Western Connecticut State University Reviews

  • 9 Reviews
  • Danbury (CT)
  • Annual Tuition: $25,239
75% of 9 students said this degree improved their career prospects
89% of 9 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

Jennifer S.
  • Reviewed: 4/20/2023
  • Degree: Clinical Psychology
"This was the worst university I had ever been to in my life, and I cannot believe some of the professors that are allowed to teach there. I had to take one class online which was Psychological Statistics because the professor claims that she had covid for the past year an was unable to teach in person. She would post a YouTube video and then give us a quiz. Each time I reached out for help, it was to no avail. I had one professor in particular who was extremely unprofessional and for one assignment wanted us to count how many times we heard the term ''meat'' in a film. What this has to do with Psychology, I have no idea. In addition to this, she made us meditate (something that I love to do in my free time but at college I should be learning) and then proceeded to send us home early for the day because she had a headache. In the lobby in one of the buildings, there were music videos of Cardi B and other rappers twerking on the wall TV. Again, that is fine if someone wants to look at that in their free time but on a college campus that is supposed to be an elite school, it put a bad taste in my mouth. Lastly, I had a goal date to graduate by and when I asked my advisor if we could work that out and I could do an overload of classes, he was absolutely no help. I am a very sociable and friendly person but at this university, I found it extremely difficult to make friends and no one at this campus appears to have much of a social life unless they are into athletics or are from the area. I wouldn't recommend this college to anyone."
Courtney Fragomeli
  • Reviewed: 9/3/2019
  • Degree: Psychology
"Western Connecticut State University has an incredible Psychology program and department. The faculty employed at Western is willing to go above and beyond in order to help the students to obtain the information they need to be successful in their field. The program offers an optional Internship in Applied Psychology that has been proven very helpful to the students. Overall, the experience I had in the Psychology program at Western has shown me how to use my time wisely which has helped me tremendously in my Master's program as well as life skills."
Alexandra Franjola
  • Reviewed: 3/22/2017
  • Degree: Counseling
"This program was incredible for my lifestyle, I work three jobs and an internship and with this program was able to complete a Master's Degree catered to people with busy lives and responsibilities. I am grateful for the content, quality and professors this program shared with me and other students. Would recommend to anyone in Connecticut interested in pursuing a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling"
  • Reviewed: 3/15/2017
  • Degree: Law & Criminal Justice
"I attended this university because I had no other options. I could not afford to move away from home and WCSU was affordable. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of education I received there. I felt like the professors cared about my success in their classes and that the material was relevant to my future educational and career aspirations. The campus is beautiful and I never had any problems with administration or financial aid offices; everyone was always incredibly helpful. I think the individualized attention is a benefit of a small school. On the flip side, it is hard to feel connected to campus life as a commuter student. I got involved in the Greek scene to meet new people. While the Greek community is small at WCSU, it is friendly (no hazing!) and fun. The school has frequent activities in the quad and companies come to give away goodies between classes. Overall a good experience that won't put you into debt for the rest of your life."
Rebecca Lienhardt
  • Reviewed: 3/7/2017
  • Degree: Graphic Design
"Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) is an affordable state school in my area. I chose WCSU because it was close enough to commute while I lived with my parents to save some money and it offered a program in which I was interested in. In 2014, WCSU opened a beautiful visual and performing arts center with state of the art classrooms and equipment available for student use. Unfortunately, I was already a senior by that point and didn't have much time to take advantage of what the new building had to offer. If anyone is considering WCSU to pursue their education, I would tell that they get out of their school what they put into it. Internship and career opportunities are EARNED, not given. Going to WCSU will give you an adequate, affordable education which will give you the opportunity to pursue your career in your field of choice. I personally went into WCSU knowing I always loved art and working with children. I got my bachelors degree and am now pursuing my master's degree in early childhood education, I couldn't have afforded my master's degree if I didn't save so much money at WCSU."
Flavia De Souza
  • Reviewed: 2/1/2017
  • Degree: Counseling
"As a foreign student the feeling of appreciation was greatly emphasized. The college representatives were prompt to reply to any questions or concerns that arose. The program coordinator was very welcoming during the interview process, which, in turn led to a more comprehensive, detailed, and positive interview. I was able to express myself with ease and explain the reasons why I were an excellent candidate for the program. The college campus is vast and well designed. It also can accommodate students with special needs or disabilities. The safety of the campus is definitely a major plus, as security is a priority for many I presume. The college offers competitive tuition and others means to help facilitate the aid of financial needs to cover tuition. There are many options available and the student can apply to a diverse range of scholarships. The college even offers its own scholarship application to facilitate the transition of the student towards their higher education. Another major plus is the size of the classes. There are no more than 15 to 20 people per class. This enables more one on one time with the professor as well as a more intimate learning process. Each student can get to know one another and proceed to create study groups to help one another throughout the semesters ahead. Overall the experience at WESTCONN has been a positive and welcoming one. I am looking forward to the semesters ahead and the completion of my degree."
Carolina Bortolleto
  • Reviewed: 9/17/2016
  • Degree: Biology
"Western CT State University is a great value school. Its a state university, so its affordable. However, the quality of the education I received is way above what people expect from a state school. All the classes are small - 38 students max. Most of my classes had less than 20 people. You really get to know your professors and connect with them. And its clear the professors care about you and your education. Also great facilities, many new buildings. Great student life - theres always events and such happening."
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2015
  • Degree: Social Sciences
"Great professors, classes, and majors. Affordable compared to private colleges. Faculty and staff very helpful."
Susan Pfenninger
  • Reviewed: 9/20/2013
  • Degree: Art & Design
"The pros are that I am in an affordable and dynamic program with a top rated faculty staff and tremendous professional support. The cons are the lack of employment on and near campus and the financial support I am able to find."