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1 out of 5

I must have been out of my mind to actually think I would learn anything from Walden University. It proved to be a big joke. The doctoral Public Health program was actually designed for freshmen college students or high school seniors and I am not exaggerating. The assignments were so elementary they were insulting to a public health professional. I could not believe the lack of rigor, and I expressed this concern to the dean and board members, who said they would investigate my concern, RIGHT.

Anyway, the socalled expert professors, who for the most part have doctoral degrees and many hail from reputable universities,were marginalized to a few casual comments on the discussion board and grading papers. The discussion questions were not designed by the professors and that was obvious and none of them had any real input. Nor did they design the assignments, so much for assembly line education.

I lasted about 3 quarters and simply could not tolerate it anymore. They actually expected me to learn from my classmates, none of whom were public health professionals and furthermore, I didn't pay college tuition to learn from my classmates rather the professors.

I would strongly strongly advice anyone who wants more than a piece of paper to go to a reputable university within your community. However, if it's all about the paper then be prepared to learn nothing and pay a lot.

1 out of 5

Don't WASTE your $$$$$$$$$$$$$ EdD Program Walden Ed D program DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! I have been w/Walden in Ed.D program since 2006. I have been attempting to get the URR to approve my dissertation, which my chair and co chair OK'd. No Luck! It seems the URR has no clue about my topic and the achievement gap for Latino students. There has been NO MOVEMENT since the first week of October, when my chair submitted the dissertation.

Any one else have these issues. I will NEVER RECOMMED WALDEN TO ANYONE. I could have gone to Seton Hall, joined the fast track cohort and been done in 2 years for LESS $$ and not have to defend my doing an Ed.D online. What a mistake! I will never recommend Walden; in fact I will dissuade anyone from taking courses at Walden!

4 out of 5
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2010

I think Walden is great for educational "late bloomers" with extensive professional experience who want to shake that "no college degree" monkey off their back. Yes, it takes an investment of your time and money; but well worth it. I find that for the most part, the reality in today's job market is this:

a) Even if you have extensive experience, you need the degree to get your foot in the door

b) Even if you have a degree, you need extensive job experience to get your foot in the door

When I was in my late teens and 20's, my focus was not on school. However, I wasn’t a total slacker. I was very blessed to be bilingual and I used that unique skill to obtain work and gain business experience. I was able to coast on that for a decade, and then realized that not having a degree kept me from some many other opportunities.

So at 34, I went back. I didn't have to quit my full-time job, although I did give up most of my social life for a couple years, but those years just flew by as I was busy anyway. I just focused on my work, studies, and in my free time I spend most of it on my hobbies.

Now, I not only have my full-time job, but also started my own side-business. Social life is going well. The degree adds some credibility to my work experience and language skills. I plan to make my side-business a full-time venture.

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3 out of 5
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2012/2014

Hey, everyone, so here is my down-to-earth, honest take on Walden. If you are not a self-starter or able to motivate yourself, don't even attempt going here. A high level of independence is needed. The instrucors are qualified; all professors I have had are at the PhD level. Yes, there are issues with the advising team and approahability of many of the faculty: the idea is: people who are independent and strong-willed will succeed; the rest will fall to the side with the chaff. A former grad student at Cornell and Georgia State, I expected nothing less. And I will also say that my GPA and courseload and work is similar to that which I had experienced at those universities....pulling a 4.0 while reading in excess of 200pgs of manuscript weekly and turning in multiple assignments weekly. So, if you need advisors and professors to hold your hand and guide you, you're not going to get that here.

As for the the accreditation, Walden is accredited. However, they are not recognized by multiple certifying boards for professional practice. I would expect this to change sometime in the near future, because the level of the work is very real... and that is coming from someone who maintained a 3.9 at an Ivy League university for 3 years in a graduate program. They are beginning to gain some recognition from professional boards, but it will take time. Imagine what people thought of Harvard circa 1640-1650... I'm sure this was no picnic, having to substantiate one's accomplishments.

And to everyone (including educators) posting regarding Walden being 'for profit'. Have you ever seen a non-for-profit university? Professors that teach for free? I know I didn't when I was at Cornell as a graduate TA, lecturing and grading exams in exchange for a miniscule chunk off my tuition. Institutes of higher learning (thus, post-secondary education altogether) is a business. My undergraduate tuition, annually was $22K. Just the tuition. And that was ten years ago. Grad school at Cornell was ~$60K/yr for total expenses....tuition/rent/food/etc..

Nothing is free, not much is fair, and everything is misunderstood, to some degree, from afar. When this method of education is more wide-spread, it will gain further acceptance in academia and professionally. Acceptance, generally speaking, is gained over time and Walden will be among the rest, give it time.

2 out of 5

I am currently enrolled at Walden in the MS in MCFC program. I'm more than a year in and I feel like I have completely wasted this year. The assignments are nothing more than read and regurgitate, and when you do dare to think outside the box, you get blasted by professors who states that you didn't follow the assignment.

Yes, I have a 4.0, but what is that worth if I feel I'm not learning or retaining anything? And Academic Advising is a joke. Beginning last quarter, I had some very serious concerns about the way faculty managed the classroom protocol. I was told to address those concerns to Advising and received no feedback or response, and nothing changed. Fast forward to the current quarter, where I am in a class where the professor refuses to answer simple questions or give adequate feedback. After attempting several times to get answers from this professor and finally being told to stop asking questions, I again turned to Advising. 3 emails and 5 phone calls later, I still have no results. No change, no assistance, nothing.

I recognize that Walden is a for-profit school, but they lure you in with pretty words about social change and making a difference, then dismiss you as unimportant when you challenge the status quo. I plan to complete this quarter as best I can and then leave Walden for another program. I'm paying for my education and therefore paying the salaries of all those who have let me down, and I know I deserve better treatment than this.

5 out of 5
Degree: Public Health
Graduation Year: 2012

I have found it to be both challenging and also very interesting as I near the end of my Master's program. I feel I have obtained a great deal of knowledge and enlightenment within my career. There is a significant amount of reading and scholarly writing involved and you will need to spend adequate time and effort. The university has a high level of integrity and ethics and also takes plagiarism very seriously. I have not had any issues and would recommend this university, especially to those are already employed with a Bachelor's and would like to advance their career.

5 out of 5

Plain and simple, if you are looking for an easy ride, do not attend this school. If you are not above average in intelligence, do not attend this school. You will put more into this school than you can imagine. It will be worth it in the end. I am having a blast, learning quickly and keeping my 4.0 and this is hard to do, but I put all I can into this, and this is what I get back.

I too agree most of the bad reviews are from lazy students that have no desire to strive to be the best. You have to have the time to invest or you will get behind, something you can not afford to do with semesters being 6-12 weeks long, depending on your degree. Dedication and discipline are a must. I did read someone saying this was not accredited? Well it is, and to boot the Chancellor of W.U is former President Bill Clinton, if that does not speak volumes in itself. I give this school a 10 out of 10.

5 out of 5

Walden is a great institution, for those complaining that it is a lot of work, what did you expect, for your degree to be handed to you? If you went to a traditional institution it would be lots of work. I am currently completing my internship with Walden, it is a great school with great staff.

5 out of 5

Very good school, no doubt. I think like someone said here in these comments, that there should be a much more serious screening process when it come to accept students. Apart from this, I see walden as a very good university. I have an MBA from a Brazilian university and now I am doing my masters with walden and for sure this school is great. in my humble opinion those who quit this school are either lazy( there is lot of writing here) or they simply thought that things here would be a piece of cake. No way. Online studying is much more difficult. One needs to be cery committed otherwise you won't make it. I very much recommend this school.

Walden instructors are simply excellent, patient with the students, they are great. Thanks walden for giving me this great opportunity.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

I am just finishing up my third quarter here at Walden. I am working towards acquiring my MA degree in Mental Health Counseling. I wanted to do an online program so I could continue to work full time in my current career. I don't like to be broke. I had no idea what to expect so this has been an interesting experience. The work is far from easy and is definitely time consuming. I write approximately 6 papers per week. Do not jump in to this if you are not prepared to do the work.

Yes, they may make it easy to get in but they do not let you stay. I have seen a lot of people drop out of my classes in the last 3 quarters. I have spoken to some of them and they informed me that they were pushed out due to grades. The first thing that Walden does is drop you down to 5 hours a quarter instead of 10 to allow you to acclimate. If you still struggle I guess they push you out. They call it gate keeping and it is a great concept. It allows for students to give it a try but does not allow them to just cruise on through. My starting class is now comprised of the better students and you can tell by their writing skills, their thought process and research skills. I went to University of Florida undergrad and I feel the professors are younger overall but they all have their PhD's and are very eager. At UF the prof's were pretty unapproachable.


Thus far this has been a great experience and very educational! My expectations have been met and exceeded.

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