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  • Indianapolis (IN)
  • Annual Tuition: $14,445
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Reviews - Bachelor's in Communications

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Craig D.
  • Reviewed: 10/4/2023
  • Degree: Communications
"Every college experience is different and personal to the person attending. While at Purdue University Global, I always felt my personal needs for my educational success were met on a regular basis. Every person who worked in admissions, my student advisor, student support, all the way to each of my professors, my personal success and goals were at the forefront of their teaching week after week. Each professor would provide accurate and timely feedback on discussion boards or assignments that not only helped in the class I was attending, but also for future classes I would attend. The courses in my program, literally built upon one another, making the skills learned from one class and the perspective of one professor, assisted in the continued success at Purdue University Global. Looking back, the only thing I think I would have done differently would have been to start this journey sooner. We all see the advertisements for Purdue University Global and the 'My comeback' messaging. I cannot stress enough how accurate the statement is. It is never too late for your comeback; it is never too late to pursue your goals and dreams. I am thankful for my time at Purdue University Global and the support I received while attending and continue to receive after graduation. Purdue is a name you can trust, is recognized, and will support you all the way. Boiler Up!"
Richard Johnson
  • Reviewed: 8/10/2023
  • Degree: Communications
"Purdue University Global was unexpected when I was looking to continue my education. I was interested in Arizona State University but could not speak to anyone regarding attending school there online. Purdue University Global popped up with an ad regarding the University and registration. I thought to myself, what do I have to lose? If I do not get selected, I will look elsewhere closer to home. I live in California, and there are universities close to me that I could attend. My brother-in-law mentioned to me that the name alone carries weight when people look at a resume or discuss university affiliation. So I applied to Purdue and got accepted. That was two years ago, and since that time, I have made the dean's list, I believe, every term but one. I am excited about finishing my classes in a week and what the future holds for me now that I have a degree. Anyone that is looking or even thinking about Purdue University Global will not go wrong. As a popular commercial put it, "Just do it". It was a lifelong dream for me to accomplish this journey, and I am glad I did. Thank you, Purdue."
Brittani Adams
  • Reviewed: 6/29/2022
  • Degree: Communications
"I started off a 30 something year old single mother with little to no job or educational background. I wanted to be able to complete something so important, will giving me something "to do" and get me learning more. I knew a degree would heighten my chances of finding a suitable career that I could use to boost my earnings and life in general. I studied Communications because I still was not sure which direction I wanted to go in. I still am not sure but as I approach graduation, I am thankful for this opportunity to become a educated person and do something so important in my life. I will never regret that part. I have met incredible people and learned so much fascinating things. Purdue opened me up to a love of learning and it's something I hope I can do again one day to pursue other interests. The classes were set up to make it easy on anyone to be able to do, no matter where you are in life. There is a flexibility involved that made it possible for me to be a mother, hold a job, and graduate college (plus some)! The coursework was attainable but also challenging at times, which makes it feel so much better to reach that finish line! I did it! You can too!"
Brandon Keesler
  • Reviewed: 3/24/2021
  • Degree: Communications
"In my time at Purdue Global, I have learned to loathe the student financial department. I had to contact them every term for a pay issue. And that's not hyperbole. It was literally every term. Not once, but TWICE did they bill the VA for my GI Bill when they were told explicitly not to. This means that I was paid my monthly stipend, which I now have to work with the VA debt collection to pay back. Another major issue I have with this school is how terrible the assignments and their instructions are. You will have an assignment that tells you to do it extemporaneously, but then will later tell you to practice the assignment. Those are two conflicting instructions. I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone and open to anyone who wants to contact me to discuss this matter further."
  • Reviewed: 5/1/2019
  • Degree: Communications
"I would like to start off by saying if anyone thinks an educational institute isn't for profit than no wonder you feel the way you do (sour). Purdue University Global has it like any other online institute, some Professors are good and care about your advancements, and there are some that do not know a thing. As for the advisors, when you enroll with the first advisor keep in mind that is the sales force. They will pitch you on things to get you in and enrolled, but if you ask the right questions and do your research and know what you are looking for in an institute you will be fine. No one is forcing you to go there, at one point you were like me looking up reviews and comments on the schools you are interested in. What I was saying about the advisors, after your first or second term you will be assigned a new advisor. Keep in mind that there are thousands of online students so your advisor may have a hand full to keep tabs on. If you do all your course work and get your assignments done and keep over a 2.0 GPA, then there really isn't a reason to speak to or be spoken to by your advisor. Remember school/college online line or not is a business so look at your advisor like a manager. When you are at work and you have a question, do you just get to go to corporate and say "hey I need this," no you do not, you go to your supervisor or manager? There you go, your adviser is your supervisor and they answer to their superiors, up to the Dean, and even the Dean has a board of rich white people sitting around a table they have to answer too."