Middle Tennessee State University Rankings Based on Salary

  • Middle Tennessee State University ranks better than only 42% of colleges, based on bachelor's salaries.
  • Middle Tennessee State University ranks better than 58% of colleges, based on debt for a bachelor's degree.
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Middle Tennessee State University's Top Rankings

Salary and Debt by Major at Middle Tennessee State University

We calculated a salary score for each of Middle Tennessee State University's programs by comparing program-specific median alumni earnings to median alumni earnings for the same program across all schools that provide this data. This way, students can compare the relative salary strength of a specific major at Middle Tennessee State University to the same major at other schools. A school's overall score by level is a weighted average of all of its program scores. Data is sourced from the U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard and was last updated in December 2020. It reflects median alumni debt upon graduation and median alumni earnings in the year after graduation for students who received federal financial aid.

Salary Scores for MTSU Bachelor's Degrees

MTSU ranks higher than 42% of colleges for bachelor's degrees, based on salary.

Field of Study Salary Score Median Debt Median Salary Salary Score
Accounting and Related Services 56% $27,000 $49,899 56%
Agricultural Business and Management 18% $14,000 $37,208 18%
Air Transportation 55% $22,500 $47,260 55%
Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions 11% $25,559 $28,598 11%
Animal Sciences 19% $19,500 $26,458 19%
Anthropology 2% $20,500 $15,922 2%
Apparel and Textiles 26% $23,500 $33,138 26%
Arts, Entertainment,and Media Management 39% $20,649 $27,274 39%
Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology 42% $18,580 $32,391 42%
Biological and Physical Sciences 39% $22,660 $30,409 39%
Biology, General 71% $22,900 $32,010 71%
Business Administration, Management and Operations 30% $20,750 $38,363 30%
Business/Managerial Economics 32% Not Reported $43,240 32%
Chemistry 53% Not Reported $38,829 53%
Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology 73% $25,061 $37,208 73%
Communication and Media Studies 32% $24,187 $30,594 32%
Communication Disorders Sciences and Services 83% $22,881 $31,762 83%
Computer Science 39% $27,000 $62,111 39%
Construction Management 63% $20,500 $66,653 63%
Criminal Justice and Corrections 49% $22,250 $35,416 49%
Design and Applied Arts 44% Not Reported $33,993 44%
Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft 36% $20,000 $21,703 36%
Electrical Engineering Technologies/Technicians 3% Not Reported $38,289 3%
Engineering Technology, General 39% $21,363 $52,107 39%
Engineering-Related Fields 37% $19,348 $57,943 37%
English Language and Literature, General 39% $21,000 $27,802 39%
Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations 18% $26,000 $32,925 18%
Family and Consumer Economics and Related Studies 8% $27,000 $27,874 8%
Finance and Financial Management Services 17% $17,562 $41,007 17%
Fine and Studio Arts 36% $22,125 $24,421 36%
Foods, Nutrition, and Related Services 60% $23,620 $33,755 60%
Health and Physical Education/Fitness 72% $23,731 $32,976 72%
History 40% $18,000 $29,141 40%
International/Global Studies 25% $17,000 $26,063 25%
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities 78% $23,063 $38,469 78%
Linguistic, Comparative, and Related Language Studies and Services 26% $15,670 $25,452 26%
Management Information Systems and Services 21% $23,562 $45,891 21%
Marketing 41% $20,949 $40,821 41%
Mathematics 29% $19,445 $39,585 29%
Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering 55% $25,000 $70,680 55%
Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other 30% $24,000 $31,660 30%
Music 64% $26,000 $30,119 64%
Parks, Recreation and Leisure Facilities Management 67% $22,884 $34,187 67%
Philosophy 16% Not Reported $21,964 16%
Physics 28% Not Reported $36,995 28%
Plant Sciences 31% Not Reported $33,993 31%
Political Science and Government 49% $23,000 $35,179 49%
Psychology, General 44% $21,721 $29,183 44%
Public Health 19% $31,000 $29,350 19%
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing 17% $19,850 $54,970 17%
Social Work 30% $22,550 $29,882 30%
Sociology 3% $21,250 $22,094 3%
Special Education and Teaching 39% $21,527 $36,938 39%
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods 58% $23,000 $36,895 58%
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Subject Areas 26% Not Reported $33,281 26%

Salary Scores for MTSU Master's Degrees

MTSU ranks higher than 33% of colleges for master's degrees, based on salary.

Field of Study Salary Score Median Debt Median Salary Salary Score
Accounting and Related Services 39% $19,500 $59,425 39%
Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Other 54% $28,705 $58,479 54%
Business Administration, Management and Operations 39% $26,200 $64,493 39%
Computer and Information Sciences, General 31% $19,950 $72,744 31%
Curriculum and Instruction 18% $30,064 $42,570 18%
Educational Administration and Supervision 20% $21,766 $45,070 20%
Health and Physical Education/Fitness 42% Not Reported $41,007 42%
History 16% Not Reported $29,685 16%
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities 67% $40,532 $52,875 67%
Music 42% Not Reported $29,685 42%
Psychology, General 96% $34,342 $61,020 96%
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing 25% $41,531 $85,206 25%
Social Work 29% $21,940 $42,682 29%
Student Counseling and Personnel Services 17% $40,532 $38,289 17%
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Subject Areas 21% $22,600 $42,682 21%

Salary Scores for MTSU Doctoral Degrees

MTSU ranks higher than 53% of colleges for doctorates, based on salary.

Field of Study Salary Score Median Debt Median Salary Salary Score
Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research 44% Not Reported $76,460 44%
Health and Physical Education/Fitness 61% Not Reported $69,338 61%

Middle Tennessee State University Reviews

Most Recent Reviews

Ida Hood 12/8/2019

I absolutely enjoyed my time at Middle Tennessee State University! I have kept in contact with my classmates throughout the years and that has been a great experience for me. The class schedules also allowed a lot of flexibility to be involved in organizations and participate in community service on or around campus. For me personally community service was very important to me, because it's something I grew up doing giving back to others. If you are possibly interested in attending MTSU as well you will definitely... Read More

Greg 8/27/2019

Im a veteran and transferred my other credits from University of Massachusetts-Lowell. The whole process of transferring was smooth and the Admin employees really do make it easy. Some people in the admissions and registrar office are almost impossible to contact and wont get back to you, however I had the advantage of the Veterans office on my side, and MT One stop makes things much easier. The Veterans office and Mr. Howell were sort of a liason between me and other departments and handled whatever they... Read More

My experience so far in the fall semester has not been awesome. The campus does have a nice feel, the on-campus groups are very inclusive and theres a lot going on just like any other colleges campus. All of my professors seem decent, but a few are monotone and unexcited. Also, if you dont like the huge school feel with a lot of congestion then this is not the place for you. You will be dodging people/bikes/skateboards on your way to class regularly and if you arent used to crowds or do not like crowds it can be overwhelming. When I toured the school and into my first semester was after Spring semester was over, so I did not expect it to be as crowded as it is when Fall came around.

Now to my rant: the parking. Good god is the parking situation HORRENDOUS. I have to arrive at my 8am at 710 just so i can find a spot in one of the Commuter lots (even then usually the only spots open will be almost a mile grom your building). My next class after that is at 1120 which gives me about 2 hours between classes. I have to stay on campus in between classes because on the first day when I attempted to go off campus and come back, I came back to every lot being circled by about 25-30 other cars attempting to find a spot. I ended up not finding a spot, parking in a residence building lot over a mile away, and speed walking a mile to class (was already late). By the time I showed up I was covered in sweat from the stress and the late August heat that I just left instead of being that guy thats late and covered in sweat stains. The fact that the parking situation is this bad is absolutely inexcusible. The second day I tried to fix it by showing up 40 minutes before class. No luck. Ended up still being late. Honestly, if I wasnt a transfer senior I wouldnt stay at this school for that reason and that reason alone. They seem to have zero vetting of parking passes given out. I think there should be restrictions, for example freshman that live in dorms and people that live in apartments right off campus should be forced to take the shuttle and not given a parking pass. At least thats what they did at my last college which was in a busier city and it wasnt a problem. They seem to not care that more parking passes are given out than spaces there are in the parking lots. They have a couple 3-floor parking garages that are always full. The roads are horribly designed and if you dont have your head on a swivel youll get hit or hit someone else who isnt paying attention.

Its definitely a shame that a school that does most things right can be ruined by an awful parking/traffic sotuation, but in my opinion this has such a bad impact it takes the overall rating from 5 stars to 3.