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Salary and Debt by Major at Teachers College Columbia

We calculated a salary score for each of Teachers College Columbia's programs by comparing program-specific median alumni earnings to median alumni earnings for the same program across all schools that provide this data. This way, students can compare the relative salary strength of a specific major at Teachers College Columbia to the same major at other schools. A school's overall score by level is based on the school's by-program performance weighted by student enrollment in each program. Data is sourced from the December 2020 release of the U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard and reflects median alumni debt upon graduation and median alumni earnings in the year after graduation for students who received federal financial aid. Debt and salary numbers are shown rounded to the nearest $10.

Salary Scores for TC Master's Degrees

Field of Study Salary Score Employment Rate Median Debt Median Salary Salary Score
Arts, Entertainment,and Media Management 78 100% 100% Not Reported $53,360 78
Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education 94 100% 100% Not Reported $66,330 94
Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology 71 92% 92% $95,580 $52,000 71
Communication Disorders Sciences and Services 97 97% 97% $105,060 $68,310 97
Curriculum and Instruction 97 90% 90% $50,950 $63,750 97
Educational Administration and Supervision 88 96% 96% $45,200 $72,330 88
Educational/Instructional Media Design 96 100% 100% $57,780 $71,580 96
International and Comparative Education 72 90% 90% $73,180 $55,860 72
Linguistic, Comparative, and Related Language Studies and Services 67 86% 86% Not Reported $48,040 67
Research and Experimental Psychology 77 91% 91% $66,250 $67,420 77
Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education 93 100% 100% Not Reported $59,720 93
Sociology 100 100% 100% $71,690 $62,410 100
Special Education and Teaching 84 94% 94% $57,190 $57,940 84
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods 99 96% 96% $69,780 $63,010 99
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Subject Areas 95 97% 97% $58,200 $63,650 95
Teaching English or French as a Second or Foreign Language 84 95% 95% $48,750 $60,880 84

Salary Scores for TC Doctoral Degrees

Field of Study Salary Score Employment Rate Median Debt Median Salary Salary Score
Curriculum and Instruction 67 100% 100% $71,750 $76,460 67
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Subject Areas 62 92% 92% $117,500 $72,020 62

Most Recent Reviews

Charles 9/19/2022

I mention things at interviews I learned in the first semester at TC that the interviewing admins had never heard of. It can definitely make you more knowledgeable of education than those to whom you report, which can cause friction with those who view their employees as objects to mold rather than sources to bring them up to speed. I never heard block scheduling mentioned once while at TC, despite its having such an impact on instruction delivery. I also didn't leave with a lot of content, except from the... Read More

TC Grad 7/5/2022

This year, I received my master's in clinical psychology from TC. Apart from the impressive faculty and broad course selection, I consider the graduate student network to be the most valuable draw to the program. Let me be frank - there are several master's in psych programs across the country - almost all of which will be cheaper to attend than TC. However, this is the only program that will connect you to a tight-knit group of leaders in psychological research. After the first month or two (when everyone... Read More