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Salary and Debt by Major at ECPI University Online

We calculated a salary score for each of ECPI University Online's programs by comparing program-specific median alumni earnings to median alumni earnings for the same program across all schools that provide this data. This way, students can compare the relative salary strength of a specific major at ECPI University Online to the same major at other schools. A school's overall score by level is based on the school's by-program performance weighted by student enrollment in each program. Data is sourced from the December 2020 release of the U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard and reflects median alumni debt upon graduation and median alumni earnings in the year after graduation for students who received federal financial aid. Debt and salary numbers are shown rounded to the nearest $10.

Most Recent Reviews

Nikki 9/16/2022

Don’t attend this school unless you have a lot of money and time to burn through. I have been at this school since February 2022 and worked hard to maintain a A - B average. But when you have some instructors who clearly are there to make easy money because they don’t have to show up to a actual classroom and use outdated videos that are not in sync with what you are currently doing then it becomes a major problem. Not only that but there are some instructors there who don’t even try to answer questions and... Read More

Shelton 4/26/2022

I am taking online courses and a lot of the professors don't teach! We have to read different chapters every week which is fine but when we have zoom meeting which is our weekly lecture, they literally read everything we read in the books from a power point. That's not teaching. A lecture is not reading from slides. I got most of my education from YouTube. I really self taught myself a lot of the material without the help of most professors.