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  • St. Louis (MO)
  • Annual Tuition: $12,800
33% of 9 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Reviews - Master's in Business Administration

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  • Reviewed: 11/2/2022
  • Degree: Business Administration
"For anybody reading this, please do your research first before you apply or enroll. I don't want to discourage you if you want to enroll. All that I hope this review can offer is some guidance. Like many other reviewers, Webster's MBA program is extremely subpar compared to other programs you can enroll in. I worked for Webster so I was able to take classes for free so unlike others, I wasn't financially hit so my review will be mostly about the academics. I also think it is important to point out that my undergraduate degree was in social science and my undergraduate GPA was hovering around 3.0. To begin, Webster's MBA program doesnt require a GRE and you only have to earn a GPA of 2.5 for your undergraduate degree to be admitted in to the program. This should be a huge red flag for those who are looking for their MBA to distinguish themselves or hope their MBA will earn them prospective jobs. As for others, this may be beneficial if your GPA is low and you have a rather worthless undergraduate degree. Now I took classes both online and in-person. Like many others pointed out, the adjunct professors they have teaching their classes are normal people working average jobs in their organization. Most of them do not have doctorates or even considered specialists in their field. To me, most came off as they needed extra money and saw a teaching job on Indeed. Since they weren't instructors by profession, Webster would provide them the course template including assignments, discussions, tests, and finals. These templates were used over and over again for years which made them easily accessible on Chegg and many other online student resources. Cheating and plagiarism were extremely rampant, especially for online classes. Several of my classmates were so lazy that they would all copy and paste the response from Chegg on their discussion posts. Several in the same discussion would have the same post word for word and the instructor/university didn't do a thing. I believe either the instructor never read the posts and just graded if you submitted something or simply didn't care because they wanted that paycheck. Now to be fair there are some instructors that were extremely knowledgeable. However, it was difficult signing up for their class because other students wouldn't enroll because they knew the instructor was difficult and the class would be dropped due to low enrollment. I don't think this was a fault with Webster but the quality of students being accepted. As for class structure, my experiences were indifferent. Webster has multiple campuses located across the city, country, and world. If you live in the STL region, they have a few campuses located in certain areas so depending where you live or work made it much more accessible. However, many of these satellite campuses would have to piggy back off classes being offered at another campus because enrollment was so low. Webster would utilize a service called Webnet for instructors to broadcast their class out. There would be technical issues all the time. Class would have to be stopped for the issues to be fixed and if you were the campus who was receiving the broadcast, the instructor would often forget about you. Lastly, the academic quality of Webster's MBA was meager at best. For some one that didn't major in business for undergrad, I thought the overall courses were fairly easy. I received an A+ in every class besides 1 where I received a B and finished with a GPA around 3.9. Remember I was mediocre student in undergrad. I might have been more determined with my graduate degree but it really felt that these graduate classes were easier than my undergrad. For Webster's capstone class, it utilizes the software Capsim which allows you to simulate business decisions to see how it will affect your business overall. The adjunct instructor had no idea how to use it so we were all on our own. However, lucky for us one of our classmates in the capstone class who graduated at SLU for his undgrad used the exact same Capsim assignment for his undergraduate capstone. So to add the nail to the coffin, Webster's graduate MBA capstone utilizes the same class format as SLU's undergraduate capstone... I think the main issue for Webster's MBA is their push for higher enrollment because they are desperate to meet their enrollment goals. I think they have kept their MBA rather simple for years so more students will enroll. The easier it is for students the higher the retention rate because students won't give up if they are passing all of their classes. To conclude, for those that want their MBA to distinguish them or to get that corner office on the top floor, you may want to seek another MBA program. However, for those that graduated with a rather useless undergraduate degree with very little job prospects out there, Webster's MBA might be a good option. I was in the same boat and luckily the MBA allowed me to gain entry in a business related role and I was able to gain experience to move onto other jobs. I am currently working as a analyst and I don't think that would of been the case without the MBA."
  • Reviewed: 8/30/2022
  • Degree: Business Administration
"Webster's MBA has changed and it's no so bad? You have to be kidding!!! A better scam maybe! Let's see... 30 pages of notes in my MBA finance course, 20 pages at best for international marketing which I had to quit it was so bad, and about the same for management. All the courses were taught by non Doctorate and unpublished teachers who had less work experience than most of the class! So, what's the difference between a Webster masters degree and a community college program as many have asked Webster? Just the money- Webster costs 10x as much and you get better training in community college. And of course there was the infamous "no spreadsheets" and "no numbers" policy of Webster for its dreadful masters programs. Who can imagine pumping out tens of thousands of MBA's for decades without spreadsheets or high level numbers??? And for this you will pay $3000 a course or $9000 for what I took for literally nothing academically! You literally are getting ripped off by Webster University for any post grad management degree you buy from them. And yes, they take great pride in lying to students about everything including their business school's ranking to its placement to even accreditation. And don't forget the reputation of your degree when you get out- Webster's brand name for decades I found out is simply below even Phoenix! Why this place hasn't been class-actioned I have no clue. I think modern transparency from the internet has finally done its job so students can instantly find out what Webster really is and what's its bogus masters degrees are worth. Better to take half of what you would spend on a Webster degree and put it towards a legitimate and respected degree or eve certificate from a respected brand name. A Webster MBA isn't worth the paper it's written on for experienced adults or those wishing a career change. A bogus quality masters program from a school with the lowest, worst reputation possible over decades is simply just that bogus. Don't touch anything with the Webster name on it!"
MBA Grad 2022
  • Reviewed: 8/13/2022
  • Degree: Business Administration
"As a recent Webster MBA grad, I believe I am the most able to provide a quality response to the education and outcomes you may face upon earning a degree from this university. First and foremost, it must be stated that Webster recently revamped its entire MBA program with a primary focus on Value Creation that supposedly allows students to progressively build their skills from one class to the next. My cohort was among the last groups to graduate from the original format, to which I can see the merit from some of the negative commentors (mixed education quality, no established business partnerships for internships, etc.). The original format had siloed classes that provided a disjointed overview of business. As such, it is/was likely geared more toward individuals already subject matter experts in a particular career path who want to incorporate this new knowledge into their existing fields. For students with no industry experience and who are looking for that warm hand-off into business, I can say that experience is/was lacking with the original program. The new program proposes to be more qualitative and applicable. It will likely take another 4-6 years to see if those graduates have more positive experiences. If so, those graduates are likely to positively impact the community, enhancing Webster’s MBA reputation and increasing opportunities for future graduates. For me, I am a subject matter expert in my field, and I have utilized the education I learned from the program. I do believe that my ROI has been met. This may or may not be the case for others, and it is up to you to decide. In short, if you are currently looking for a program that has leveraged its reputation to establish business partnerships that graduates can take advantage of, you will be looking outside of Webster at a significantly higher tuition cost. If, however, you want to gain the knowledge of core business skills that you desire to apply in your established field at an affordable price, then I would definitely consider pursuing a Webster MBA."
John V.
  • Reviewed: 8/1/2022
  • Degree: Business Administration
"Webster University is at its best providing graduate education to military service members and federal civilians on military bases. People in that demographic who are taking the MBA program will get a solid grounding in business fundamentals and a credential that reflects that. They will also pay relatively little, or even nothing at all, out of pocket, if they are receiving military tuition assistance or the GI Bill. In my opinion, Webster's MBA provides excellent value for students. No, this program is not the same kind of MBA you would receive by attending an Ivy League institution or a flagship state school full time. The Webster MBA, by itself, will not be able to land you an interview, much less a job, with a major consulting firm or with an investment bank, in the way that an MBA from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, or the University of Pennsylvania would. For people with experience working in the military, the federal government, or for civilian contractors supporting the military or federal government, a Webster MBA will definitely help them advance their careers and help them obtain management and leadership positions of greater responsibility. I personally know many military personnel and federal civilians who rose to senior-level positions after earning MBAs or other graduate degrees from Webster. The people who are leaving negative reviews on this site really seem to have unrealistic expectations. They are also publicly devaluing their own degrees, which may provide a glimpse into their character and intellectual abilities. These people are an illustration of what is probably the biggest shortcoming of Webster's graduate programs: the lack of a bar to entry. Basically anyone with a bachelor's degree is admitted into their graduate programs. This means that a number of people who aren't very bright end up as students, and I believe these are the same people complaining that their unrealistic expectations weren't met. As I noted previously, I know and have worked with many successful people who earned Webster graduate degrees. None of them wasted time complaining about Webster. Instead, they focused on making the most of every situation and progressing in their careers."
  • Reviewed: 9/23/2020
  • Degree: Business Administration
"You are paying for a piece of paper, not an education. Well before covid they started only doing webnet and virtual. Professors are working multiple school and getting things mixed up. It's a business not a learning facility. I attended the Orlando, FL campus where there were some amazing professors. The Tampa Campus (in St Pete) could careless about the education aspect of it. I had to drive to the campus to watch a professor on webnet/webex, just so they could bypass a rule with the GI Bill. The two professors that I did that way wouldn't reply back to my questions, usually written the night or day after the class, until the day of or the day before the next class."
Sean Jones
  • Reviewed: 11/5/2017
  • Degree: Business Administration
"St. Louis is known for some odd school mascots. The Triton, the Billiken, and of course the Webster University Gorlok. I wasn't sure what to expect from a non-conventional MBA program. My views were skeptical and my future uncertain. But as with the Gorlok, I learned to embraces it. I'm now thriving and looking forward to the difference I will make with the knowledge I've attained at this wonderful Gorlok loving university."
M Stanley
  • Reviewed: 5/2/2017
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I earned my MBA at a Webster University branch campus in Florida, mostly evening and a few online courses. I completely disagree with many of the negative posts on this site. My employer paid for 50% of my degree, and it only cost about $20,000 total. Many students would borrow a lot more than this, but the tuition costs were right around $20,000. My classes consisted of HR managers, individuals in the finance sector, hospitality, and IT. I even had a Doctor in my class earning an MBA to get a better grip on running their office. My courses were taught by really amazing faculty, and THE STUDENT ONLY GETS OUT WHAT THEY PUT IN! You have to work hard and study to earn your degree. I graduated with a 3.7 GPA and got a promotion at work within three months of completing my degree. A+ customer service at my campus, and the evening face-to-face format worked best for me. Also, I made some really get connections with other professionals! Would I do it all over again? Yes, I certainly would."
  • Reviewed: 4/16/2017
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I went to the Orlando University. Most of my classes, on campus and online, were horrible. The professors were past their prime and unable to connect their experiences to current business. Most were so out of it they would ramble on, not teaching, and giving busy work. Since they knew that this was an issue, they always gave ways to cheat the system. Basically, we're too lazy to teach, so we'll give you busy work. If too many start to fail, here is the extra credit to pass. If I was staying in Orlando I would have waited for UCF's Business School Cohort to come back around. Once I relocate I am transferring out. Yes i want to pass, but I am not spending this money to to get an attendance award and not learn."
George C
  • Reviewed: 12/19/2016
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I found Webster to be an awful university with standards that really can't be called graduate or even 1st year. If you want to buy an expensive, easy diploma like these healthcare posters to put on your wall then fine. But no one has addressed Webster's awful academic standards of no spreadsheets, minimal quants, no investment in its degrees, and repetition of materials across its degrees. At least half the students that start quit in disgust. What MBA has no spreadsheets or advanced quants in 2016??? Finally, not a single company recruits Webster grads which REALLY says something about the credibility and quality of Webster. My class couldn't give this junk away and corporations run a mile from Webster like Phoenix. You get a much better education with an Associates from Merimack for 1/4 the cost, with much higher standards than from a school in rapid decline like Webster that's closing campuses like wildfire."