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Reviews - Associates in Nursing

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It’s all true
  • Reviewed: 3/8/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"I was like you 22 months ago reading these reviews. Oh, these people just didn’t work hard enough! I am in my 5th semester of nursing. I have maintained a 3.9 gpa throughout a horrible program where I have taught myself completely. I am failing now. Surprise surprise, by the same professor teaching both of the classes. If you fail two classes, like the two classes the gate keeper teaches, you are booted from the campus and the credits don’t transfer. I am at the Akron campus, I know Parma and Solon are ran completely different, go there over Akron if you must. Akron didn’t secure any clinical facilities either, Parma and Solon had no issue but apparently covid only affected our clinical sites LOL. Parma and Solon is still a crap shoot but at least they won’t intentionally fail you from what I hear. We have a week of good exams? The next week is harder. My class of 14, all failing. We score about 5% of each other, but that’s all on us? Not an issue with the program and the professors they found in the dumpster depths of eBay? We have went to our directer, our academic advisor, the professors. Nothing works. Not one person graduated from last semester either that hadn’t failed the semester prior. It’s comical when they spout their nclex pass rates because they ensure no one can get there to take them. I should be graduating in 1.5 months, instead I’m stuck with 45k in debt and credits that won’t transfer. Did I mention I have a 93% in med surg? Oh right, because that is taught by one of the few (VERY FEW) decent professors we have had. Should be ashamed of themselves. This was the worst decision I’ve ever made, run while you can."
  • Reviewed: 1/29/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"This school is the biggest scam I have ever been a part of. I attended the nursing program. They will do anything they can to fail you. PLEASE don’t waste your time and money like I did!!!!! They failed out 50 of the 60 students in my cohort in our 3rd semester. This school is an absolute disgrace."
  • Reviewed: 1/22/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"(RICHMOND, VA) I went to this school straight out of high school because I went through their Jump Start program during high school. I passed all my classes, but many people didn't. Honestly, most of the teaching was alright. I've had better and worse. Where they really fall short in their nursing program is the clinical side. It was COMPLETELY unorganized. The "sim-labs" were an absolute joke. You only went through the skills ONCE, and sometimes they didn't even have enough supplies for everyone to do every step in a skill. There was also only ONE day a week where the lab was open for students wanting to get extra practice. As far as your actual clinicals, most of the locations were far away depending on which clinical you were doing because the school has such a bad relationship with the surrounding hospitals. In my clinicals, for the most part, you only did CNA work. We did very little actual nursing. I understand that sometimes there's just certain things you won't see until you're working, but I got so very little experience that I left after my 3rd semester. It's terrible. As far as the school itself, they seem very flexible at first, but as you go along in your program, there is very little availability. The financial aid advisers have messed up countless of people's accounts... mine included. I wasted so much money here. I'm not sure what changes they've made since I left, but be aware that they are very good at selling a dream that, for me, did not exist."
  • Reviewed: 1/6/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"So very upset with what this school has done. They teach us off of 2016 ATI books all semester and then tell us that we would take 2019 proctors two weeks before the test. These proctors are worth 10% of our overall test average, so this one test can make you fail the semester. They also do not give you the grade that you receive on your proctored exam. If you do not get a level 2 then you receive a "0" on your test, dropping your test average 8-10 points. The staff completely sold me on a great school that took care of their students and the concerns they have. THEY LIED! They do not care about their students, they care about the money. Once you try and challenge this or the school they place you as a target and make sure that you leave. This school is nothing but a money pit and a scam. I am very annoyed at how little they actually do for their students once they have your money."
  • Reviewed: 12/28/2019
  • Degree: Nursing
"I do not understand how this “college” is allowed to continue its operation. I came into the Nursing program after earning my Bachelor’s degree from a major university. I cannot believe that I fell for this scam. I justified paying more because I would complete the Nursing program quicker, right - wrong! You will take just as long as any other program but in turn, you will pay twice as much. Stick to the reputable programs - not B&S. Next, more likely than not, you will NOT graduate from this program. I was in my final semester and throughout the process, I’ve witnessed most, if not all, of my classmates “fail out”. The majority failed because of B&S - not because they did wrong. I could write a book about this inadequate program and lack of education. In my last semester, I can no longer complete the program because I’ve “failed” two courses. Ask any student and they will tell you how the exams are NOT what you were taught. Their program is so inadequate that NO other institution will honor your courses - why, because they too know they are nonsense and students have not learned what they should and therefore would reflect on the new school when you take the NCLEX. So why would B&S be okay with most failing out - because it’s all about money and business - they’ve gotten your money (check) so they’ve made money (twice as much as most program) so they are sitting pretty. They get rid of you because they do NOT want their students taking the NCLEX because they know you will struggle and probably fail. If YOU fail then THEY fail. Now it explains how they can have a high “pass rate” - they only have a few who make it to the end. I literally witnessed several “fail out” the DAY BEFORE their pinning and finalization of the program. In other words, it is true - THEY SET YOU UP TO FAIL and it’s okay because they’ve already gotten your money. I wish I had listened to ALL these comments written here - where there is smoke, their IS fire."
Concerned person
  • Reviewed: 12/22/2019
  • Degree: Nursing
"Keeping this very short and sweet. You want honesty, read 99% of the period reviews posted. I honestly don’t know how this school is still open. They should be shut down. Saying it’s horrible, a scam, unprofessional, an embarrassment.. those words do not even touch on this school. DONT even waste your time thinking about it. You want to throw money away, be taught by people that can’t even teach, have a horrible staff turnover, get sent through hoops and hurdles that appear out of no where, then hands down, here’s the “school” for you. Yes... I said I was keeping it short and sweet, and I did. I have never been so disgusted with a group of people and a “school” SHUT IT DOWN"
Stay far away
  • Reviewed: 4/18/2019
  • Degree: Nursing
"I was a previous nursing student in the Milwaukee market, and I 110% agree with the majority of the statements made by the other students of this institution. STAY AWAY and DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!! Here is my experience: -I was met with a friendly admissions officer who promised me everything under the sun and sold me a bill of goods...that being a flexible schedule, instructors who are professionals in the nursing field, understanding and helpful, and a "wonderful financial aid and office staff that work for YOU as the student". (Hahahahaha!) -My first semester went very smooth, however, I took issue with the fact that my A&P 1 professor's background was working at a veterinarian's office and not in the healthcare field. But she was a very nice lady and was actually one of the best teacher's that I have had there. -My second semester was when my eyes were opened and I could see that all of the student concerns didn't matter, and the front office could care less if we had problems learning/learning a teacher's style of teaching, (or in our case, lack there of!), and did absolutely nothing to help us. We had a microbiology instructor with a known history of not teaching well and talking down to students as if they were stupid. She taught the class as if we were 5th semester microbiology majors. So a group of us got fed up and we went to our academic advisors and complained. Nothing ever happened or was changed to help us in the class. We were supposed to hear from the head of the Science department and meet with him and the guy never got in touch with us, even when we emailed him. We were IGNORED! -Third Semester was a complete joke. Med/Surg 1 clinical, lab and lecture were absolutely comical. A few of the students were running around a hospital at clinical that couldn't even do an assessment on a patient. We had one guy who played dumb since day 1 and got out of doing any sort of patient care because he was so scared and he didn't know, (or want to learn or try), what to do because he was an ex-truck driver. He said he was only doing this because he said his wife made him. But for the 2nd straight semester, the clinical instructor passed him right through, yet he couldn't do anything but vitals on a patient and he was completely clueless on a lot of things, including Epic charting. Med/Surg 1 lab was completely laughable. WE, (the students), were expected to teach the class on various skills such as inserting IV's, trach care, NG tube insertion, insulin, etc when the teacher sat there and didn't lift a finger to help us. She would just spat out that "that isn't right", or "that's not how I do it", even when it said it in the Nursing Fundamentals book. We would go to test off on our skills for that week and she'd just sit there and pass everybody on their weekly assessments, even if people didn't know what the hell they were doing. Med/Surg 1 lecture was basically read the chapters yourself and go to class for the whole time but you'd get about 4 20 minute breaks throughout the 3 hour lecture. We literally learned nothing from the Professor, and when it came to exam time, you'd see A TON of questions on the exams on material that we never even went over or discussed, making it ridiculously unfair. To wrap up 3rd semester we come to Pharmacology...Be ready to blow through 2 or even 3 chapters a class period with Professor. So much material spewed out every class period and all your grade consists of are weekly quizzes, exams and 1 project. She gives no other points. Be prepared to take an "ATI assessment" that you must "level", (pass), with a 71.1% or you get a 0 and your grade will drop 9% and you will most likely fail the course. I've heard numerous people reach out to the Dean and academic advisors and nothing being done about this woman's teaching style and the ridiculous ATI Leveling test that you will have to take in all 3rd-5th semester nursing classes and Pharmacology. You're set up to fail here and I had enough. Basically the best advice I can give you is to steer clear, and I just echo all the other students' statements of all this "College" wants is your money. You cannot pick your own schedule, some person in the office picks it for you and you're at the mercy of them honoring your 3 choices that you prefer. The financial aid office staff are nothing but a bunch of lazy, rude, uneducated people who don't get you your paperwork on time and make promises to you that they can't uphold. The same goes for most of the academic advisors. Any good people who work there get fed up with working 5-6 days a week and they leave, and then the students are stuck with uneducated, incompetent, lazy advisors who NEVER go to bat for you, the student. Just like the Dean of Nursing...she knows about many problems with the nursing instructors and she does nothing to help students. I and many others have heard she is not a nice person and tells you if you don't like it, go somewhere else. Sometimes the faster, quicker route for an education is not the right way to in this case for this school. You, as the student pay roughly $9,000/semester and you don't get taught much of anything and you end up frustrated, angry, and you teach yourself all of the material that you should be getting taught in class. Please make the right decision and don't go to this school. But most importantly: NONE OF THEIR CREDITS TRANSFER to other colleges!!!! Don't waste your time and money!! Good luck to you all!"
The "higher ups" absolutely don't care!
  • Reviewed: 4/3/2019
  • Degree: Nursing
"I have no idea on where to start here, first I guess I will start with the student advisors who were all absolutely wonderful along with Financial aid! Now to actually speak for the rest. There was one teacher who the students adored and unfortunately, she had to leave due to family reasons and she will be highly missed. There was another instructor who was hired and I enjoyed them as an instructor only to find out they ended up leaving quickly after they started.....this paints the pictures for the rest of this. There were 2 nursing instructors who were and there for their students if you reach out to them and most of the lab instructors are great as well. However, in the other classes I took, the instructors seemed as though they don't care to help and if they do "help" they give you really no instructions on what to do about the situation at hand or seemed to really care which is the sad part because the majority of the students are grown adults and yet we as students are treated as elementary students. All you ever hear is well this is nursing school and we didn't receive help or guidance so neither will you and you'll have to figure it out yourselves. Ok? So this makes total sense right? A bunch of students who have never been an RN trying to understand the material being taught and what to read and how to comprehend who is being taught only to take the final and realize everything is wrong? So this is supposed to help us as students learn right? WRONG! Oh and also let me tell you that if you happen to see an instructor outside of school you better run in the opposite direction because unless you are in their "clique" they will make up lies and then you get kicked out of the program without even being asked what happened from your point of view. The school says that they are there for the students when they have problems with instructors, classes, other students, personal issues, etc. but they will use anything against you to allow for the next potential "student" because now they have your money and don't care anymore about you. It really is a crying shame that the people who work there that have "no pull" are there for the students 1000000x more than the higher up people in management spots that are able to call the shots on who's in the program and who's out. So thanks B&S for having my eyes opened to see how you really run your establishment, for only listening to people to work for you (who you pay to be there) instead of the student (who pays A LOT OF MONEY to be there), and causing my life to be shambles and now in a ton of debt. If you choose to go here beware to not receive help from most of the instructors, be ready to stay to yourself and don't make any friends who try to be social to help your classmates, and stay quiet during your classes unless asked a direct question because you will have to watch your back every step of the way to ensure you won't be on the "radar". Good luck to everyone and I wish you the very best!"
Student in Nursing Program--Virginia
  • Reviewed: 10/30/2018
  • Degree: Nursing
"I am truly sorry that I started this program at Bryant Stratton. This program is absolutely worthless and in my first and second semesters our class literally learned next to nothing. The instructors treat you very poorly. You will get put down and embarrassed in this "college." This has to be the biggest waste of money and time that I have thrown out the window in many years. What a total mistake. Do yourself a favor and apply anywhere else but here. This college is interested in taking your money (as it is a FOR-profit college) and throwing you under the bus when any little thing goes awry. You WILL be told that the instructors "Don't fail you. The students fail THEMSELVES." None of the course material is neither on track nor organized. My experience here has been an enormous disappointment. I would not recommend this college to my worst enemy. It's a total clown show."
  • Reviewed: 1/13/2018
  • Degree: Nursing
"I was 44 finally raised my children, quit my job, and ready to be able to solely focus on what I had waited to do my whole life! I drove 1 hr and 20min daily and even longer to clinical each way. Was on the deans list. Received attendance certificates regularly. Our DON change 3-4 times while I attended BS. In 3rd semester I got had an almost flat tire exiting the Hwy 5 miles from school, stopped filled it, got to school 6 min late on exam day was denied that exam. A fellow student was 5 min late but given the exam. The 0 for that exam literally caused me to flail that class by 1%. My grade prior was that strong. I just had to suck it up and move on. Knowing all instructors just rescheduled students for missed exams was protocol, and another student had been late didnt make a difference in my appeal. 4th semester my grandson born premature at less than 3 lbs a week old was having seizures and we didnt know if he would survive.I was at my clinical site my last day of clinicals. I asked my preceptor if I could start early so I might leave early and I would also call instructor to request same, she was fine with that. When instructor arrived she gave me permission to leave early and later said she did not and I was accused of leaving my clinical site early without permission and being academically dishonest That meant 2 failed nursing classes and I was dismissed from the nursing program 3 weeks prior to completing 4th semester. I academically passed everything, I got Level 3 on ATIs. The DON sat across from the table and said I was a liar! I showed up to a full 8 hours of my clinical knowing the condition of my first born, and only grandchild as I took my education seriously and knew other situations of fellow students with this school and my previous experience. I was not going to just walk out of a clinical site. The instructor did finally admit she had given me permission to leave when I had proof, she had accidentally emailed me her own personal notes where she had written down the events of that day. However, when presented that I was then cited with a violation of having my cellphone on my person, and using it at a clinical site! I did have it, and I only used it outside on my break to text my instructor. The preceptor actually had me give my daughter the direct number to the room I was working in so I could be called in case of an emergency! The worst part was that the preceptor would discuss her personal relationships etc and was not very professional and I was a little Leary to speak with my instructor as some of the staff there knew my instructor for many years. In the end the preceptor who should have been writing weekly evaluations and did not, then stated I had not requested to leave early, and a few other thing on my final evaluation unfavorable to me. Now if I was doing poorly I would think, I would not have been allowed to administer medications, etc on my own as I had been doing and she would have brought some of this to someones attention prior to 2 was after my last clinical day? It was a huge conspiracy of people at the clinical site trying to cover the instructor who allowed me to leave then lied for fear of being caught lying and when I could prove she lied BS had to save face to hold on to that instructor so they made up another reason. I recorded my meeting with them. They were insulting, rude, and demeaning. I have never had a group of people try so hard to belittle me in my life. I had instructors in every other class I had taken there supporting me and were disgusted by this whole situation, however also fearful of losing their jobs due to who was in charge of the nursing program at that time. I have the financial ability to obtain legal counsel to file a lawsuit, however I am not that person. Now BS calls me on a regular basis to ask if I would like to take the LPN program? Really? $30,000 is an expensive life lesson to learn how cruel and dishonest people are in this world. However, I chose not to be a disgusting person, I have paid the majority of it and I hold my head high and my conscious is clear because I know I didnt do wrong and I do have integrity, morals, and ethics."
  • Reviewed: 5/9/2017
  • Degree: Nursing
"The Nursing Program at Bryant & Stratton College in Eastlake OH is a joke. This school continuously and repeatedly "misplaces" student's sensitive personal information including transcripts, causing the student to have to pay out of pocket to replace it. The school did not have clinical instructors in place prior to the start of the semester, which caused several students to be set back in required clinical hours. When instructors were finally hired, they were not trained in the hospital setting, nor on the computer system used. If a student does choose to pursue the nursing program here, please be sure to get in the instructor's and the program directors good graces, because favoritism runs rampant here. A student that just happened to buy an instructor's house was afforded another opportunity to take a test that the rest of the student's did not. While "remediation" students for a math test, the program coordinator did not know the required formula. Nursing tutors fail out of the program. Class size drops by half from one semester to the next. One can attempt to get assistance from some of the instructors,and while they state that they offer it, they do not. Notes provided by some instructors do not correspond to what is being taught (as in referring to page numbers that were completely wrong), nothing is organized, the program director sends out emails regarding math testing to the wrong people, sends things months late..... the list sadly goes on. Oh yes, and the school is on provisional approval from the state board of nursing due to graduating students failing to pass the NCLEX-RN on the first attempt. All of this while collecting tens of thousands per student, while failing students by points, or fractions of points."
  • Reviewed: 4/11/2017
  • Degree: Nursing
"To start off this place is a joke. Teachers get excited about when they can fail students, and when you go to talk to the Dean she treats you as if you are 8 years old, dismisses you right away as if no one can talk bad about her staff. Also there is no one that is above her that you can talk too, even in New York they won't do anything. SO the Dean can do whatever she wants. This is the most unprofessional school that I have ever attended. Then was told that the LPN/LVN program was accredited when it is not. This school just lures people here so that they can get their money. And the commercial and everything says their schedule is flexible which is another lie. There are a few teachers that I have absolutely enjoyed and have learned a lot from but aside from that, like stated above, most of the teacher get their jollies from failing students. BUT if you kiss their butt they might let you pass."
Current student
  • Reviewed: 3/29/2017
  • Degree: Nursing
"This school is a waste of money. Their slogan "for every & in life" is bullshit. They tell you what you want to here to acquire your financial aid and out of pocket money and they have no intention on working with your schedule. I highly recommend ANYBODY not to come to this school. It's a waste of time and money. You have to teach yourself and your convenience is always disregarded. The teachers are very inconsiderate of any family crisis. They have unrealistic and almost impossible to obtain expectations. If you are a hands on type of person, this school is not for you. You have to teach yourself everything on your own time. Nobody answers your emails when you have legitimate questions or concerns that are time sensitive. Nor are they available when you show up in the office to inquire. None of the directors know their job in and out to be able to answer your questions and they always have to ask someone else for reassurance. Answers are half a** and inaacuarate at times. The whole experience was a waste. The only thing I'm learning is that sometimes it's better not to go the fast route or cut corners at all costs. It costs you more here to get nothing out of it."
  • Reviewed: 1/2/2017
  • Degree: Nursing
"The nursing program in the Milwaukee region is horrible. Do not waste your money here. The Dean of Nursing is an absolute joke, there was a student kicked out for blatantly using their cell phone on an exam. Guess who was cleared by the Dean to re-enter the program, yup that's right the same student who was caught outright cheating. All they care about is getting your money. They sell the program as being flexible but this is far from the truth. The nursing scheduling is done in blocks. You are able to submit a preference sheet, but you are at their mercy where you get placed and it is up to you to figure out how to make things work with childcare, a job, etc. Also, you often will not know your clinical site until a few days before it actually starts. When it comes to the instructors there are some good ones but with the majority it comes down to whether or not they like you. If they like you they will bend over backwards for you. If they don't they will make things as difficult as possible for you and set you up for failure. Good luck of the Dean of Nursing doesn't like you, she will advise the instructors to look for reasons to dock you points and to fail you. The ADN program lacks consistency, with the addition of many other programs these inconsistencies are likely not to be addressed. Save yourself the money, frustration, and stress. There are plenty of other programs in the area that will view you as a person rather than another dollar."
single mom/student
  • Reviewed: 10/18/2016
  • Degree: Nursing
"First off, I guess I didn't believe the Advisor when she told me that I wouldn't be able to work while attended the program. This college is horribly expensive and caters mostly to the right out of high school crowd. They say they cater to working families, but it simply isn't true. They schedule you into 'blocks' that don't necessarily work out for home/work/ school balance. Second, I have a hearing deficit. I didn't think it necessary at first to have an ADA counselor, but soon found that not to be true. After talking to the ADA counselor who is also the Dean of Nursing, nothing was done to accommodate me. I have filed complaints with the ADA (response pending). I was only able to check off on competencies using a SIM man. Being competent listening to a machine vs. a real human does not give me confidence that I will be able to go out into the world and apply my knowledge to real life situations. The professors were, for the most part, great. They all had something different to contribute to your education. The problem is that B&S treats them so poorly, that they can't retain any of them, so each new semester consists of a new professor trying to 'learn' what they need to teach us. I am switching schools, but after completely one semester, I am already way more in debt than I should be. Don't let the idea of finishing earlier than most schools entice you into attending this school It will just take you more time in the long run. Financial services is awful. They make mistakes they shouldn't, and average response time with my financial aid advisor was 1 1/2 weeks. Around the time you are supposed to clear for the next semester, that is absolutely horrendous."
Rachel K
  • Reviewed: 8/27/2016
  • Degree: Nursing
"I urge anyone going into the nursing program here reconsider. If I can prevent what happened to me from happening to even just one other person, this post did its job. I wanted to return to school to 1)increase my earning ability 2) to pick a profession I was passionate about 3) to be a good role model for my daughters. one morning as I was getting ready to rush off to work in administrative office for medical billing for the Medical College of WI, I saw a commercial on TV about Bryant and Stratton. A woman about my age talking about how a degree in nursing changed her life; how she never thought it possible but with Bryant and Stratton it was possible! My first mistake was believing something I saw on TV. Bryant and Stratton is a private for-profit career college that targets working adults looking to earn a degree in their "free time" quickly. I fell into the trap. Now don't get me wrong every degree they offer here is very possible as long as you put in the hard work and follow the syllabus. I know this because the first degree I earned from this school was a medical assisting degree. I wired hard for it but my instructors were there for me every step of the way to see me succeed. I finished with a 3.6 GPA and numerous academic achievement awards. It was a confidence building experience. So much so that I turned around right after graduation and re-enrolled in the nursing program. However nursing is a different beast altogether. It's governed by its own faculty separate from the rest of the school, Evan the Dean is different than all the other programs. This is because to be accredited by the state board of nursing requires only nurses to teach and govern the program. Right from the start, the very first day I noticed a dramatic difference in the attitude that faculty had with students. It was an atmosphere of inadequacy and incompetence toward the students. Anyway, I knew I would have to work hard and I did. I quit my job to keep up with the demands of the reading, endless reading of many resources every week. I isolated my friends and extended family. I only talked to my husband and two daughters. My bills mounted because of my reduced hours. I knew however, that I was learning a lot. I had many challenges (a lot more than in the MA program) but that's to be expected, nursing is tough. With all my hard work, sleepless nights spent studying and challenging clinicals I made it to the end of the program. I was finally less than a week, just days away from graduation. I needed a very specific grade on my final exam to pass but I was so prepared to do just that. The day of the exam came and I waited on pins and needles for my score, I needed a 75.6 to pass the course I received a 75.2 I immediately called my instructor begging for her to give me extra credit or anything to bump me up the 4/10 of a percent I needed to graduate. She refused, she told me to have some integrity and stop fighting for a grade I didn't earn. It wasn't just that I failed, it was that I failed and was offered zero support of what I could do with more than 60 credits toward a nursing degree. You see once you're released from a nursing program no other college will not take you as a student. So now I'm $30k in debt without a degree, job and piles of unpaid bills from not working. It's the darkest place to be. On top of it I had worked so hard, I have never worked so hard and put my entire self into something before. My point is if I was going to fail, if I didn't have what it takes to be a nurse it should have been recognized at the beginning of the program not the very end. Two weeks later I heard from a friend that the way the final exam was graded was inconsistent. Each question was worth 3.33 points however some papers mine included was graded with 3.3 for each question, this may not seem like a big deal but it was huge for me because it meant I passed!!!! I got 57 questions correct so if I was graded 3.33 that would put me at 75.9. I brought this to the Dean's attention and she completely. She wouldn't hear it. I feel like they've decided I would make a bad nurse despite the fact that I scored 97% on the NCLEX predictor!!! Anyway, I didn't get into the constant changing of instructors, it's a very high turn around for faculty so the courses are constantly being changed. Very disorganized and many instructors with a chip on their shoulders toward students. I wish I had gone yia different school because I truly believe I would be a nurse right now."
sucker for attending
  • Reviewed: 1/18/2015
  • Degree: Nursing
"Go to a real college. Your credits will not transfer! The instructors lack the knowledge to educate sudents. Instructor messed up final by implementing incorrect answers."
The Faculty and Staff of Bryant & Stratton College
Responded: 1/30/2015


We'd like to learn more about your experiences attending Bryant & Stratton College. Would you let us know which campus you attended, so that we can put you in touch with the appropriate individual to address your concerns. We value constructive feedback from our students and graduates as it is important to our continued commitment to the success of our graduates.


The Faculty and Staff of Bryant & Stratton College

Nursing Student
  • Reviewed: 7/10/2014
  • Degree: Nursing
"I decided to go to Bryant & Stratton for Nursing because the program is about 5 semesters with immediate placement into the program of your choice as long as you pass the required tests to get in. My general studies were great, no problems. The Nursing program is a nightmare, the professors are above you and will not help you learn anything you don't automatically pick up. They say you can get help at their Learning Resource Center, but some of the best instructors have quit! It's only open Tuesday and Thursday! I have a minimal part time job and can still barely pass my science courses. The director of the science department has not been helpful either, she is very quick to judge you and will tell you everything you have not done right and offers zero insight into getting through the courses. I would never recommend this program to anyone. I hope that when I finish I have enough confidence left to be a great nurse after they strip it all away."
  • Reviewed: 7/3/2013
  • Degree: Nursing
"The nursing program should be an online course as the teacher are no help they don't know the material themselves. Lecture is reading off a power point with no more information to better understand the material being lectured on. If help is needed you are referred to another book to buy. The teacher have the attitude if you pass great if you don't oh well. What happened to teachers caring. These teacher should be certified to teach, know the material themselves, and have compassion for the students they are instructing. Do not go to this school they make the students feel they have no self worth."