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All colleges listed below are nationally or regionally accredited
School Name Location Annual Tuition Average Student Rating
Bay Path University
Longmeadow (MA) (and 1 other)
Longmeadow (MA) (and 1 other) $35,081
(17 Reviews)
Bay State College
Boston (MA) (and 1 other)
Boston (MA) (and 1 other) $23,500
(23 Reviews)
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston (TX)
Houston (TX) $28,166
(15 Reviews)
Baylor University
Waco (TX)
Waco (TX) $47,364
(87 Reviews)
Beal College
Bangor (ME)
Bangor (ME) $16,770
(3 Reviews)
Becker College
Worcester (MA)
Worcester (MA) $40,150
(1 Review)
Beckfield College
Florence (KY)
Florence (KY) $13,295
(24 Reviews)
Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology
Denver (CO)
Denver (CO) $12,338
(8 Reviews)
Belhaven University
Jackson (MS)
Jackson (MS) $26,202
(18 Reviews)
Bellarmine University
Louisville (KY)
Louisville (KY) $42,830
(18 Reviews)