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88% of 27 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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  • Reviewed: 10/25/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"Instructors in GE will help you succeed but when you get into CORE, it's the complete opposite. It really is a waste of time and money where financial aid will get back faster to you than academic advisors. The schools focus is on passing NCLEX so none of the other work matters. Deans will give instructors too much discretion in class. Instructors come from other jobs where there's no consistency. They don't reply to e-mails or calls and barely use the Remind app. They expect active learning to be more engaging and for you to be able to cover all the material without completely discussing concepts. Some of the instructors put simple power points up and it lacks content. So when you take ATI tests, students end up doing poorly because the content is completely different than what is being taught back."
  • Reviewed: 10/12/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"This school is a waste of time and money. If you are going to this school, you will regret it later. This school is a waste of time and money. For one class, they charged you $800.The passing grade is C+. They give you a lot of assignments in ati and many projects, but all of this does not provide you grade. It is a waste of time rather than preparing for tests. Please save yourself and do not attend this school."
Scammed student
  • Reviewed: 9/27/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"This school traps you with false promises. The staff turnover is ridiculous. The staff talks to adults like children. This is my 3rd degree I know how school works no need to talk down on your students/customers. They highly recommend you quit your job. They require you to have health insurance however they don’t provide you with any resources to find affordable care. When asked about help they said to refer to student hand book."
  • Reviewed: 9/20/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"The school is completely disorganized, students have no say on who their teachers are let alone when you have class. There is a reason they aren’t allowed to do clinicals at some hospitals. Pure laziness with administration and staff. Do not waste your money or time with such a horrendous “academic” institution."
Stephany V
  • Reviewed: 9/9/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"WCU is all about money. They charge $599 PER credit for GenEd & then $799 PER credit for the Core Nursing classes. Mind you most of the classes are 2-3 credit classes so you are paying around $1200+ for just ONE class. I had a lot of aid given to me by FAFSA both loans & grants & I still wasn't able to pay my tuition. They only give you grants if you apply for private loans you literally HAVE to apply & if you get it you have to use it or its not considered exhausting all your options (which is the only way you grants from them). This school is all about money as you can see from how they charge you for your classes. If you have to wait to go somewhere then wait. Don't drown in debt for this school, I surely am not."
  • Reviewed: 8/6/2021
  • Degree: Accelerated BSN
"To be honest this school is all about their money, they do not care about students; they just implement things that are convenient for them, and leave the students in dark (even with the amount of tuition being paid); no advocates for the studens. Be warned your success in this school is based largely on ATI ptoctors. Most of the teachers DO NOT CARE, they make their quizzes unnecessarily tricky and the ATIs are the worse. Although am about to grade on less than 5 months (hopely) I still won't recommend this school to even my enemies. BE WISE FOLKS!"
Sarah Wilson
  • Reviewed: 6/9/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"They are truly unprofessional and really don’t care about students. I would make this my last opinion. For the price of what you pay, you should see more professionalism and quality of your education. I know other school may be harder to get into but I still think well worth looking in to."
  • Reviewed: 5/24/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"This university is all about the money and not about the success of their students. They picture rainbows and sunshine during your walking tour and trying to convince you to attend there. In reality though all they see all the dollar signs and how much they can suck out of you. I’m a mother of two and even quit my job to focus strictly on school. Yet as most parents know certain life challenges happen that are out of your control. I passed all my pre reqs and made it into the nursing core program. Failed 2 courses by 2 points and was dismissed. I researched and knew that majority of nursing programs will kick you out after 2 failed courses. That’s when I found out there was an appeal option. Well that’s what I did .. I appealed and even submitted proof of kids hospital visits, surgery records imaging reports, etc (practically my life in a letter) was poured I to this appeal and still got denied. After contacting the staff I was told that not only my hard situations played in the decision but my GPA, and attendance. She told me that since my GPA dropped 2 points from when I started, that this also had to do with their response. So much happened since starting school like father passing away , becoming pregnant , and raising kids while husband worked out of state and still kept going the best I could. Nope .. that wasn’t enough and still received a bill to pay same day I received my denial letter. Long story short this school doesn’t care about their students and they definitely don’t try to work with the students who have some life struggles yet still trying to better their education. Now you’re just left with a high school loan debt. On top of all this I referred about 3 friends here ( big mistake). Bad experience here .. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!"
Sajeetha Mahinda
  • Reviewed: 5/14/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"West coast university sounds fantastic when you go in for your tour. They offer everything that you could possible need to pass their courses. The truth is, the nicest department is the financial aid department. You do not get the customer service or quality education you deserve for the money you pay. Staff is passive aggressive, they do not work with you. The program gives you a RIDICULOUS amount of busy unnecessary work that you do not have actual time to study the material for the tests that matter. They send out letters of concern to students when they aren't passing. The teachers dont always go over missed concepts and there is no way for you to see what you got wrong on your exams. How are you to learn from your mistakes? The teachers that are provided for certain subjects are ridiculous. For the money youre paying you would think youd be getting the best of the best. We are sooooo consumed trying to complete assignments that dont count to our actual passing grade that there is hardly any time to study and do well on the exams that matter and will help us pass NCLEX. If i could do it again i'd choose another school."
Curtis Clark
  • Reviewed: 11/5/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"Stay as far as you can from this place, it is a total rip-off. The school does not prepare you for a career in nursing. There have been several graduates express this to me while I have been going here, in fact, they do not teach you the necessary skills that help you develop as a nurse. Also, the skills are just passed along and never performed. Therefore, this hurts you when you have to perform these necessary skills in a hospital scenario. The professors are not interested in the student's success for the money you are going to pay the school is not worth your time."
  • Reviewed: 10/23/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"So far this program has had ups & downs. Some hate it and some love it. I feel that I am learning and will be prepared as nurse. The right professors are challenging and prepare students for skills and future courses. It is not true that you will not be hired as a nurse if you go to this school, I know plenty that have! Overall- would recommend if you were in my spot at fighting every ADN program in Socal for a spot even with almost perfect grades."
Sirena Cervantes
  • Reviewed: 10/7/2020
  • Degree: Cardiac Sonography
"I made a quick call to get information about their masters degree and the receptionist refused to connect me with an advisor because I’m not done with my bachelor degree. I’m looking for schools now because I want to start my masters immediately after I graduate. I then asked her questions about the program and she didn’t know anything. Needless to say she helped me decided not to consider west coast university as one of the schools I will be applying in too next fall/"
Wiljon Guarin
  • Reviewed: 4/16/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"(Disclaimer: I did not graduate from this school. It was added for requirement purposes) I left and went to another school. If this school doesn't care about you as a student then how can it teach you how to care about patients as people. This impersonal school will train you to be an impersonal nurse. Now you can say, "I'd rather be an impersonal nurse with good nursing skills than a personal nurse with bad nursing skills." Let me tell you, their classes are so easy that the reason I left to another school was because I was getting a 3.96 GPA from this school from all their open book quizzes and pointless discussions on topics that forced you to simply regurgitate material. Not to say that this school was useless. I learned alot from the research class and I'm thankful I took research there because it was so challenging!"
  • Reviewed: 1/25/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"Save yourself! Don't go here. They ruin your future. It's expensive, so it adds pressure. If you appeal. You sit in some room with like 30 greedy guy school owners that decide your future. Then if you fail by a single point.. your terrified to move on caz all their doing is sucking your wallet dry and could care less about your future! Worse experience ever. RUN."
  • Reviewed: 12/3/2019
  • Degree: Public Health
"I highly recommend the online MPH program. I had a full time job and studied full time. Thankfully, being online I was able to study and do course work on my time. The professors were all very helpful. Registration was easy being that it was done for me. The education was able to get me where I needed to be and I never had an issue while attending."
  • Reviewed: 7/24/2019
  • Degree: Nursing
"Please save yourself and do not attend this school. This school is a waste of time and money. Students have no voices. There is no open door policy. Everything is copy paste. Everyone knows the test bank. 10 weeks and blended. If you want to learn how to save life this is not the school for you but if you want to be a maid and no hospital gives you a job, this is your school. This school is a business and for profit. Students attend clinical with fake lashes and nail polish. My instructors told me so many wrong informations. Instructors are not ready for class meeting and material. Go to a school that are fair with your time and money"
Jess Taylors
  • Reviewed: 10/18/2018
  • Degree: Nursing
"Please do not waste your time with this school. It is not worth it, I got into this school expecting the best experience. But along the way I learned that the professors do not really care about your success at the school. Im still enrolled in the school but Im thinking of leaving because every term so many intelligent students are getting kicked out for the smallest reasons, even some that has gotten so close to the finish line. I dont know about the other campuses but in the Miami campus the courses are made harder than they should be. The professors are not very understanding they act really intense ( as if they were not students once themselves). You will literally be sitting at the edge with this school. I dont think this school is worth it. I rushed into this school do not make the same mistake I made, do proper research, and ask friends and family about any school first. Trust me there are other schools out there with a lower tuition that will get you the same degree. West coast simply makes it seem impossible to become a nurse. They only have such a high NCLEXX passing rate because they literally dont have that many people taking it; every body keeps getting kicked out stuck with a loan. The terms are really short, youll be testing every class, the lectures are short (not learning youll be in the books ). Try to get into a school that will be fair with you, your time, and money."
  • Reviewed: 10/9/2018
  • Degree: Nursing
"So I realized Ive always wanted to be a nurse practitioner even before I graduated the registered nursing program but didnt have my year experience yet. I was conviced to complete with the MSN while I wait to complete my first year so I pretty much had no break since nursing school. The whole point of me going to this school was so I can attend the nurse practitioner program and I was convinced it would be a smooth transition for me as long as I keep my gpa up and I was informed they give exceptions to students who have received degrees there. So although I am a single mother with no child support with two kids going to school and working full time with my clinicals an hour and a half away from me I managed to get a 3.96 just to make sure I kept my chances high along with great recommendation letter. They had me do an interview where I was told to sign in 10-15 minutes ahead the initial interview schedule which I did but whoever set up the interview lost track of time so by the time I was connected I was told they had waited 20 minutes for me which clearly wasnt my fault as I was already signed in and whoever set up the interview emailed and apologized for the delay due to losing track of time. So that started out great I guess. The whole interview was a waste of time considering I couldnt hear them and pretty much all that hard work I did to prepare myself for the fnp program was also a waste of time as they told me I needed more experience and I wasnt articulate enough. Here is where I have an issue. I completed the msn program at your school with a 3.96 and in the end I was told I wasnt articulate enough so really you just admitted your own education system sucks. You guys educated me I have a 3.96 from YOUR school yet I wasnt articulate enough? I pretty much went months with out sleep for nothing. They told me I can attend in May but the whole point of me going to a post masters program was to be able to complete the fnp faster even though in the end I found it was pretty much the same time. Their post masters fnp program is already way too long as it is for a post masters and me waiting four months when I have mouths to feed isnt an option when Ive already put my family and life on hold for so long. Go to National University, post masters only 9 months, cheaper, and they admit you based on your completion of your requirements."
  • Reviewed: 7/13/2018
  • Degree: Nursing
"The program itself does prepare you for some parts of Nursing such as the pharmacology and critical care aspects but there are other classes such as ethics, nutrition, and disaster which are a waste of time. The classes are too easy which lowers the integrity of the classes. They need to change the tests because everyone has test banks and just pass them on to each other."
New grad 2018
  • Reviewed: 5/17/2018
  • Degree: Nursing
"I feel like the school delivered what they promised. I got to graduate with my BSN extremely fast. The program was not perfect. My main complains were towards school administration not necessarily the program or teachers. With the exception of two teachers (in 3 years), all my other teachers were amazing and really cared for the students' success. I still keep in contact with some of my teachers, many of them wrote me letters of recommendations and some of them are actively helping me find a job."