranked they are listed alphabetically as they stop ranking at 295! Webster's actual rank is #292. So Webster's ranking is BOTTOM .5% -US News Best Online Master is Business (Non-MBA): Ranking: 125-164. Again, so bad ranking the schools at this level are Alphabetically ranked after 125 and there is NO ranking after 164. Webster's Actual rank: #162. BOTTOM .5% Forbes (general ranking of Webster as a whole): Rank: #506 (bottom 1%) Times Education (Global Universities): #600 (Bottom 1%) Imagine applying for a job with a Masters in Business degree ranked in the bottom 1% or ranked #300? It's laughable and you look like an idiot. For less than a Webster Walker Business School MBA you can get a PROPER Highly ranked AACSB one that heavily invests in its programs and WITHOUT A GMAT from many top state schools... and pay far less per credit and have something corporations WONT laugh at. And from a school that's NOT collapsing and may not be here in a few years."
  • Reviewed: 9/23/2020
  • Degree: Business Administration
"You are paying for a piece of paper, not an education. Well before covid they started only doing webnet and virtual. Professors are working multiple school and getting things mixed up. It's a business not a learning facility. I attended the Orlando, FL campus where there were some amazing professors. The Tampa Campus (in St Pete) could careless about the education aspect of it. I had to drive to the campus to watch a professor on webnet/webex, just so they could bypass a rule with the GI Bill. The two professors that I did that way wouldn't reply back to my questions, usually written the night or day after the class, until the day of or the day before the next class."
  • Reviewed: 9/7/2020
  • Degree: Music
"I have a lot to say about this place and none of it is very good. I attended Webster for one semester and it was the absolute worst experience of my life. I’ve never met such rude, compassionless teachers in my life. There is one professor I can think of who was genuinely kind and good hearted, Dr. Patterson-the choir director. However, I did not have him for my professor. I had the director of the women’s choir at the time in 2015 and she was an absolute headache. I broke my leg about 2 weeks into my freshman year and had to have intense surgery to put my leg back together. The music department is NOT handicap friendly, the campus isn’t either, to be honest. I vividly remember asking someone who drives a gold cart if I could have a ride to my dorm as the crutches were causing rashes under my arm. I got a firm no as the injury hadn’t just happened. Disgusted. I had a long recovery and the whole time I was recovering, I was constantly receiving emails about my late work. How they were, “concerned,” that I might be falling behind. I received a phone call from an extremely rude admissions professor about my theatre teacher asking when I’d be returning to class because she was worried about me falling behind. In addition to this, I was receiving messages from the rude choir director about needing to keep up with my music for her class, meanwhile, I am unable to make it into the practice rooms due to there being no elevator. My voice teacher at the time kept asking me the same questions about my music, if I’d stopped taking my pain pills, and even went as far to mention that she thought I’d need some therapy. Excuse me? She is a MUSIC professor. The ONLY good experience from this are some friends I made. That is it. I have absolutely nothing good to say about this college excluding the feeling of pure joy as I watched it disappear in my rear view mirror while leaving to begin my wonderful life in MN. I attended college for the same thing in Minnesota, made tremendous friends and lifelong mentors with my professors. To this day, the still guide me. I received straight As in my classes and loved every minute of it. You couldn’t pay me to set foot on the Webster campus again."
Richard Varner
  • Reviewed: 11/21/2019
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I earned a Master of Arts in Human Resources Development. The program challenged me and I enjoyed it. I used my capstone project to secure a doctoral studies position and have been accepted into a program. Thank you to all my excellent professors and classmates! I must say though, the program is what you make it. if you aren't willing to put in the hard work you probably will be disappointed in the outcome."
Brian S.
  • Reviewed: 9/27/2019
  • Degree: Information Technology
"Webster is a quality institution for anyone. It gets the reputation of being a "degree-mill" because of its growth, but most Colleges who have Online and Satellite Programs are now tagged with that too. My experiences were all positive, from the faculty to the curriculum and programming, all the way through to the Capstone. It all tied together and made sense. My situation is like most non-traditional & working students in that I already had a lot of the real-world experiences so the Graduate Degree was the enhancement. It literally took me 18 months after I graduated to get my first raise in pay - my second raise came with change in Administration = two raises in 3 years after graduation. 5 years after graduation I make $20K more than I did when I started the program and I am positioned better for much bigger and better opportunities. The ITM Program has done wonders for me. If you are a professional in your craft a Webster education will enhance your package to your employers, as long as you highlight and utilize what the courses taught you. I'm actually going to return to get a second/sequential Master's to stay sharp and keep my stock high in the field."
  • Reviewed: 7/24/2019
  • Degree: Management
"Webster does not care about students. They will tell you about their classes are all in resident. That includes their terrible WEB-EX online. They only offer some courses once a year so you a pigeon hold once you start. Do not waste your time! My bachelors was more challenging than Webster. Dont let them fool you in telling you how great it is. Community Colleges Are More Legit!"