Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Rankings by Salary Score

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Salary and Debt by Major at LECOM

We calculated a Salary Score for each of LECOM's programs by comparing program-specific median alumni earnings to median alumni earnings for the same program across all schools that provide this data. This way, students can compare the relative salary strength of a specific major at LECOM to the same major at other schools. A school's overall score by level is based on the school's by-program performance weighted by student enrollment in each program. Data is sourced from the December 2020 release of the U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard and reflects median alumni debt upon graduation and median alumni earnings in the year after graduation for students who received federal financial aid. Debt and salary numbers are shown rounded to the nearest $10.

Salary Score ™ for LECOM Master's Degrees

Field of Study Salary Score Employment Rate Median Debt Median Salary Salary Score
Education, Other 100 100% 100% $218,460 $189,360 100
Public Health 100 95% 95% $87,840 $148,660 100

Salary Score ™ for LECOM Doctoral Degrees

Field of Study Salary Score Employment Rate Median Debt Median Salary Salary Score
Dentistry 80 98% 98% $345,180 $124,270 80
Medicine 37 100% 100% $225,620 $56,400 37
Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Administration 49 93% 93% $161,710 $113,490 49

Reviews by Program

Most Recent Reviews

Anonymous 6/7/2021

My experience at LECOM by far has been the worst experience of my entire life. The faculty and staff are condescending and rude to students and once you pay your tuition LECOM is sink or swim. The school couldn't care less about your well being or success and if you disagree with something or voice an opinion you are immediately put on the chopping block. You are responsible for teaching yourself the material and if you can't do that then you're really going to have a hard time. Don't be surprised when professors... Read More

Alexia 2/28/2020

When looking at different schools for a MPH program LECOM was the best fit for me. I decided to receive my MPH to get a better understanding of Public Health in hopes to go to medical school after. I love the teacher to student ratio because you can actually speak to your professor and they know who you are. This program is very flexible and great if you’re working and have a busy life.