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Student & Graduate Reviews

Adam hersch
  • Reviewed: 10/19/2016
  • Degree: Diesel Mechanic
"Very good school, I miss this school taught me a lot more than being a tech. I wish I could go back and learn more have work though. I like way the course are set up. I was scared to leave my parents home and go to wy but when got there I every one was nice I had friend at school and friend's at church one of the experience in my life"
Hunter Lee
  • Reviewed: 8/14/2016
  • Degree: Automotive Technology
"I went to Wyotech in Laramie and it completely ruined my entire outlook on wanting to be a mechanic. The teachers are great people and great friends. Great teachers they aren't. The school is a joke. Please do not make the same mistake I did. The administration makes it their goal to make you as uncomfortable as possible. You are forced into shaving no matter what your medical condition is. Please don't consider Wyotech unless you want to be depressed and miserable for a minimum of 9 months."
Jacob bond
  • Reviewed: 8/2/2016
  • Degree: Diesel Mechanic
"This place is the worst place you can go. When an representative talks to you about joining this school don't do it it's nothing but a load of crap. It has been the worst experience and decision I have ever made. Plus the schools instructors are not the best people they try to avoid you when you are working on an engine. Besides that if you do make the decision to go here, you are doing it at your own risk."
  • Reviewed: 4/27/2016
  • Degree: Automotive Technology
"I graduated top of my class, and for the 30k I paid for my education, it was not worth my salary. I have always worked in automotive, but needed that paper saying I was educated, but my salary did not change. I was getting $10-12 an hour offer.... can you imagine working and supporting a fame with 12 an hour.... I left this occupation and work in sales where I make more money. To me this school is about making money, I regret attending school with wyotech and look forward to getting more in debt and attending a higher education."
  • Reviewed: 3/14/2016
  • Degree: Automotive Technology
"If you apply yourself and try the school will teach you the basics. The elective classes on the other hand will teach you a lot. Mine was chassis fabrication and I make good money on the side welding. Just 2 months into my job I was promoted to lead tech because of the skills I learned at Wyotech. as far as cost goes it really is to much money my loans total $50,000 and when signing up I was informed it would only be 29,000. The core class not enough information electives are really hard but in the end they are an amazing learning experience."
Enter at own risk
  • Reviewed: 2/20/2016
  • Degree: Motorcycle Mechanic
"I was there when a group of the best teachers were let go. Big mistake. The equipment we learn on is destroyed and never works. The teachers care and try to make due with what they have. It costs to much money to go here. No one will hire Wyotech grads. Talked down to by office people."
  • Reviewed: 11/7/2015
  • Degree: Sports Management
"This is the worst school I have ever been to, that is saying a lot I have 5 degrees and one of them is a teaching degree. The reasons why I would not attend this school are as follows. One, the teachers in this program are new, I realize but as far as teachers or professors go they are terrible. Two, to be hired as a professor at Wyotech you do not need any sort of teaching background. Three, there is way to much information for the students to attain in a very short nine month period. Lastly, being a private school it is very very expensive. Now, the two teachers Mr. Bowers and Mr. Slaughter that taught this program need to be fired immediately. After being threatened by one of the and demoralized by the other. I would not give even one star to this so called school. It is in my opinion that students wanting to attend this Tech school or any other due there due diligence and check out all of their option before making his or her decision!!!!!"
  • Reviewed: 5/12/2015
  • Degree: Veterinary Technician
"Do not attend Wyotech! Consider another school! They do not care for you. All they want is your money. You're education and experience is nothing they care for. Wyotech did not even accept my scholarship from Ford Motor Co. And AAA. Wyotech is also being investigated for money laundering by the state of California. Please reconsider."
Not worth the money
  • Reviewed: 4/30/2015
  • Degree: Motorcycle Mechanic
"Teachers are great but they just fired most of the best of them so I don't believe this is a good school anymore. I paid way to much money to come to this school to have them steal my education half way through by let all the good teachers go... please don't come to this school."
Noe Campos
  • Reviewed: 3/5/2015
  • Degree: HVAC
"Great school a lot of hands on and very helpful. Not all my teachers were great, but I have to say most of them knew their trade and thats why i keep in contact with them. At the time i was attending school i was working in retail, now 4 years later I'm a building engineer apprentice for a local union. I'm still attending school through work learning other trades and furthering my career. I have to say wyotech was a good stepping stone that got me in the right direction. I'm very happy I found a good paying career because it took me a long time to find what I wanted to do with my life."
Joseph B
  • Reviewed: 2/10/2015
  • Degree: Automotive Technology
"WyoTech Blairsville-PA Wyotech was an option for me coming out of high school (2006)to have an actual skill to fall back on. Wyotech sent a rep out to my house.to speak to my mother and me. He told me and my mom that the schools is filling up fast, that it was my last opportunity to get into it, being that it is a new school and that it had taken off fast. He gave me the low down on how they have job replacement after graduation, thousand of contacts for the students, like BMW, it was one of their bigger dealers that are excited to get the students coming out of Wyotech, a big chance to be on TV with them like showing the cars that we will build form ground up, and maybe a series on TV. Everyone has an end of the year project where they have to build a car from the ground up, that I would be in big demand by the time I finished my two years…..Impressive Speech!! First lesson: what a crock of crap they feed me and my mother. To an 18 year old he can see his BIG dreams right in front of his eyes. Life is going to be good. I was an impressive speech. My mother and I were told that if I didn’t sign now, that I would have to wait another year if not two, to get into Wyotech-PA or I could go out West to the Wyotech when a spot opened up. Lesson # 2: I signed the papers. MISTAKE!! If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Don’t get me wrong I completely understand it take hard dedicated work to be successful. Not a problem. However, I do not expect to be lied to and it cost me over $40,000 when it is all said and done. On top of that I was unable to get into the classes I wanted and was forced into taking classes I really didn’t want, but to hear them tell you “YOU have no other choice because what you have worked for will count to nothing because you did not finish the program that you signed up for. It was a No-Win situation for me and that is saying it mildly. I don’t know why the classes I want was not available to me, nor did they really explain it to me. Just there is not room. All I do know is, I wanted to switch from the day time class because I was not learning anything from the disorganized teacher to night time, I heard night time was older guys and that class was a slight bit better. So when I went to do that everything went down hill. I was told no problem I could, so we did. What I didn’t know was I couldn’t start that class the next evening. That was the catch. They did not want to hear about how disorganized the class was. They really make you feel like an idiot when you ask about stuff and when you try to explain to them what is going on in the classroom. I did not get what I paid for from this school. I still owe mega money for those loans. I ended up taking a class I did not want, I ended up sitting in an apartment for weeks without being in class and STILL paying for that room, because if I left I would not have a room to rent when the class did open up nor guarantees I would even have the classes because that kind of goes with the rented rooms. How many rooms are rented goes with how many students per classroom, so we were told. They did not contact my mother per signed contact on the chance of the classes, instead they sent a letter weeks down the road, whereas she could not put a stop to what they ere doing. The loans were already in affect, so she was told. She contacted them, and the director of the school said their was nothing he could do, that I would be wasting whatever loan money we took out if I left, that we were still responsible to pay the bill for the two years. I am sorry but I was young and yeah they lied and bullied me all the way. So I am tell you young adults out there, watch what you sign, really listen to what they say and even though you get it in writing doesn’t mean this school will make it right. I would go else where and invest my money into something that is going to benefit you in life. This school did nothing for me except give me a very huge loan to pay. It cost me over $30,000.+ When it is all said and done with and I could have went to a four year college for that amount of money and be able to support my family on a real career."
Chris S.
  • Reviewed: 2/3/2015
  • Degree: Auto Body & Collision Repair
"If you see the Wyotech ads on T.V. most likely it was in the day time. My point is that most of the companies I interviewed for never heard of Wyotech. All these people have day jobs and do not watch day time T.V. You would be better off going to a local community college. Yes it will take longer, but it will be less expensive and you will have a REAL DEGREE! Wyotech will cost $25,000+ not including room and board. You go to class from 7am-4pm Monday-Friday leaving a short time to study or get a part-time job. With a real college you can pick your class times. Please just do all the reach. WYOTECH IS NOT WORTH THE COST!"
  • Reviewed: 7/4/2014
  • Degree: Automotive Technology
"Wyotech was a option for me coming out of high school to have a actual skill to fall back on . My family had long been involved with cars drag racing etc, so I had always been interested in cars. My father offer this as a option and talked me into putting a 4 year college & playing div 2 football on the back burner . So we call them and Uti and told them I was interested, wyotechs reps came to my house and signed me up ..... mistake #1 , I was pressured into believing it was now or never type of deal( i blame my parents for not stopping me from signing a contract to go to this school under pressure) . So i was off to PA Blairsville a small town with nothing to do but .....nothing. The moment i arrived I signed all to proper papers to give the school 20k before i could even sit down after taking a 15 hr drive. Classes- I had some good teachers and some bad , YOU will have to teach yourself in order to succeed , the test are daily and will cause you to fail and fail out of school if your not careful. Most people talk and joke during class and its just like highschool all over again . once again in the actual shop you'll need to be determined enough to learn what you are PAYING FOR!!! because the sheet of paper youll recieve at the end with be worthless. I learn a ton while attending , i had a bad attitude about the school once i graduated because i expected so respect for going to the school within the industry but once I relized my education could earn me that repect then I was over the post wyotech hate. LIFESTYLE- its alot like college , you can party your education away , but if your focused you' ll get to have fun and learn about cars . They have more equipement at the school then most shops youll ever work for and you should be well prepared once you grad IF you involve yourself whil in the shop . Most if not all of the certs and cards will mean nothing once you grad, you GPA , honor roll etc will mean nothing , eagle tutor or what ever its called will mean nothing . NO job will ever ask or even care about that . And when you grad you get all the papers and certs and diplomas claiming you got A'sss in everything TRUST ME I DID AND DIDNT MAKE A HONOR ROLL OR EAGLE STUDENT , its all a load of crap to make you feel like your money was well spent. Only if you study and work hard in the shop will you money be spent well. all in all its to expensive , you can buy all the paperback crap ass books off line for a 1k and save yourself 19k and just go to a community college to take classes, or just start working yourself up from oil changes in a shop as a shop hand. I wouldnt do it again , but what did I get from it? educated , im smarter then most mechanics and have made 1,000's of dollars from what Wyotech showed me, did the name wyotech get me a job HELL NOOO!!!! but my skills i learned always earned me a spot and alot of money inside any shop i work in. Now 2014 im out of the field and working as a officer , Ive started my own shop and it has been a growing proccess so hang on its a looooonnnnggg right before you get to be like gas monkey garage ."
  • Reviewed: 6/10/2014
  • Degree: Diesel Mechanic
"This school is absolutely bull. The instructors that work here are lazy, half the time they don't know what there talking about. I was one of those students that came here not knowing much about mechanics but I did learn a little bit to get me by but the fact that they take so long to get class started that I feel as tho it's unnecessary. They don't abide by the rules here at all. They harass u if you don't know what your doing and out you down, and then they don't help you and if u actually really need help they will get all pissed off because they actually need to do something. The instructor ken and john in the light duty diesel class are pieces of shit and all they do is favor certain people and don't enforce nothing. All they do is sit there walk around and not ask you questions about anything or try and help you with anything if you need the help. And to me these people should be looked over by someone above them. They suck at there job and are just here because they have to be. I would not recommend taking this course. Or hell even coming here."
dustin nevin
  • Reviewed: 10/31/2012
"Very hands on instructors good what they do."
Anthony Caffarini
  • Reviewed: 4/12/2011
"I post a few months ago about how the school was leaving me with nothing and shunning me away. Well, it turns out at the very last minute there was an opening in my off road power class. So, I feel I should give them credit for trying to find a place for me in the class. I am still disappointed by the way they held off on giving me the news of not being able to get in the class. But other than they got me right into it. But like i said before the classes and instructors are really the best part of this school. and after talking to some instructors and other staff you'll find that they all care about what's going on with you and you're future. Especially Art Johnson the advanced outboard instructor and Amy Kelly the add - on specialist."
Anthony Caffarini
  • Reviewed: 2/14/2011
"I started WyoTech in May of 2010. The courses and instructors were great and very informative. The downside is the administration. You're expected to complete a 9 month class divided into six 6 week modules. After 4 six week modules you have a choice of taking two more 6 week modules of advanced classes(diesel and outboards) or Off-Road classes, with a second option of taking either for another 2 six weeks to fill out a whole year. I asked my admissions rep. if she thought it would be a good idea if i signed a year lease at my apartment so i could take both of the advanced classes (which she insisted was an option) and of course she said "go for it". So fast forwarding 9 months I was getting worried that I hadn't heard anything about re-doing any finances for staying down here the next three months. So I went into the office and asked if everything was still going OK and it was only THEN that they told me the class I planned all along to get into(after I was almost finished with my 9 month classes) was completely full and I wouldn't be able to get in. After several other students in my same situation complained, they said they would try to start a night class for the group of student's (around 15 kids). Now they said it wasn't a sure thing, but they would let us know. So after a few weeks it was getting down to the wire and there was no word yet on the new night class. I went back in the office to ask about the class. It didn't happen. So instead of keeping us (the students) informed on what our future in Florida was going to be. The front office decided it was better we be kept in the dark until the very last minute. So now 2 weeks before rent was due I had to tell my landlord that we have to break lease and move back to my parents house with absolutely NO money. They left me hanging with absolutely nothing left because of a problem they technically should of seen coming 3 months before it happened. So if you're thinking about a tech school. I would strongly suggest looking elsewhere. You can get an actual degree from a lot of other places without paying nearly as much or go through half of the headache I had to go through.P.S. Don't fall for their over the top niceness or empty promises when you're signing up either. My rep never even acknowledged me after I was in completely enrolled. and that high graduating percentage the school loves to shove in your face is only due to the fact that once you get into the advanced classes they'll pass you regardless of you're grade. THAT I KNOW FOR A FACT."
Tom Ethier
  • Reviewed: 6/4/2010
"I attended Wyotec shortly after they had relocated to Ormand bch. I found the instructors to be prety cool and they helped those who wanted to learn. The tools and facility were fine with some growing pains of a new building. I found the tech. infomation not to be as up to date as it should, and I personaly noted several mistakes in the books ( hard cover and work book ) I attended at the age of 35 so this isnt a kids rant. The youthful students were often late and hung over ( not all ) and while I was there the attendance policy had to be enforced causing lots of negativity. I drove 103 miles each way to and from with out ever missing a day, being late, or leaving early. I had an almost perfect GPA at graduation and a job waiting. BUT with so many students being pushed through two different schools at each end of the country the MC job market it dim. Also the slackers with a barely passing grade get the same certification as those who work hard to achieve a GPA worth showing off. So be prepared to deal with people slowing down your learning, trying to find a job in a very saturated market, and not getting one on one attention as a student. My experience was overall a good one as I applied myself and did not get wrapped up with bone heads. I fortunatly had a career and background to fall back on, as i am not working in the industry and have been soured by the 2 years that i did. I still ride street and my son and I still race MX and trail ride. My skills have helped save money but not earn it! Good luck and yes its a bit exspensive too."
Someone who knows
  • Reviewed: 3/18/2010
"Schools are designed to teach students new skills that they can then go and use in the industry of their choice. There are no free rides - no one gives you a job, no one gives you a paycheck - you have to EARN it!. If you go to WyoTech you will learn a lot of things you did not know and what you do with those skills and that knowledge is up to you.Will you just build and fix bikes, boats, cars or will you build a better one!? You can do both.People graduate trade schools and 4 year colleges and expect someone to give them something - they've never worked or earned the right to demand a high salary position. You build your life through working hard and exploring opportunities. Once you learn and earn a degree or diploma that is something that can never be taken away. You chose to work for yourself, someone else or not at all."
david larima
  • Reviewed: 3/17/2010
"I attended wyotech during the transition from the old school to the new building in Ormand Beach. It seemed while at the old facility the instructors were better and even though the building was old all the facualty were positive and really enjoyed teaching. When we moved to the new building it seemed that there was more importance placed on appearance than training. During this several of the most experienced instructors left and that really hurt wyotech thus hurting the quality of education. The "basic courses" were very dissapointing because being so basic. Anyone who thinks about attending a tech school should know what a screwdriver and a torque wrench is. Bottom line-not at all worth the money. If a person is serious bug a dealership just to get in the door and be serious about learning a trade. Someone that has done the work can teach you alot more than someone who teaches at a place that is only concerned about presenting an image. There is no easy route either way you decide to go-but wyotech will be the most expensive by far."