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  • Phoenix (AZ)
  • Annual Tuition: $11,074
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Reviews - Doctorates in Psychology

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  • Reviewed: 7/10/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"In one of the dissertation course the professor, who was my assigned chair didn't respond to my assignments. After many attempts to contact him, he emailed me that I was not one of his students. He was confused on how to find his students from GCU. So all the students in his course were not getting any support. I asked for the course to be reset as the school did not provide any service. I paid for the reset and they failed me out of the program after passing all the coursework and complaining about their lack of support for the dissertation portion of the program."
  • Reviewed: 7/13/2016
  • Degree: Psychology
"Ok so I'm looking at the reviews and I notice that there are so call students trying to pretend as though never had a bad experience at GCU well, I know after I give my review one of these so call students will try to rebuttal me. However I want you to use your common sense any student that is doing great will not look to respond to every complaint these rebuttals are bogus!! Now, GCU is the biggest SCAM I have seen in a long time. They make you feel all warm and fuzzy in the beginning, they will even treat you decent in the middle of your program BUT when you get to the end forget it its almost as though every department becomes difficult and unbearable people become so rude that you feel like you going to loose your Christianity. I almost believe they purposely do this to move you out the way so other students can come through the door. Instructions in the online program can be really vague and not helpful. Online is a tough way to learn so a student need all the resources given to them for them to succeed GCU has the set up to make you believe they have the resources but when you try to utilize them forget it. Did you know if you don't pass a class three times they kick you out the school? Look as an online learning sometimes you are scrambling to get the information you need and life can interfere, my point is, they don't tell you that all your money goes down the drain and you can not finish your program. There are few good professors a few good academic advisors but as a whole the school is garbage. I'm in this phd program and I am torn because its been a major challenge trying to get what I need to see me through and when I complained about it, my professor told me"most people don't make it through the program anyway" I guess I will stop here don't trust these good reviews go with your gut also look for themes in people complaints because once you are a student it's hard to get out!"
GCU is great so far
  • Reviewed: 6/26/2015
  • Degree: Psychology
"I am currently over a year enrolled at GCU and so far I have enjoyed being there very much. The teachers are helpful, the work is intense as far as research goes and you literally have to do a paper for every single class so if you don't like writing, reading, and doing research, then this is not the school for you. This is for me however because I do love to write and I don't mind doing research. I really enjoyed being here and I'm hoping it continues to go this well."
J. G.
  • Reviewed: 4/2/2015
  • Degree: Psychology
"I am currently trying to complete my dissertation so that I can be finished with GCU. Overall through the course work for my program everything went fairly smooth until I was assigned my dissertation chair. My chair is either lazy or just clueless about his role in the dissertation process. Unlike many other schools, at GCU the learner is assigned a dissertation chair without any input. My degree field is psychology and my chair's degree is in technology. I have to explain the most basic concepts that any Psy 101 student would know. My chair has continued to delay my dissertation process by only allowing me to submit one item in week 4 and one in week 7 of an eight week class. Even after making the suggested changes from week 7 in one class, I would be forced to wait until week four of the next class, including the one week off between the dissertation classes. In a 18 months, I have never spoken to my chair even though the "chair expectations" says we are to speak at least twice a week. I have filed numerous complaints and appeals concerning my chair will little results. My first complaints were sent to my student services advisor, asking to have my chair replaced. After numerous emails and calls over a two month period I learned that she had quit and nobody was looking into my complaint. I was later told that I could not change my chair and that I needed to "just deal with it". My chair keeps telling me to send my prospectus and proposal to the other members of my committee (who are great) that has to come from him in order for them to start reviewing my work, as they would be overwhelmed if they did work based on the learner sending it to them before it was ready. I have been able to work with my methodologist as she can see that my chair is not doing his job. On my first appeal, (not for my grade but for having to pay for his delaying tactics) the university sent me a letter saying that while it was found that my chair had cause multiple delays but because my methodologist had a short turn-around time that it was ok. In the first appeal I had also voiced my concern about not getting to speak to my chair and their reply was that just because it was in the expectations did not make it a requirement that he talked to me. I am currently awaiting the results of my second appeal about my chair and his delay tactics but do not expect them to see it my way. I am in my third dissertation extension class (extra classes above the required classes at $1890.00 each) and do not foresee it getting any better. The university knows that I will continue to pay for these extra classes because if I do not I will not complete this degree. GCU claims to be a Christian university but all they care about is the money. I threatened to take a year off in order to get a new dissertation chair and even though I have completed all of the required classes associated with this degree, it was threatened that if I did I could be forced to take additional classes at an additional cost. There were three others with me that had the same chair and I am the only one that has not quit. This should be a red flag about this chair but the university just cannot recognize or admit the truth. The only good news is after my 5th extension class the cost drops to $500.00 per class. The individual that recommended that I get my Ph.D. at GCU because she went there for her Masters, apologizes every time that we see each other. I continue to tell her that it is not her fault that this university behaves in the manner that it does. The only thing that this university is concerned about is getting your money."