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Reviews - Doctorates in Higher Education

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Dr. Jacqueline Smith
  • Reviewed: 5/16/2022
  • Degree: Higher Education
"I learned and enjoyed my time at Walden University. I believe getting the doctoral degree is serving me well in my current position. I think the professors, chairpersons and the second/URR committee persons are what really makes the difference. I finished with having a great chairperson and committee. However, I initially did not have the same good graces. My committee helped me to use the education that I received and interject it into the dissertation/case study. My committee talked to me, educated me, guided me towards my degree. I am so thankful for them and how they have to use my "education for good"!"
  • Reviewed: 1/18/2017
  • Degree: Higher Education
"Walden University was a great school until I reached the dissertation portion of the PhD program, I had a bad teacher and wasted 2 years then was approved and a new person was added to my team and he said I had to start over again because it wasn't an appropriate PhD study. No refund, nothing. Also, I was told 42,000 to get degree, I went every semester with all A's until dissertation portion. I graduated with $372,000 in student loans I owe. I tried to switch school and I would have to start dissertation over with them too (even looked into Harvard ha ha). I had to keep going and borrowing more and more money. I went every semester and did nothing wrong. I am a professional with Bachelor and Master's at brick and mortar schools with honor status. I loved this school until the dissertation part ripped me off and ruined my financial life. plesko@prwlegal.com is an attorney doing a class action suit for others like me. Great school until dissertation."
Doctoral Program not Collaborative
  • Reviewed: 3/22/2016
  • Degree: Higher Education
"The educators from the Walden universityneed to revisit Phd requirements. Tthe value of a true group process or Doctorate level education is not evident. I worked my but off to get to this level and I expected evrybody else to be professional. I found myself alienated from the group in every class. I would write to many students and receive no responses. Additionally, very few students would write me initially in the discussion post. They had their favorites. I teach classes that never happens everyone is included. I brought this alienation to the attention of the faculty and the department chair it felt like I was taking the class by myself. This university prides itself on interactive discussion posts and classmate bonding. I cannot dismiss the fact that I received 4 to 5 hits for responses in the entire class. Whereas a class leader was receiving 20 extremely polite affirmations on every thread of this discussion adding up to 120 per class. Explain that? Other follower students posts there was absolutely no disagreement or deviation with this leader classmate. Classmates responded to his every discussion point. He did know what he was talking about. I wrote to him 10 times he blew me off. He was running the show. It was clear to me that these group members or network was pre-determined. Every member of the group gravitated to this great leader a CEO of a company. This boot licking tells me either they knew each other or they were looking for job. I found this behavior to be anti-doctoral acumen. The class wrote about the dangers of the social network and the informal network – here is one example I dropped out and I have 4 degrees and 25 years’ experience. I was excluded from the discussion group which account for death of the class for me. I worked very hard and received nothing back. The instructors could not control their classes. Therefore, I felt my classmates were not challenging and engaging in an unprofessional manner, and moreover, the material of each class a specially XXX it was a class in my Masters program. I majored in this class, as well as, taught to undergraduates many times. Therefore, as many students on the Internet posted serious complaints about the university simply looking to make money there was absolutely no individuality whatsoever. I called folks they did not call back except one great instructor. I called the Dept chair she did not call back. Find a group that responds exchange phone numbers. This seems to be the day of the blow off - coral your teammates. When academia becomes driven by the need for profit it is a sad day. Quite frankly classwork easier than the master level classes - often it resembled undergraduate work. Dr. B was the best instructor. I found the transparent marketing ploy of sending students and identification card after the first class, that said "you are Dr. Psychology" it was not true and shady The money con was on at all times behind the scenes. This not evident in the Universities I went to it was about academic excellence A true test of student knowledge is not : no tests, limited deadlines, all subjective rhetoric and biased discussion posts. It seemed like that some people just look up the research and splashed up on the page (quoting the author) with very little personal discussion or demonstration of knowledge. Some students do not have any real world experience they should not be in a Doctoral Program. Other students were awesome and I wanted interact and learn from them but, I could not even receive a criticism."
Elizabeth Russell
  • Reviewed: 3/14/2016
  • Degree: Higher Education
"BeWare of Walden University. Research Class Actions Suits against them. I wish I would have listened to the warnings I read. It is a bait and Switch. The enrollment advisor will be very helpful. Once you are a student you have not advocate in the program. I have been told, "Sorry we cannot help you" so many times! Your academic advisor is probably a temp employee who can do nothing to help you. I am leaving this university with a lot of dept. I know of others who did so much more than I did just to leave with more debt. READ THE BBB and law suits against them. Don't trust anything they say. I have two masters degrees from other institutions. I am an excellent student. This university has terrible customer service and they are so big they don't care how the treat one student."
  • Reviewed: 7/27/2015
  • Degree: Higher Education
"I applied for the PhD program last year with Walden University. I had to drop due to a mis-communication between the Admissions Representative and myself. I have emails to back up that he did not get my logged in for the semester in time so I could not view Blackboard for almost a whole week after the class started. I was told during this space of not having access to send the DOE of the program a message saying I was committed, which I was but unknowingly sent thinking I would have access to the classes previous to more than 4 days out of beginning of class. The instructor called me after the class begun and we talked and she said that there was no way to catch up. I agreed because of my lack of access to the class until that point. I then in turn called the DOA and he told me to send an email dropping the class, that I may owe something for the percentage I was in but not worry because he would just appeal it for me. I sent the email. I was then dropped from the program. I went to try to enroll for the following quarter and I was told by the AR that I could not enroll because of my balance. I was then told that I was liable for this. By the time I had any voice to voice with anyone at the campus after many attempts to contact they told me I had to submit the appeal. I did. I was then turned down because it was after the threshold of time allotted to submit appeal. I am now stuck paying for a class that I had 1.5 days of access to."