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Salary and Debt by Major at Swarthmore College

We calculated a Salary Score for each of Swarthmore College's programs by comparing program-specific median alumni earnings to median alumni earnings for the same program across all schools that provide this data. This way, students can compare the relative salary strength of a specific major at Swarthmore College to the same major at other schools. A school's overall score by level is based on the school's by-program performance weighted by student enrollment in each program. Data is sourced from the December 2020 release of the U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard and reflects median alumni debt upon graduation and median alumni earnings in the year after graduation for students who received federal financial aid. Debt and salary numbers are shown rounded to the nearest $10.

Salary Score ™ for Swarthmore Bachelor's Degrees

Field of Study Salary Score Employment Rate Median Debt Median Salary Salary Score
Biology, General 70 95% 95% $15,130 $31,840 70
Computer and Information Sciences, General 100 80% 80% $15,500 $122,040 100
Economics 97 91% 91% $21,500 $69,540 97
Education, Other 75 93% 93% Not Reported $39,370 75
Engineering, General 74 100% 100% Not Reported $66,920 74
English Language and Literature, General 78 100% 100% Not Reported $33,990 78
Mathematics 100 80% 80% Not Reported $106,420 100
Political Science and Government 92 88% 88% Not Reported $45,280 92
Research and Experimental Psychology 27 94% 94% Not Reported $28,600 27

Most Recent Reviews

Alum1 9/12/2019

The education I got at Swarthmore was truly invaluable. While the social atmosphere was not necessarily all that enjoyable, the academic experience is certainly unmatched. I have found that I am more than prepared for my graduate coursework, as the work that I did in undergrad was so comparable. many of my cohort members were/are not as prepared as I am- I have written 15-page papers for multiple classes in a semester, I know how to talk to professors, I know how to handle massive amounts of reading. All in... Read More

L16 12/15/2017

Being an undergraduate at Swarthmore College is arguably one of the most rigorous academic experiences you can find. You will do an immense amount of work, attend myriad challenging and thought-provoking classes, and have at least one serious freak out, but by the end of it, you will graduate vastly ahead of your contemporaries at peer schools. With a demanding liberal arts curriculum, Swarthmore teaches you how to learn, so that you can go into any career, any internship, and any graduate school and excel.... Read More