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All colleges listed below are nationally or regionally accredited
School Name Location Annual Tuition Average Student Rating
Yakima Valley Community College
Yakima (WA) (and 1 other)
Yakima (WA) (and 1 other) $4,729
(1 Review)
Yale University
New Haven (CT)
New Haven (CT) $55,500
(109 Reviews)
Yavapai College
Prescott (AZ) (and 4 others)
Prescott (AZ) (and 4 others) $9,080
(3 Reviews)
Yeshiva University
New York (NY)
New York (NY) $44,900
(28 Reviews)
York College
York (NE)
York (NE) $19,310
(3 Reviews)
York College of Pennsylvania
York (PA)
York (PA) $20,885
(7 Reviews)
Young Harris College
Young Harris (GA)
Young Harris (GA) $29,367
(2 Reviews)
Youngstown State University
Youngstown (OH)
Youngstown (OH) $9,639
(27 Reviews)
YTI Career Institute
York (PA) (and 2 others)
York (PA) (and 2 others) $32,074
(5 Reviews)
Yuba College
Marysville (CA)
Marysville (CA) $7,484
(2 Reviews)