Walden University Reviews of Doctorates in Criminal Justice

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  • Minneapolis (MN)
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Reviews - Doctorates in Criminal Justice

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  • Reviewed: 8/19/2021
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Everyone at Walden University was very nice and they cared about the students. They were there to assist students to have a pleasant and successful journey. If your looking for a university to belong to then Walden University is the place to be. I wish I had started my doctoral program there in the beginning."
Stacey White
  • Reviewed: 1/2/2021
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I have been in school for ten years, from my BS, MS and finishing my Ph.D. Of all the schools I attended in that time I can firmly say that Walden University is the best of them all. They attended to my every need, gave encouragement, and were expeditious in helping be through my challenges. This school is above all in the area of criminal justice studies."
Howard Jordan
  • Reviewed: 12/25/2020
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Hello, As a retired law enforcement officer (30 years of service), I started my Ph.D. program in November of 2016. I had 20 credit hours transferred from my Master's Degree to my doctorate program (BIG savings in tuition). I found my professors to be fair and knowledgeable, and the process was fairly straight forward. If you are a procrastinator FORGET about registering here (you probably won't finish.) I completed my degree (Ph.D.) in 4-years (2-years core courses and 2-years dissertation). Oh, I was also awarded a Master's degree as I was completing my dissertation (TWO-degrees). However, I believe this is only given to those in the Criminal Justice program. I had NO complaints about the staff, faculty, or resources available to the students. Ph.D.'s aren't made to be handed out without the work being COMPLETED. No or little work equals NO DEGREE. If this was a SHAM school (as I have read by a few posters) I must have missed that bus (remember I was a police officer/detective for 30 years). Walden is a VERY GOOD school!"
Warren T
  • Reviewed: 1/25/2019
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I would give them a 5, but I thought the cost was a little too much and didnt like the idea we had to pay extra for residencies. You get out of Walden what you put in, and if your dedicate, you can navigate and be successful. I hear many complaints about the dissertation process, but I went from prospectus to IRB in two terms. My chair generally answered my email the same day, with the latest being the following day. My slowest part was URR approval, and it took 14 days which is still within the guidelines. I would also like to point out I finished my degree for under 40K and wondered how people can spend 200 K and not have a degree!"
  • Reviewed: 1/16/2019
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"The school is not for lazy people, you must be able to work as if you're in the classroom. Participate, do the assignments and submit it on time. If you missed your assignment, you would be penalized. Walden university is not for students who are not ready to study."
Billy Gunn
  • Reviewed: 7/16/2018
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I currently attend Walden and only had a problem with one instructor. I requested to be move classes, and I was the same day. The dissertation process has not been hard, follow the rules and you will fly through it. My Prospectus was approved in 4 weeks, and my proposal was approved by the end of the first quarter. I will probably be done with everything toward the end of my second quarter, even though I am required to completed two more to obtain all the required credit. Again, if you follow the directions and DONt wait until last minute to start your actual dissertation, you will FLY through it (I actually want a second Ph.D when I complete this one)."
  • Reviewed: 11/30/2016
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"The program is a joke and I wonder if my instructors are actually qualified to teach. When I compared my work with my friend's (currently in a residency PhD program), the instruction I got was a child play compare to the advanced statistics in his first year work. The program in no way or shape gives you the foundation of being a researcher. I quit last spring and try to transfer out; no school would accept my credit. An absolute waste of money. I am embarrassed to tell my friend I went to Walden and not to imagine telling my future employer. Just stay away."
William Hancock
  • Reviewed: 12/21/2015
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"The school itself is not bad. However, the financial aid office and the academic advising office are a joke. They do NOTHING to help their students!!! I have been dealing with them for a week and I still haven't resolved my issue and I've spoken to 13 different people and that is not including the numerous amounts of emails."