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Nicholas Jewczyn, Ph.D.
  • Reviewed: 2/20/2021
  • Degree: Economics
  • Graduation Year: 2013
"When I came to Walden, I had a particular idea about what I had intended to study. The idea came to me as a result of a lecture by a Nobel Prize Winner (in Economics) when I was a grad student working on a Master's at NYIT. Since there were only a very few such programs on the planet (there was not one at Walden), I took the best parts of such a program from schools the world over and was allowed to create my own program - Self-Designed in Financial Economics. It was a lot of work to get it accepted and completed - very few people understood what I was doing - I was fortunate to have had a great chair. Most faculty the world over teach undergrads - I sat as a dissertation chair for years and was a university methodologist of last resort. I helped to write and accredit several Master Degree programs and was an International peer-reviewed journal editor for years while teaching in many grad programs. When hooded at Walden, my regalia included 22 drapes and academic suspension medals. I wrote six texts and 30 peer-reviewed academic journal articles. None of this would have been possible without Walden."
  • Reviewed: 2/3/2021
  • Degree: Social Work
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"Walden University afforded one of the greatest professional and educational experiences of my life. In order to get through any doctoral program, you must be self-motivated to do what you need to do. This includes basic time management skills, and the ability to adhere to a completion timeline that is HANDED TO YOU IN OUTLINE FORM! I feel like the people who are complaining about their experience of this school need to take a hard look at what they are complaining about... it's not about the school, folks, it's about the students themselves and the presence (or lack thereof) of real motivation. It is not up to the dissertation committee (or the school for that matter) to get the doctoral dissertation done for you - it is your student responsibility to do all of the work. The ability to accept this responsibility and run with it is what separates a doctoral graduate from all other students. The professors are all amazing. They are all extremely supportive. I never had to wait more than 24 hours for any of my professors to get back to me. My dissertation committee chair was available to me via direct TEXT MESSAGING AND TELEPHONE. Do not go into any doctoral program expecting anything to be handed to you. Think about any whining you did as an undergraduate student and throw that insipid nonsense out the window. There is no room for it whatsoever in any doctoral program. Nobody wants to hear about all the personal and professional responsibilities you have in your life that are being impacted by all of the time you spend working on your dissertation - you either have the time needed to devote to this process or you do not. The ability to do the work and get through it successfully is what sets you apart from everyone else. Completing a doctoral degree at Walden University opened up so many doors for me that even during the current pandemic I am SWIMMING in professional work opportunities. I literally have to say "no" to the offers that are coming in. I have people reaching out to me with contracts with dollar signs in them as a prelude to discussing the work they want me to do for them. Walden University made all of this happen for me. If you're not a whiner, or a dilettante, or someone who thinks the world owes you something, then Walden University is for you. I promise you, if you're truly motivated to do what you need to do to get through a Ph.D. program, then Walden is for you!"
  • Reviewed: 2/1/2021
  • Degree: Social Work
  • Graduation Year: 2022
"Please read reviews if you are considering this school. There are some good professors who are professional however, most of the professors are awful. I am now having to take the same course for the third time! I absolutely cannot afford this but the teacher never ONCE returned my emails this term. When I asked the head of the department she sent me the most passive aggressive emails and arranged a meeting with me and was honestly one of the rudest people Ive ever spoken to, and she's a SOCIAL WORKER. She blamed ME even though there policy is 48 hours to return emails from students. This makes sense as its ONLINE university. This has cost me thousands of dollars that I dont have. I have contacted the better business bureau and will contact Minnesota's commerce commissioner. Please read the complaints on the better business bureau before you go anywhere near this school. I wish I had read these reviews before I applied."
2016 Graduate
  • Reviewed: 2/1/2021
  • Degree: Information Technology
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"Like a few on here have stated, you have to be a motivated individual to attend Walden University. That's goes for any online school. They aren't going to hold your hand for long (if at all). I had a positive experience with this school (I had to take a couple of classes over, but that was all on me slacking). I did my work on time as I should. I asked questions to my guidance counselors and my professors if I needed help. And I graduated down in Tampa with my Master's Degree within my estimated time. You get out if it whatever you put into it. All in all, Walden is a pretty good school."
Current Student
  • Reviewed: 1/11/2021
  • Degree: Health Psychology
  • Graduation Year: 2021
"I began my journey at Walden in December of 2012. The majorty of classs were great. They were challenging and I learned a lot.. But once I got to the dissertation process, it was a total chaotic joke. I wasted a year of my life and many tears and hours of frustration as I begged professors to consider being on my committee or to be be chair Funny about that so called degree completion year. First I was told it would be 2018, then 2019, then 2020, then 2021.Honestly, its just words. And don't tell them tell you that it depends on what you are willing to put into it. I outed ALOT of my life into this program. I lost ALOT of time with my family, and A LOT of time while my kids were growing that I cant get back. It was all for nothing. After all these years of hard work., after Walden did so many ridiculous things to drag the process out, they are telling ME I am out of time! I am finishing my LAST chapter. I have a few weeks left of which MOST WOULD be spent by THEIR staff approving my dissertation. I have a 4.0 and 100 % completion rate and they are shutting me down! Do NOT go to this school. Do not walk away from Walden University- RUN AWAY AND DONT LOOK BACK!!!"
Jenna Hoffman
  • Reviewed: 1/9/2021
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"I will say that the course work and expectations at Walden are very reasonable. My career altering issue is that after completion of the program, testing and job searching, it has been difficult to get privileges in certain areas. I have had jobs decline me from working with them because of a huge lack of response and communication between employers and the program directors. I believe I would have went a different track had I known my abilities would be limited from the schooling I received. Very disheartening after spending so much money and time on my education!"
2020 grad
  • Reviewed: 1/7/2021
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
  • Graduation Year: 2020
"I am a very self motivated student and I feel like Walden was a great fit for me. I think with any program, the curriculum includes the bare minimum of what you need to know. While the educational materials and learning experiences at Walden were great, I had to do the work to really read and study on my own. I also looked for learning opportunities in practicum and sought out information. If you’re not self motivated this program won’t work for you. I had a positive experience, passed boards 1st time, and had preceptors who said I was more prepared and knowledgeable than other students they have had."
Harry P. PhD.
  • Reviewed: 1/7/2021
  • Degree: Public Administration
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"I began my Walden University journey in 2012 by entering and completing the Strategic Planning and Public Policy graduate certificate program. During my participation in the program, I truly enjoyed the coursework. What caught my attention was the organization of the course content in addition to the articulated class expectations. After completing the certificate program, I began to think about the prospect of completing a PhD in Public Policy and Administration with a concentration in Law and Public Policy. I made the decision to enroll in the PhD program during the summer 2013. Keep in mind that I completed my undergrade degree and master's degree in a brick and mortar school setting and it is within this context that offer my experience. As many of the people who provided positive reviews have stated, your success at Walden depends on your self motivation. If you are not self motivated, have difficulty reading, writing, comprehending information, and following instructions, most likely you will have a less than positive experience. The situation will be compounded, especially if you expect a doctoral level professor to hold your hand when you (the doctoral student) wil have the responsibiility to consistently demonstrate that you are worthy of the doctoral degree. Many students also miss the point when they enter the prospectus/dissertation phase of the program. Based on my experience, some students believe that the committee chair is responsible for their success or failure. However, once a student completes the prerequisite coursework they are considered a doctoral candidate and it becomes paramount that the student consistently demonstrate to the committee chair that they know how to conduct research in contrast to engaging the committee chair to direct them or guide them in completing the research project. It is within this dynamic that many students fail. All of my teachers at Walden motivated me to the highest level and you will only get out of the program what you put into it. I hope you find this informaiton helpful."
Stacey White
  • Reviewed: 1/2/2021
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Graduation Year: 2020
"I have been in school for ten years, from my BS, MS and finishing my Ph.D. Of all the schools I attended in that time I can firmly say that Walden University is the best of them all. They attended to my every need, gave encouragement, and were expeditious in helping be through my challenges. This school is above all in the area of criminal justice studies."
Lisa GA
  • Reviewed: 1/2/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
  • Graduation Year: 2010
"My experience at Walden was excellent. Registration was smooth, my instructors were knowledgeable and helpful, and the courses helped me hone my craft. My capstone course was excellent. I enjoyed it enough that I re-enrolled and will start a doctorate program this winter."