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Reviews - Doctorates in Clinical Psychology

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  • Reviewed: 1/4/2019
  • Degree: Clinical Psychology
"PsyD Program is strong but requires a lot of self-directed motivation to be successful. Professors are helpful but sometimes overloaded with too many students. The Chicago campus is great and up to date. There are a lot of resources available but students must seek them out on their own."
Patrick Kahn
  • Reviewed: 11/6/2017
  • Degree: Clinical Psychology
"Working as an inpatient therapist, following completion of my Master's degree from Adler University, I was adequately prepared to treat patients, yet always felt pulled to do more for them. I came back to Adler University to pursue a Psy.D so that I could further my understanding of human behavior and continue providing the best treatment possible to the individuals and families that I work with. Although I was conducting quality treatment, Adler University instilled a motivation to be socially responsible, both personally and professionally. I attribute this quality of my education to why I was compelled to return to school, and specifically to Adler University, because as students and professionals we should never settle. We should always be inspired to continue to learn and grow as individuals and as communities. Adler does not just promote social justice, however. The program provides hands-on training experiences in one of the most diverse cities in the world. This has allowed me to apply concepts and classroom work directly to the community that I am living in. These experiences are vitally important in a city like Chicago, where a need for intervention and social understanding continues to be an ongoing battle. Through these training experiences in the doctoral program at Adler University, I have been challenged, inspired, at times frustrated, as well as empowered in the most wonderful of ways. I owe a lot to Adler University both personally and professionally and am thankful as well as humbled to be able to write a review for such a fantastic program. I highly recommend Adler University's doctor of psychology program to any person driven to promote social justice and to create a better society for us all."
Justin Madaus
  • Reviewed: 6/17/2017
  • Degree: Clinical Psychology
"The admissions process was rigorous but supportive and set the tone for the overall experience in Adler's Doctorate of Clinical Psychology program accredited by APA. Many instructors not only teach but also engage in a private psychology practice which brings the material to life in the classroom. Coursework is rigorous, the school community is diverse and the their are ample supports in place for students to be successful. The element of Social Justice is threaded through all aspects of academic life at Adler providing a unique and much needed perspective to budding mental health professionals."
Constance Victor
  • Reviewed: 3/21/2017
  • Degree: Clinical Psychology
"I love my school! Adler provides a safe space to learn and grow as students. The school promotes social justice. It was the main reason I attended. Not only is social justice promoted but it is demonstrated in each and every faculty member I have interacted with, as well as found in each student. The university promotes a feeling of security and provides the tools to change the world. Each week there is a community hour that allows the students to learn about a new topic. Each community hour is usually associated or connected to a social justice engagement. My favorite part is the Social Justice Practicum we complete. Every student completing a PsyD in Clinical Psychology must complete a practicum, or externship, to become a Clinical Psychologist. However, what is unique to Adler is that we have the opportunity to complete a practicum that allows us to give back to the community and the world around us. I believe that it is always important to be socially active and to stand up for what you feel is just and right. By attending Adler University, I can both stand up for what I believe in on a daily basis, and I can pursue my dream of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. I would not dream of attending any other university. They are highly recommended and a perfect fit for me!"
Akeema Driggs
  • Reviewed: 2/27/2017
  • Degree: Clinical Psychology
"Adler University is great but would benefit from more diversity. The staff, faculty and students of color have the burden of teaching others about what diversity means, and that can be stressful. The majority population needs to take more stock in diversity as this directly affects the mission of social justice."
  • Reviewed: 2/26/2017
  • Degree: Clinical Psychology
"Adler University has given me a good grounding for a career as a psychologist. For the most part, the professors are incredibly intelligent, and good teachers of their material. The student body was, overall, a good experience, although there were times that if you were not incredibly liberal politically it could feel as if others would look down on you. Chicago is a great place to live, and Adler's campus is downtown, which gives a good opportunity to explore the city. Most of the student population came from around the country, which allows diversity in a geographic sense. Advisers work hard to ensure that you are taking the correct classes in the correct order, and the training department will work hard to make sure you get a good training experience at your various practicums. I am enjoying my experience, overall, here at Adler."
Maria Isabel Montoya
  • Reviewed: 2/25/2017
  • Degree: Clinical Psychology
"Adler University is an open minded, well established university that includes students in a social justice program. The faculty is diverse, open minded, and include students in research. I have been lucky to get into the PsyD program, I am grateful. Thank you."
  • Reviewed: 12/21/2016
  • Degree: Clinical Psychology
"Adler University is committed to ensuring that their graduates are socially responsible practitioners. They provide their students with the knowledge and the skills that they need to succeed in the future. I am very pleased with the education I have been receiving."