St. Petersburg College Reviews of Associates in Nursing

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  • Clearwater (FL)
  • Annual Tuition: $9,286
50% of 5 students said this degree improved their career prospects
20% of 5 students said they would recommend this program to others
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Reviews - Associates in Nursing

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  • Reviewed: 11/9/2022
  • Degree: Nursing
"The sentiment across the entire Nursing program from students is that it is very, very disorganized. Nursing school is tough enough, but the unprofessional attitude and constant telling you will fail and/or encouraging you to withdrawal, not answering questions and say it’s in the reading. No open door policy or support. You basically teach yourself. A couple professors were ok, but if you get ones that target you. Yelling at you in clinical in front of staff, peers, and clients projected poorly on SPC. Professor failed a student within first hour, first day for formative evaluation w/o understanding and pre-judging the circumstances. Another professor set-up a student for summative evaluation w/o giving them pertinent information on purpose so they could not have the time and information needed so they could fail them within 5 mins. It’s true that you can do all the work and have A and B’s until final semester the test are suddenly all over the place. They fail nearly 40% or more. When questioned what publisher because the test were crazy they seemed so different from the main Lewis Med Surg or practice Evolve, or ATI that they fill you with that take hours …was told you need to look at “all kinds” of outside sources etc. What the heck, not the source given??? Multiple PowerPoints and hours of pre-recorded lectures videos or the Lewis book barely prepared you for the 5-8 chapters assigned to past the tests properly. At one or most tests, the whole level nearly failed and they revised some questions and points. You never get tests back, review them for barely 5 mins on THEIR system to even know what you missed. No outline for Final Exam just topic such as Cardio, Renal, etc. The modules gave a better outline, but still never focused or honed in on what needed for the tests. So essentially there are hundreds if not a thousand of details but you did not know what specifically to focus on for a 55 question exam. You were told it was open season for anything. The PowerPoints were poorly organized filled with tons of color, unnecessary animations as if you have $$ to spend on ink to print. As with other traditional courses such as Pharm, Mental Health… the lectures and PP’s focused on what you needed along with specific readings and exercises, you studied, understood, took the exam and produced a good test result. Theory for level IV is designed poorly leaving you so spread out that even if you could read and understand hundreds of pages and 40 hours of studying - you barely can pass their test unless you have miraculous memory. If you have professors for whatever reason don’t like you (and there are 2 specifically who will screw you). From day one, one would be dismissive, roll their eyes, not answer questions, make comments about your make-up or looking pretty, not encouraging you or for god forbid you must remind them of someone from high school they hated, they will trip you up (slyly) so you don’t pass. How is it that you have 4.0 on sciences, pass all levels with A & B’s and then they get you in the end semester to fail? Hmm. No support and you’re stuck with 2 years down the toilet and student loans. Oh, you can apply for re-admission. But it will take you 9 months to get back in and that’s IF you get back in. It’s a lottery system we are told, because so many students need re-admission they have a computer generated system that picks who can get back in randomly because there is only so many slots!! Wow. So no guarantee and they constantly tell you this through out all levels. The stress they crush you with this school is unbelievable. Believe all the reviews. The 40% or more they fail are students who have BEEN in the healthcare field, EMT’s etc that already work at local hospitals trying to get their nursing degrees. They are awesome and would make excellent nurses. They just weren’t taught well or supported at this “pie hole” program. And don’t even try to appeal, you’ll be a target. It’s a shame they are throwing away sooooo many excellent future nurses. I met several nurses at clinical sites that somehow made it through previous years and they all talked negatively about SPC program and how they saw the same stuff and had to teach themselves, were totally stressed, terrified, and kept quiet to somehow get through. I have never heard a positive review of the program. Some have friends at Galen or other local schools that said SPC is crazy, mean. Just recently a nurse in ICU at another area hospital said she’s been hearing terrible things about what SPC program is doing to these nursing students. There is no reason to teach as a hard ass, verbally abusive, unprofessional, non-uplifting, negative, lets see if we can trip you up on purpose to fail ways. Florence Nightingale was like that? Some of these nursing professors lost their way, can’t teach, or are just arrogant egoistical jerks and/or this program is a racket for $ and just don’t care. Also, if you supposedly get re-admission you have to repeat ALL levels of ATI you already passed, repeat Med calculation exam you passed, and more! And here’s the real kicker!!!! Next semester they are dropping the pass rate supposedly to 75% like some other schools, so if you failed this last semester by less than a point/percentage….too bad! What a game! Do yourself a favor, pay to go to a better program in the first place! Ask previous students or nurses, none have good thins to say about SPC!"
  • Reviewed: 11/6/2022
  • Degree: Nursing
"Very poorly organized program. Level 2 was a mess and rollercoaster. You feel they are crushing your neck under their shoes because of the constant exams and lots lots lots of homework that nobody looks at. It's basically self-learning, don't wait for someone to teach you anything. Some instructors were rude and had an attitude. Not sure about other programs. The only good thing is the price which is lower than most programs in the area but you get zero learning . Exam materials are vague and you've to hunt every information. Please find somewhere else."
SPC nursing student
  • Reviewed: 9/28/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"DO NOT take nursing here, go somewhere else and pay the extra money. The teachers do not care and will not teach you the material you need to know for the exams 50-70% of the students are failing in ALL level and they push then to withdraw so there pass/fail rate does drop. YOU will learn nothing unlee"
Worst Registered nurse Program in Florida
  • Reviewed: 9/27/2019
  • Degree: Nursing
"What they dont tell you is last 6 months of their program they fail 40-60% of their students. Please ask them. The teachers refuse to teach, they treat students like dirt with a lot of racial type discrimination. The students arent stupid. Please look for other reviews. We had one girl talking about killing herself no one cared. The President of the School (Tonjua Williams) and the Board of Trustee's (Katherine E. Cole) even know whats going on. They dont care. Its really sad. There is a waiting list and you need a high GPA the cost is 1/4 of other programs in the area, trust me pay the extra money go anywhere else."
  • Reviewed: 7/3/2017
  • Degree: Nursing
"I had a horrible experience in Nursing School. I found this primarily to be the cause of the instructors who discriminated against students, bullied students, and with one teacher plain out right refused to teach the class at all repeatedly stating "it's in your reading" When I confronted her with the fact that the information I asked about was not in the reading and that the tuition I paid was paying her salary so she had a contractual duty to teach the curriculum she told me to "see me after class." I never got my question answered and the administration told the students wait and see how you do on your finals then complain and then told them it was too late to complain and if they did they'd be tossed out of the program. And that was the least of the problems with the teachers...."