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Concord University's Top Ranking

Concord University is ranked on 1 list of the best colleges by earnings one year out of college.

Salary and Debt by Major at Concord University

We calculated a salary score for each of Concord University's programs by comparing program-specific median alumni earnings to median alumni earnings for the same program across all schools that provide this data. This way, students can compare the relative salary strength of a specific major at Concord University to the same major at other schools. A school's overall score by level is based on the school's by-program performance weighted by student enrollment in each program. Data is sourced from the December 2020 release of the U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard and reflects median alumni debt upon graduation and median alumni earnings in the year after graduation for students who received federal financial aid. Debt and salary numbers are shown rounded to the nearest $10.

Salary Scores for ConcordU Bachelor's Degrees

Field of Study Salary Score Employment Rate Median Debt Median Salary Salary Score
Biology, General 44 88% 88% $15,000 $28,240 44
Business Administration, Management and Operations 6 93% 93% $19,380 $28,960 6
Design and Applied Arts 21 93% 93% Not Reported $28,600 21
History 23 100% 100% Not Reported $25,970 23
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities 16 89% 89% $18,750 $25,480 16
Mathematics 72 92% 92% Not Reported $52,410 72
Psychology, General 11 96% 96% $20,500 $24,040 11
Sociology 5 87% 87% Not Reported $23,650 5
Specialized Sales, Merchandising and Marketing Operations 5 96% 96% $19,440 $25,970 5
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods 32 97% 97% $21,700 $33,620 32

Salary Scores for ConcordU Master's Degrees

Field of Study Salary Score Employment Rate Median Debt Median Salary Salary Score
Education, General 11 100% 100% $21,460 $39,560 11
Public Health 17 95% 95% Not Reported $41,570 17
Social Work 13 95% 95% $25,000 $39,300 13

Most Recent Reviews

Tarya 9/17/2022

The MSW program at Concord is subpar and unethical. Several of the faculty and the program director are locals who obtained faculty positions in the MSW program after obtaining their undergrad degrees from Concord and then just working on campus in grant offices and other offices in which they never actually did any real social work. Most of the faculty have limited teaching experience and many had never taught a class before in their lives on any level prior to obtaining their teaching positions that they... Read More

Disaster School 12/24/2019

This place is all about signing you up. Once you sign on the dotted line you owe BIG tuition bills but do not have a solid foundation. Uneducated teachers. Employees who are not teachers filling teaching roles becuase of high teacher turnover. They couldn't care less about you other than getting your name on that line. BEWARE! READ THE FINE PRINT! ABOVE ALL, do NOT feel presured to sign up as fast as they would like you to. Go home, review paper work and think. There is no short cut for a medical job.