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  • Cincinnati (OH)
  • Annual Tuition: $38,530
89% of 44 students said this degree improved their career prospects
91% of 44 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 7/20/2016
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"I expanded my knowledge exponentially over the time of my coursework at Xavier. I grew as a person and as a future healthcare leader. I feel well prepared for my future career. One aspect that sets Xavier apart from other schools is its large network. I was able to connect with several alumni during my time at Xavier and form mentoring relationships with them."
Jane McDonald
  • Reviewed: 2/6/2016
  • Degree: Reading & Literacy Education
"I am been very pleased with the quality of education at Xavier University. The friendliness of students and staff is the reason I wanted to attend Xavier for my Masters in Reading Education. I really liked the blended classes and the off-site classrooms. The off-site classrooms are very convenient and close to home."
  • Reviewed: 9/23/2015
  • Degree: Social Work
"Xavier was a great school. They taught me a lot about social justice, generosity, and care for the world."
Mr. Anonymous
  • Reviewed: 7/13/2015
"I was disappointed that this so-called "Catholic" college was full of professors who enjoyed attacking Christianity. The small size of the campus also failed to provide the "homey" feel I was hoping for. To make matters worse, unless you're a business major, the college does little to help you with job placement: its career center merely shows you how to use Indeed.com."
  • Reviewed: 5/21/2015
  • Degree: Social Work
"Attending Xavier University was one of the best decision I ever made. The campus, the people, the professors... all wonderful. I was in the social work program. Even in a small program, I was able to tailor it to my specific needs and wants. So many great opportunities and so many great people."
Sarah Senoyuit
  • Reviewed: 2/22/2015
  • Degree: Counseling
"My program takes an experiential and comprehensive approach to learning and educating. The professors are amazing, understanding, and accessible and I they hold high standards for their students. They invoke a passion in the profession and make me eager to enter the counseling field."
Heather Schueller
  • Reviewed: 2/8/2015
  • Degree: Education
"This is my first semester as a Graduate Student, and a commuter student so my experience may be much different than other traditional students, and those who have been attending longer."
Marvin Dejean
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2015
  • Degree: Executive MBA
"The Xavier EMBA program is one of a kind program. The program is excellent and provides executives access to a breadth of professors and facilitators who are exceptional in their field. The 10 day international experential trip to a foreign country is the highlight of the program. I highly reccomend the new 16-month program to anyone wishing to pursue a post graduate degree."
Colleen McQuaide
  • Reviewed: 11/21/2014
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"Xavier University is the places to be. Under the Jesuit ideal of "Being men and women for others" every student, faculty and staff is committed to creating an atmosphere conducive to learning and excellence. I can not imagine receiving my degree anywhere else."
Sheilah Rauh
  • Reviewed: 8/22/2014
  • Degree: Nursing
"It's a private university that cost less per credit hour than the public university down the street. I haven't noticed an y cons yet. I'm extremely fortunate to be accepted into this university that has such a great reputation."
Brynn Hanson
  • Reviewed: 7/15/2014
  • Degree: Educational Leadership
"I am a graduate student so I do not worry about transportation or a lot of the other aspects undergraduates do. They offer lots of later classes which is wonderful for the working person."
Ana Paladino
  • Reviewed: 7/15/2014
  • Degree: Counseling
"I believe that my program focuses heavily on practical work in the field and less on the scientific method. The majority of the professors work in the field and have a lot of knowledge to provide."
Jill Benzinger
  • Reviewed: 4/15/2014
  • Degree: Social Sciences
"The Occupational Therapy Program and Xavier University strives to produce caring and competent therapists that will serve the community to the best of their ability. I feel that this program will give me the tools to become the best therapist possible. I appreciate the small class size and individualized attention I receive."
Lisa Kuhn
  • Reviewed: 1/1/2014
  • Degree: Reading & Literacy Education
"The academic side of the program is outstanding! However, financial aid available to single parents is rather lacking. Scheduling can also be a problem for the full-time working parent, but so far I have been able to make everything work out. Some classes' workloads are manageable, others are a bit tough and I had one course that was very time-consuming and difficult to complete given my full-time single parent/full-time working scenario."
Alexis Jennings
  • Reviewed: 10/30/2013
  • Degree: Communications (Journalism & Media)
"Program content was broad, giving students teachings on multiple different topics. The school thrives on its business college, but offers less academic and real life professional experience for students in the media communications program."
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2013
  • Degree: Project Management
"Tell us about your college experience.I loved it there! Very professional.Would you get the same degree if you could start over?Yes, my certification diploma was paid for by my then employer and looks great on my resume.What advice can you offer other students?You may not always know what path you want to take but just take one! At the end you will have a skillset and a degree. Stick with it."
  • Reviewed: 7/19/2013
  • Degree: Business
"It is well tailored to the graduate level candidates, but it needs more student oriented on campus jobs."
  • Reviewed: 3/21/2013
  • Degree: Special Education
"Very little flexibility in terms of providing life learning credit or accepting credit from other sources. Many outstanding professors, well-organized and prepared. Unfortunately, also many professors who are not. Most classes are combination undergrad and graduate students. Depending on the orientation of the teacher, for grad students can be little challenge or new information. Small class sizes provide opportunity for good access to professors."
Cathy Benjamin
  • Reviewed: 3/9/2013
  • Degree: Counseling
"Pros: Small classes, knowledgeable professors with real world experience Cons: Severe lack of financial aid options other than loans (there is only one available grant or scholarship through the university for graduate students)"
Justin Rumao
  • Reviewed: 2/19/2013
  • Degree: MBA
"Pros: Flexibility, professional educators, great value Cons: Lack of great national awareness, not very selective"