Midwestern University-Downers Grove Reviews of Doctorates in Pharmacy

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  • Downers Grove (IL)
  • Annual Tuition: $48,857
100% of 7 students said this degree improved their career prospects
71% of 7 students said they would recommend this program to others
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Reviews - Doctorates in Pharmacy

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Why not
  • Reviewed: 2/9/2022
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"Hi, Reality Check: Pharmacy school is not easy! Do not attend this program at any school if you were not accepted in your original program such as; Physician Assistant, Dentistry, Nurse Practioner, Medicine etc. Though you may be incredibly smart it would not benefit you in your internal passion. Now, I will continue with the review. There is information overload. You think taking 5 classes at a time in undergrad is something. This information is 3 times more. There are not a lot of alternatives for students who need help with challenging subjects such as available tutors. The professors would set an appointment with you or try to schedule a help session through Zoom or something, but the professor is only lecturing the same way as they did in a regular lecture section, which defeats the point. Most of these zoom session occurs after hours where students want to really turn off like Sundays or hours after 7pm. The study areas are limited-There are over five different programs besides pharmacy with over 50 students in each class, yet there is one library with one floor of a real study area. They have rooms for study, which are always occupied. There are three other buildings, but they do not have a lot of designated quite areas. The campus is big and beautiful, but midwest weather and the geese that poop everywhere makes it uncomfortable to study outside. Financial aid - The school is expensive and I guess it is to build new buildings every 5 years. Students who take out loans cannot receive what they need. They will receive what the think you may need. Though, you are responsible for the loans in paying it back and it is not their money. Diversity- They have a diversity and inclusion department, but the campus lacks diversity of Hispanics and African Americans with limiting resources. The department does not do much to help if there is an issue. They are great listeners. But poor executers. Cafeteria- Expensive and the food is bland, but what campus of any school does not have this issue. Professors- Most of the professors teach different classes in different programs. Even though they try to make themselves available, they lack assistance where it effects how they execute certain information in teaching, reasons of having extra help sessions on Zoom, but again they are teaching things that they should have taught in the original lecture. The have people who head the depatments that have no experience in teaching or the pharmcy connection. They have a surgeon who is the head of pharmaceutical calculations and pharmacokinetics. Administration- Some are helpful, Majority of them are not. You can go to the dean and prove things in the policy but they will not honor it. You are down there and they are up there, taking your money to do nothing. Living- It is in the suburbs located 30 minutes outside of Chicago. 30 minutes is the time without traffic. There is mostly traffic all the time to get there whatever direction you are coming from in the hours of 630 am - 6pm, with break time between 11am-1pm when you are supposed to be in class. There is no pubic transportation that goes there so you need a car. The apartments in the area go for over $1000 a month. The campus housing does not allow a microwave, crock pot, and a certain circumference of a refrigerator. The microwave that they do have is rinky dink and takes a long time to cook. But you can get the fridge microwave combo which is expensive. The beds are extremely uncomfortable and you are going to need a memory foam pad to go on top of the mattress. They do not allow food deliveries to come on campus unless you notify security which is a big hassel. The campus apartments are different, but there is a wait list. So, I think I covered the important things. If you desire this experience by all means apply and they will accept you. If you are coming here because you did not take certain classes to get into a school that you wanted I strongly encourage you to take the classes you need. It will help you and the other schools know that because the standards for what a pharmacist need to know always changes. I hope this helps and I hope you are going to pharmacy school because it is in your heart to do not because of pay or because you cannot get into another program. :)"
  • Reviewed: 8/21/2016
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"I have heard from many pharmacists that Midwestern State University is the best school in Chicago and it has a high rate in USA. It accepts students from all over the country and internationally. The teachers do their best to prepare us to be the best pharmacist in the USA. I'm currently attending Midwestern State University and it is being the best experience I have ever been through and for me personally it was the right choice to attend here and to get my PharmD degree."
Michael Aquino
  • Reviewed: 4/4/2015
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"Excellent school in a suburb of a large city with knowledgeable, caring instructors. Downers Grove is fairly safe and the campus itself has high security measures. Everything you need outside of school is possible and the school itself has a plethora of information in its library."
Preeti Kalra
  • Reviewed: 7/15/2014
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"approachable teachers and have a good pharmacy program"
Mona Adhami
  • Reviewed: 7/10/2014
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"Pros: rather safe campus, some deans are kind and understanding Cons: tuition is very expensive, campus is very small, cafeteria food costs too much, student body is small and not very diverse, professor notes are not very high quality at times"
Reem Farooq
  • Reviewed: 6/30/2014
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"Pros- Midwestern University offers diversity within students which makes me feel right at home. They are not a huge campus, which makes it easier to contact faculty and schedule meeting times. Faculty is always available to help students in a variety of ways, from email to sit-down meetings. The campus is beautiful and in a safe area. The quality of education is very high and I would recommend attending Midwestern University to any student. Cons- Since Midwestern is a private school, it is expensive to attend. It is located in a suburb area, so the cost of living is expensive as well. But overall, I am very happy with my decision to attend Midwestern for pharmacy school."
Christian Hagan
  • Reviewed: 6/9/2013
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"I feel the pharmacy program at Midwestern University is great. The staff is very helpful and willing to assist whatever your need may be. The program is a little on the pricey side but, that's expected"