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Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2018

So I realized Ive always wanted to be a nurse practitioner even before I graduated the registered nursing program but didnt have my year experience yet. I was conviced to complete with the MSN while I wait to complete my first year so I pretty much had no break since nursing school. The whole point of me going to this school was so I can attend the nurse practitioner program and I was convinced it would be a smooth transition for me as long as I keep my gpa up and I was informed they give exceptions to students who have received degrees there. So although I am a single mother with no child support with two kids going to school and working full time with my clinicals an hour and a half away from me I managed to get a 3.96 just to make sure I kept my chances high along with great recommendation letter. They had me do an interview where I was told to sign in 10-15 minutes ahead the initial interview schedule which I did but whoever set up the interview lost track of time so by the time I was connected I was told they had waited 20 minutes for me which clearly wasnt my fault as I was already signed in and whoever set up the interview emailed and apologized for the delay due to losing track of time. So that started out great I guess. The whole interview was a waste of time considering I couldnt hear them and pretty much all that hard work I did to prepare myself for the fnp program was also a waste of time as they told me I needed more experience and I wasnt articulate enough. Here is where I have an issue. I completed the msn program at your school with a 3.96 and in the end I was told I wasnt articulate enough so really you just admitted your own education system sucks. You guys educated me I have a 3.96 from YOUR school yet I wasnt articulate enough? I pretty much went months with out sleep for nothing. They told me I can attend in May but the whole point of me going to a post masters program was to be able to complete the fnp faster even though in the end I found it was pretty much the same time. Their post masters fnp program is already way too long as it is for a post masters and me waiting four months when I have mouths to feed isnt an option when Ive already put my family and life on hold for so long. Go to National University, post masters only 9 months, cheaper, and they admit you based on your completion of your requirements.

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