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School Name Location Annual Tuition Average Student Rating
Bellevue College
Bellevue (WA)
Bellevue (WA) $9,246
(12 Reviews)
Bellevue University
Bellevue (NE)
Bellevue (NE) $7,851
(77 Reviews)
Bellin College
Green Bay (WI)
Green Bay (WI) $21,760
(3 Reviews)
Bellingham Technical College
Bellingham (WA)
Bellingham (WA) $4,807
(1 Review)
Belmont Abbey College
Belmont (NC)
Belmont (NC) $18,500
(2 Reviews)
Belmont University
Nashville (TN)
Nashville (TN) $35,650
(39 Reviews)
Beloit College
Beloit (WI)
Beloit (WI) $51,532
(6 Reviews)
Bemidji State University
Bemidji (MN)
Bemidji (MN) $8,940
(8 Reviews)
Benedict College
Columbia (SC)
Columbia (SC) $16,600
(2 Reviews)
Benedictine College
Atchison (KS)
Atchison (KS) $30,530
(2 Reviews)