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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 7/28/2012
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I am a stay at home mom and is almost 4 weeks into my online classes and this school is awesome. My administrators call me on a regular basis and emails me to. Also my financial rep helped me with every step to finishing the things i needed to get started.My professors email me within 72hrs most of the time within 24hrs or less. Doing their classes online has been great with the schedule i have and you dont have to check in at a certain time but make sure you meet the weekly dead line. This school is awesome and im proud to say I am a student at EU."
Jo Gardner
  • Reviewed: 7/16/2012
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Everest is a nationally accredited school. Most top- name colleges are regionally accredited and WILL NOT except ANY credit, but some will except a few and there. So if your applying to Everest and you want to go to Harvard next year, re-think it. However, if you do your homework there are some regionally accredited colleges that will accept nationally accredited credits. You just have to do your homework before enrolling.Curriculm wasn't that hard. It was manageable for someone like me with kids, a husband and work. Most assignments are due in a week but they are generally never really hard so they can be whipped up in a few hours or so.Staff at Everest was ok. I never really had a problem in this area. I did attend classed online and finished my degree. I even attended the graduation ceremony, which to my suprise was really nice. They had a huge ceremony and took professional pictures and everything."
Katrina Williams
  • Reviewed: 7/12/2012
  • Degree: Management
"I started school at Everest University Online (Nationally Accreditted University) October 2011 and I am in my last term, finishing up October 2012, as you can see, I finished with my associates degree in 1 year. Because my GPA was so high, I was able to take on as many classes in a single term that shortened my graduation date. The most I have taken at once was 8 classes. This also saved me a total of $16,000 as Everest university only charges one rate for tuition regardless of how many classes you take per term. This was awesome!.I am now able to transfer my credits to other schools for instance, I am transferring my credits to Kaplan University (Regionally Accredited University) when I finsh in October. I failed to mention I am a mother of Twins, so what does that spell out for Everest University? Everest YOU ROCK!!!!!!"
  • Reviewed: 7/2/2012
  • Degree: Business
"I believe that Everest was a good investment for me. I applied at Everest April. 12, 2011 and started taking online classes April. 17, 2011. I have been attending Everest for over a year now and I have not had any bad experiences except for the ones that I caused to happen, like turning in my assignments late and receiving a lower grade than I would like. Other than that I am maintaining a 3.67 GPA and Have been on the Deans List three times and will be on it again after the spring term is over. I am going for my associates degree in business administration and I am very confident about the education and support that I am receiving from Everest.I feel you should really research any school in depth before you just dive in anyway because we all have different views, standards, and objectives that we want to pursue. Everest provides the quality and quantity of education and support that I am looking for. So juggle your options before you dive in, read all of the fine print in depth before you pursue it, and once you start something always be sure to complete it no matter how complicated it is. So I recommend Everest because it gave me the motivation and education that I need in order to have a successful future. Now how my future and education turns out is absolutely up to me! Good luck to all and remember that we decide what's best for us!"
nicole mccarthy
  • Reviewed: 6/24/2012
  • Degree: Business
"The refund checks have always always always came to me on time if not early.However, I was told that I am going to have a nightmare of a time transfring credits so that I can go to another school for my bachlors so that I can study law one day and I think their right. I think all my money will be a waste. I really hope they do something about it."
  • Reviewed: 6/21/2012
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I'm a little shocked by all of these complaints. I absolutely love this school. I just started about 4 weeks ago & am taking the fast paced mini term right now. Everyone through the school has been 100% helpful in every situation.The professors are mostly very helpful and nice. I am so glad this is the school I decided to attend because I don't feel like I would have had this great of an experience otherwise. I am always getting phone calls with people checking up on me and making sure that I'm doing good, & making sure that everything is going smoothly. There is also so many resources that Everest offers you. I really truly love this school."
Dan Oswald
  • Reviewed: 6/15/2012
  • Degree: Business
"I enrolled online, was my 1st online experience. I was advised online by numerous contacts that you can do on your own time. I got the loan and to find out they are not on your own time. Had assignments due every other day. I worked FULL Time as a Boss of a company.I stopped doing it a month in cause I can't be online everyday. My Loan is now about $8,000 for 1 month of hectic schooling. This was the worst investment in my life and will make things harder down the road. Thank You to a school that just wants their money."
  • Reviewed: 6/9/2012
"I have had no issues with Everest. They called me about a week after school started to see how I was taking it and to ask about how my son was. They called for a few days to see if I needed any help with anything, and I had an excellent conversation with my Admission Advisor.The istructors have been pretty easy to get along with and they answer my questions promptly. I would definitely reccomend this school to anyone because I have had an amazing experience with no issues so far. I'm very happy with my choice, and I don't regret it at all. I think so of the issues you all are having are because of yourself, not Everest."
Lauren C.
  • Reviewed: 5/14/2012
"Wow, half of these complaints could've been avoided had you just asked questions and jotted down simple information. I enrolled at Everest Online 4/4/12, got my books on 4/9/12, started class on 4/16/12, got my loan-to-own laptop from the school on 4/17/12 and now i will be getting my first student loan disbursement on 5/16/12 and the school BY LAW has no more than 14 days from that date to send me the excess check. These financial aid complaints really bug me because half of the ppl complaining dont know that since they are first year, first-time Direct Loan borrowers, the loans are held for an extra 30days to ensure you are attending and passing your classes. As for my advisors, they're all reachable and very helpful.My school-issued laptop got a virus and crashed this past Saturday and no lie, less than 30 mins later the school's laptop support techs had it back up and running like it never happened.Some of the other complaints I see are related to the laptops crashing and needing recovery cd's but you cant get the school to call you...well, the recovery cd is on the hard drive already, just press f11 as soon as you turn the system on, then press hardware recovery and BOOM, you're fixed! No need to cuss the school out or write a misleading review. The classwork isnt super easy and some professors really do demand your best work. The best advice I can give is ask, ask, ask questions and write down contact info for EVERYONE you speak with. The experience is what you ALLOW it to be."
  • Reviewed: 5/10/2012
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"It is a shame that an institution of higher learning, and I use that term loosly, would cause their students so much pain and stress. This institution does not deserve to be called a university. It should instead be called a scamversity. It should have been closed years ago for taking advantage of people who are trying to better themselves and all they end up with is debt and a worthless piece of paper called a degree. Shame on you Everest."
shelly traylor
  • Reviewed: 5/10/2012
"Everest is a ripoff. I have had nothing but problems with this school. The student services didnt reply to emails. The financial aid department is a joke. They do everything possible not to give you your refund. I wouldnt recommend this school to anyone."
april szuflita
  • Reviewed: 5/9/2012
  • Degree: Paralegal
"They really helped me in all areas. Someone was always there to answer my questions. The professors are just "AWESOME"They really knew what they were teaching."
  • Reviewed: 5/9/2012
  • Degree: Network Administration
"I went to FMU in 2005-2006. When I attended I couldn't get my books in the mail for anything. Finally I took a class that required a CD for the assignments, which I couldn't do because I never got my supplies. I have angry emails to my advisor that were simply responded to with "well, we sent them" ~ and then she went so far as to give me tracking numbers that corresponded to enrollment documents, and not my materials at all!! I matched the numbers up! Imagine that, I ALWAYS got the enrollment papers and the billing paperwork! NEVER GOT MY SUPPLIES.Now, I'm trying to go back to college. I got a D in the class requiring the CD, so I DROPPED OUT. Now, they conveniently have proof that I attended the next semester by logging in ONCE in each class. They gave me F's, and won't take them back even though I'd dropped the previous semester and not enrolled.The ONLY way to get rid of those F's? Take the classes over. 2 classes. 3000 dollars."
Nicole Welch
  • Reviewed: 5/7/2012
  • Degree: Management
"I went to FMU in Florida and I loved it. Now the school has merged with Everestt and forget it. It is not even worth the aggravation. I post in the faculty office spot and the teachers do not answer you. Teachers post links to videos that do not work on the computer the school sends you. When you call tech support they don't want to help they just say I am sorry I can't hear you please call again later.You can hardly get in touch with your student adviser because everyone else is getting in touch with theirs and they do not have voice mail. Forget getting your over payment from Financial aid. I was told mine was sent out on March 26 now it is May and guess what even the replacement check never showed up. When you call you just get a run around and they can't be bothered. I am glad I only have a few more credits and then I am done.Another thing is no matter what the reason they do not take late work. I did not have power for three days because of the storm and was told if I already submitted something late then it would not count. Look at your other options before choosing this school."
Sameerah Mosley
  • Reviewed: 5/5/2012
"I have been going to Everest University online for over two years. I have faced many life challenges that has caused me to fail many classes which has now extended my graduation date. I had to retake some classes at least twice which once passed the failing grade is replaced. It's called grade forgiveness. I have never had any problems getting a response back from the instructors or anyone else who works for Everest.I call student services and always get an answer someone is always there to assist you. I even have them email me my audit sheet so I can go decide and get help on which classes to take next. I have been to AIU and UOP and so far I'm glad I came here. I'm not too big on school but I'm sticking it out and they are helping me to do that."
  • Reviewed: 5/4/2012
  • Degree: Forensic Science
"I have no idea what you are all talking about. This school has bent over backwards for me. Yes some of the professors can be hard to get along with and such, but I have never been upset at anyone from the school. I call they answer all my questions even if I keep them on the phone for over an hour. maybe you all were the problem when talking to them."
  • Reviewed: 4/17/2012
"Registering at this school was one of the worst mistakes I have ever made!! Not only do I owe 10,000 dollars in student loans for credits i cant use ANYWHERE that is worth anything i wasted almost two years of my life with them. All the online classes are is a easy way for them to make money off people and not do anything in return.If you need to get in contact with them about anything besides registering you can forget it. It took me two months to get them to send my transcripts to me. Unless you are giving them money you will not see any type of customer service."
Mari Lee
  • Reviewed: 4/15/2012
  • Degree: Business
"This school is terrible. The teachers do not take part in the discussion but just have "canned" responses that they post to make it look like they are doing something, when they are really doing nothing. If you have to contact anyone else in the school, good luck. No one will answer your emails or return your phone calls. You are on your own.This school is nationally accredited which means you are very limited as to who will accept this education. Even Everest employment ads for teachers require a degree a degree from a REGIONALLY accredited institution. Hypocrisy much? They will lie to you, they lie to all their students. Don't go here."
Roberto Duran
  • Reviewed: 4/14/2012
  • Degree: MBA
"There is no feedback from the instructors and I never received a response to any email I sent whether it was to an instructor or administration or student services.The curriculum itself is fine, but the quality of instruction is incredibly poor. This company lacks integrity. I have dropped out of the program and I have enrolled in a legitimate school that is NOT "for profit" like EUO."
Rosalie Parks
  • Reviewed: 4/12/2012
  • Degree: Forensic Science
"I would just like to say I really have enjoyed my first year with Everest. The faculty and Professor's have been excellant!!!I beg to differ about everyone holding a 4.0 I have held A's,and B's ith a 3.6 and his was studying my heart out.I finish my first year in July 2012, Online learning is not easy by far, It is very fast paced and you must keep up the pace as not to fall behind.I have had to contact financial aid a few times, but actually the delay was that the money was not received as expected.My plan is to graduate, I am very pleased with my accomplishments so far. This is not my first online experience.. warning stay away from Argosy..expensive and the staff lack, lack, lack is all I can say..In my eye's Everest is the best!!!"