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67% of 6 students said this degree improved their career prospects
67% of 6 students said they would recommend this program to others
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Reviews - Doctorates in Management

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2016 graduate
  • Reviewed: 5/9/2018
  • Degree: Management
"Seemed like a for profit school that kept stringing me along as long as they could to milk as much money possible from me. Learned next to nothing from most classes and nothing from the symposiums. Only way I learned something was through the research and theses project."
  • Reviewed: 1/17/2018
  • Degree: Management
"Walden University is your best choice if you are self-driven, mature and hardworking as it provides a great learning experience especially for people who want to improve their career prospects. The assignments are challenging but you will receive assistance from your instructors. All you need to do is reach out-initiate communication and follow through. The kind of education that you will receive from this university is world-class and the diversity of students provides an enriched learning experience.Their vision of creating a positive social change in the communities through their students is particularly impressive."
  • Reviewed: 10/26/2017
  • Degree: Management
"Walden is rigorous, challenging, and not a place for procrastinators. I graduated with a Ph.D. in Management in August, 2017. I was enrolled in Walden's PhD-Management program for 5 years. I completed the coursework within 3 years with a 4.0 GPA. The coursework was rigorous with a lot of writing in every course. Deadlines were generally non-negotiable as the courses moved fairly quickly. My wife experienced a health crisis shortly after I finished my coursework and I lost a few quarters of productivity in my dissertation work. That lost time, however, was my choice and not reflective of any person, procedure, or policy at Walden University. They were actually very understanding and accommodating of my particular situation. Having now successfully completed the program, I can attest that, just like B&M schools, there are good and back instructors at Walden. I initially had a dissertation mentor/chair who couldn't have cared less about my research or supporting it. I quickly ditched her (a fairly easy, straight-forward process), sought out another chair who was one of my best course instructors, and got on with my program. From Prospectus approval to final Dissertation oral defense took me 18 months. Yes, Walden allows reviewers 14 days to return work, but my Chair and Committee Member, without exception, returned draft with workable, constructive comments, within 2-3 calendar days. My URR and Form & Style reviewers both took around 9-10 days, but at those levels of review outside of the Committee domain, there is a confluence of a number of Chairs submitting work to that one person or office for review, so "personal" attention is going to take a backseat to the volume of work happening at that review-level, as would be the case in a B&M school. The communication between me and my Chair was almost daily via both the required discussion forum, and in direct, private email. He nearly always replied same-day, unless I sent a late night email. Communications between my Chair and my Committee Member (my stats guru) were professional and supportive. On the rare occasion I needed input from my Committee Member during the development of my dissertation (twice), my Chair allowed us to communicate directly with cc to him, and accepted the opinion and direction given by my Committee Member. During both the oral defense of my Proposal and of my final Dissertation, my Chair and Committee complimented one another in terms of the review, insight, and suggestions they provided to me, and their respective input made my Dissertation better. I never felt at a loss for support or assistance when I needed it. In general, my experience at Walden has been rigorous, challenging, and enjoyable. I had mostly great instructors in my coursework, found a very knowledgeable, supportive Committee Chair and Committee Member, and have completed a quality quantitative study in my Dissertation. My only caveats for those considering Walden are: If you are a procrastinator don't enroll at Walden University. You'll be eaten alive. I've seen it happen to others. If you are a person who looks to blame all your woes and pitfalls on someone or something else instead of taking responsibility for what you did or didn't do, don't enroll in Walden University. I have had some of the best instructors in my academic career at Walden. Nearly all are accomplished researchers and practitioners and they don't seem to have much patience or sympathy for those less serious who are just looking for a social program to join. You're expected to produce and to do it within the time prescribed. If you don't like being told that what you're doing isn't acceptable or on par with a doctoral-level program, don't enroll at Walden University. If you don't like, are not familiar with, on do not want to learn the APA Publication Manual, don't enroll at Walden University. Everyone from your course instructors to your dissertation Committee members eats, sleeps, and breathes APA. You will, too. If you are an ESL student, make sure you have the English language skills and resources you need to sharpen your academic writing and discussions to a doctoral-level of discourse or you will struggle. If you're not sure why you're pursuing a Ph.D., don't enroll at Walden University. You'll spend a lot of money (probably someone else's), have a hard time keeping up, not be very happy and, ultimately, probably not finish your degree. Bottom line: There are a lot of online programs that will sell you a diploma. Walden is not one of them. And from what I have seen over the past year they are moving forward with more aggressive policies, procedures, and direct student support, to make sure their students do the work, do it well, and complete their programs within a reasonable period of time. Walden isn't perfect (yet), but it is serious, challenging, demanding, and expensive. If you can't handle that, don't enroll at Walden University."
Dr. Hall
  • Reviewed: 8/28/2016
  • Degree: Management
"I had a great experience at Walden. Classes were great. I build some very strong relationships through the the program. Still, like any graduate program, you will only get out of your studies the equivalent to what you are are willing to invest. Classes were reasonable. In a doctoral program the vast majority of people who embark on the degree will never complete it. Be sure you are ready for the commitment if you are going to get into the program."
  • Reviewed: 2/20/2016
  • Degree: Management
"I am currently in the School of Management and happy to report about Walden University. The instructors are great, very helpful, and experts in their fields. I also had Walden change my program for KAM to Regular classes and it was a great experience. I would recommend this school to any of my peers."
  • Reviewed: 12/23/2015
  • Degree: Management
"A Completely worthless degree to further your career, but an excellent avenue for a sense of personal attainment with an exorbitant price tag cost. I worked hard and the curriculum at Walden was rigor (at least I thought at the time). I must say you really you get what you put in from Walden. But whenever I tried to get a job, my employer always look at me "you when to Walden?" Also, when I talked to other co-workers (also have a Ph.D. from "real university," many of the statistics topics were over my head). I worked hard, but how come I still felt inadequate? I am embarrassed to talk about my dissertation as I used simple regressions while other colleagues speak of time series and trajectory analysis in their doctoral study. I felt my time working on my degree was wasted, even I have put in much hard work and time in the program while working a full-time job. I am not saying the school is bad, but people will have bias on your degree before you open your mouth. You really need to think about why you are going to get a doctorate from an online university in the first place before you are going."